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JANUARY 11, 2011 11:44AM


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My 11:11 screenshots started happening early in the summer.   It seemed I'd look down, see my iPhone or iPad with a time of 11:11, and feel compelled to take a screenshot.

I had no idea why.

I wondered if the date was significant.  Or the time.  If something monumental was going to happen on November 11th.  Or at 11:11.




This started happening so frequently I began deleting extra ones.  I wondered why I was taking screenshots of 11:11.

I dismissed it as inconsequential.  A whim.  



This continued throughout the summer and into my husband's hospitalization in late September.  




At the end of October, a few days before he died, he was transferred from ICU to palliative care, to the room where he would eventually leave us, on November 1st.





Center iPhone screenshot was taken as I arrived at the cemetery on Monday, November 15th, the day of my husband's burial. 

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Kind of eerie isn't it? -R-
I thought about it today. Then I heard about more dead birds in Sonoma County.
It is all very scary
rated with hugs
I found a similar state of eeriness with the color blue after my husband died. I think we are in a state of being more open to messages somehow.

Take care.
Has anyone else noticed the mystical quality of this morning's posts?
I read somewhere in a book about buddhism that everything our eye is drawn to is the answer to a question. Our job is to figure out what the question is. It seems as though you have solved this riddle.
I just noticed that the first one was taken on June 9th, which is the anniversary of my father's death. A complete coincidence. The last one was taken today at 11:11.
11:11 Oh double snake eyes.....wonder what that means?
There is so much we don't know...
Amazing prescience, Kathy. Hope you're doing well.
Did you read SpirtMan's post?
It may be just that my perception of this is somewhat unusual. I don't find this scary at all. For me, it is comforting.

Hope you are doing well, Kathy.
Kathy, have you heard of the book "The Beginner's Guide to Constructing the Universe, a Journey from One to Ten" by Michael Schneider? or "Sacred Geometry" by Stephen Skinner?
The most fascinating reads about numbers and their much-more-than-math purposes, I've never considered numbers the same way since. I highly recommend them both, I re-read them both fairly often, especially "Sacred Geometry"...
International Armistice Day happened on - and is remembered ever since. I think there is a balance and peace in 'rhythmic' numbers - a rest for the eye and pause for the spirit to recharce. I hope you are doing better, Kathy.
wow! just plain wow!
Kathy, I'm really sorry to hear about your husband.

With my first boyfriend (the father of my child), we didn't have 'our song', we had 'our time', the best time of the day, which was 11.11.
Thank you for this spiritual post. 1 11 11
Wow, it's good that you are open to these things.
Very sorry about your loss.
I don't believe in coincidences.
Hope you're doing well.
Wow...that is a really strange coincidence... I once read a book that says our guardian angels sometimes send us signs in the form of coincidences or repeated things. If you believe in guardian angels, maybe yours was trying to somehow prepare you for what was coming, and to let you know you're not alone and that he/she/it is watching over you.
So did you post this at 11:11 AM? :) I missed it because I was trying to get a job done before lunch.
Wow. That is really, really weird.
I forgot to add that the local newspaper published this kind article about my husband on 11/11 (which also happened to be Veteran's Day):

Oh, sweetie. Thinking of you.
My wife and I noticed about 5 years ago how often we glanced at the clock at 11:11 that we began calling it our favorite time. Which doesn't make any sense. because it was a random evnt. But I get all goofy when my odometer and other dials have numerical patterns that seem to correlate. It was 44 degrees outside a few days ago at 4:44 in the afternoon so I called her. The last two digits on my odometer were 44 also. Weird.
...there's no such things as coincidence....!
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Your post and SpiritMan's today gave me pause.
Sad promptings. Hope you experience happier numbers in the years to come.
When you felt compelled to take a screenshot, you did it. You are in touch with your intuition, giving you deeper insight into life. The more you do this, the more it will happen. It's like flexing muscles to strengthen them. Continue to respond to your intuition in this way, Kathy. You will find that you sense and understand things in a different way. And I am so sorry about your loss. Thank you for posting this.
This often happens to me! And it makes me think, how can a total stranger "Get me" and think the same thoughts and the person I chose to live life with just chuckles at my thought I shared....Makes me think.
Until digital clocks with numbers and not hands few people knew little of 11.11 except that World War I ended on the 11hour, of the 11th day of the 11th month.
I heard once that coincidence is God's way of remaining anonymous.
I can understand your situation having a long history with the same. Not long ago I had the date november 11 in a dream and I wondered what it would mean? Two days later we experienced some of the worst cold in Houston Texas since a record day november 11, 1911. I don't know if that was what it was linked to or if it is still to come. What I do know is that it is a "sign" that is linked to something and for some reason I cannot fathom why I should receive these type "signs".
that is intriguing. you and spiritmansf both wrote a post about numbers showing up, 11s to be precise, on the exact same day - 11.11.11. And more then a year and a half later I see that the numeral 11 remains a steady call on your consciousness, everyday it seems. for a while I was seeing 11 a lot too - I'd absent-mindedly look up and there it'd be on the clock, on my computer, on my treadmill. so one day i tried to deliberately catch 11:11 - it was a fail. so the regularity with which that number appears to you is truly an amazing statement. I imagine you think of Larry each time you see it - the loving hand of time reaching through dimensions to you. That would be lovely - this call to consciousness filling that consciousness with all love meant and means. Thanks for answering my question, kathy.