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Katie Gray Craven
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I grew up in a castle in Knoxville, Tennessee. That turret-sporting, Tudor period house never failed to fertilize my imagination. At some point, however, the Tennessee ghosts began to oppress and I began to dream of other lands and other tongues. I have lived most of my adult life in Portuguese: 4 years in Brazil, almost 18 in Lisbon, Portugal. A freelance translator, editor and writing coach, I also teach selected EFL students. On a good day, I nurture two beautiful daughters.


DECEMBER 30, 2011 4:57PM

12 Raisins: 12 Wishes for the New Year, Iberian Style

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As 2013 takes baby steps towards the light, I want to offer you 12 raisins, one for each of the year’s new months.

)---(     )---(     )---(     )---(     )---( 

Raisin 1:  Yearning. The all-encompassing tumescence of the soul.

Raisin 2:  Satisfaction. Rest in the still of the afterglow.

Raisin 3:  Peace. The true pause of the crocus tendrils after breaking through the cold and frozen earth.

Raisin 4: Rain. Cooling, quenching patter of drops off of eaves.

Raisin 5:  Silence. The instant, infinite speck of non-being between inhale and exhale. 

Raisin 6:  Dance. The body penetrates the void to the beat of the drums, the relief of melody.

Raisin 7:  Joy. The infant resonates with beauty.

Raisin 8:  Touch. Warm, teasing, pleasing hands, skin. Lips.

Raisin 9:  Sunshine. Absorb life through the pours.

Raisin 10:  Direction. Let it pull us.

Raisin 11:  Succor. Soothing. Solace. Sharing. Shelter.

Raisin 12:  Patience. All of this will come. 

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I don't know about Iberian raisins. They must not come mushed and handled so hard as American raisins.

Lovely. Just lovely.
This took my back to my youth and the time I lived in Portugal thank you
All the best for 2012
I loved these twelve raisins! I had to look up that word 'tumescence' and then the whole list took on a sensual flavor. Are these your wishes or a traditional list? Excellent. Thank you.
I can hardly wait to taste the entire box
I hope there are enough of them to pass it on to everyone
rated with love
Well these are a handful of raisons I want.Thanks so much....HNY too!
Thanks, all. In fact, Zanelle, these raisins were recycled (with permission) from a love affair. But yes, I would wish them again and again and I would share them again and again. Pass the bowl around.
These are some cool raisins. R