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MARCH 21, 2011 2:44PM

Calixto Lopez by Cuban Crafters-Cigar Review-Cops!

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Size:: 7 1/2 X 50
Quantity:: BOX / 20 CIGARS
Retail Price:: $108.00
Your Price:: $89.99


cal lopez unlit 1




cal lopez unlit 2


The prelight wa scrumptious. I got a waft of cocoa and sweet tobacco. At the foot, the cocoa aroma intensifies.

I clipped the cigar with my Xikar Xi1 Camo Wrap cutter.Click on the cutter to go to Xikar's web site:

xikar xi1 camo wrap


And then lit up with my Xikar Inpress lighter. Click on the lighter to be taken to Xikar's web site:

xikar Inpress lighter


My first impression is the immediate strength of a medium body cigar. The first flavor is of dark fruit...and a bit of cloves. The sweetness of the tobacco is immediate.

Construction is pretty good. Except for a couple soft spots near the foot.  There are also a lot of veins. But the wrapper is gorgeous. It glistens in the light from its oiliness.

And then about half an inch in, I get some spiciness. Ahhhh...my first love. It's spiciness that drew me to Garcia cigars...but then spiciness was rarely found in other cigars. Now, everyone has a blend that contains that beautiful spicy flavor on the tongue.

My son in law just got off duty, doing a graveyard. He's a cop as I've mentioned before. He's always too wound up to go to bed any earlier than noon so he often comes downstairs, and smokes a cigar with me to relax. As luck would have it, I have two Calixto Lopez cigars and we get to discuss it.

He looks tired. He works in a rough part of town and is always drawing his gun so the adrenaline rush comes and goes all night long. He and my daughter have been together for 5 years and in that time, I've taught him to enjoy the finer cigars. I've taught him to train his palate so he can truly enjoy the flavors a good cigar brings to the table.

"Raisins. It's definitely raisins."

"I agree. I get raisins and spice," but we are only an inch into the stick. What awaits us?

I always like to see how long the ash will hang on so I can take some cool photos. I drop my cigar into my lap, knocking off the ash. What a schmuck! But I notice that the burn is dead even. 

Between the two of us, smoke is filling the basement. The ash is gray.

Mark says he's getting some creaminess. Since I write as I smoke, he's ahead of me. I tell him to slow down or go get something to eat so he doesn't get the spins. Mark always gets the spins. 

I'm now tasting the creaminess mixed with the cocoa. I'm surprised that these flavors are coming out so soon in the stick. It's usually the halfway point before that happens. This is a good stick. I hope I don't have to buy some of these. My wife will cut my testicles off.

The creaminess comes to the forefront and the spiciness becomes a slight tinge in the back of the mouth. This Cuban seed Maduro leaf is just delicious.


cal lopez ash 1


During a call, a bunch of patrol cars ended up in the same place in front of a house over a domestic disturbance. One of the cops forgets to lock his car and they actually catch a teenager opening the door and is fishing around in the front seat trying to steal anything that's not bolted down.

They pull him out of the cruiser and cuff him. And then the kid denies the whole thing. Meanwhile, a married couple inside the house are screaming epithets at each other while the other cops try to keep them from killing each other.

Next thing Mark knows is the husband lunges for his wife and Mark has to tackle him to the ground. Mark is average height...maybe 5'-11 and solid. The husband is a good 300lbs and before he knew it, the husband was on top of Mark.


cal lopez ash 2


We are into the second third.  I get some cashews. The creaminess is ramping up big time. There is also a floral note that weaves itself in and out. The cocoa is getting stronger. All these flavors have me smacking my lips because they have such a long finish.

I'm going to stop writing and just enjoy the cigar for a while. Be back in a few....


*     *     *

I'm getting a strong vanilla. It meshes with the creaminess nicely. The black pepper is on the tip of my tongue now. I'm at the halfway point. This is an incredibly complex cigar. I check out the price point and I'm shocked. $4.50 per stick. This could easily go for twice that in a B & M. Because of the cocoa notes, I grab a Diet Coke. A few big puffs from the stick and a swig of Coke gives me the taste of a chocolate Coke from back in the day. Great memories. I stick the Coke in the freezer for 15 minutes and make it really cold.

In fact, the place we hung out in high school was Bob's Big Boy. A combo burger plate was $1.65. OMG! Am I older than dirt, or what?

Unfortunately, I spent too much time in that place. I married one of the waitresses. She looked just like Goldie Hawn. The marriage lasted about 15 minutes. I was young.

Now, I don't want to remove the Calixto Lopez from my mouth. It's like sucking on an adult lollipop. For some reason, the ash doesn't want to hang on. It lasts maybe an inch and it ends up in my lap or keyboard. I don't care.

I get past the halfway point and the complexity is out of this world. What a great cigar that I had never heard of before Cuban Crafters and Luis Alvarado made me aware of it. It just goes to show you that not every cigar in the world is on CI. This stick definitely deserves more promotion. This inexpensive, and this good? Get outta' here! Badda bing!


cal lopez ash 3


I've noticed that the mouth piece of the cigar stays put together nicely. No constant spitting out debris all the time. That's nice too. 

You know there a lot of infused cigars that taste of chocolate. But they are too sweet and too heavy on the cocoa. And most of these cigars use cheap tobacco. So all you're getting is fudgsicle with no hope of complexity. This is what a manly cocoa cigar should taste like. Just a hint, but enough to make its presence known.

Mark's partners stand over him and the husband. They are laughing their asses off. Mark starts swearing and promsing to Rodney King them if they don't get this guy off of him. They relent, and pull the guy off. Mark stands up and bends over trying to catch his breath. His face is beet red.

They cuff the guy for attacking an officer of the law. But he refuses to get up off of the floor. Now they have to hog tie him...cuff his hands to his ankles. All the cops groan because now they have to carry him to a patrol car. Mark says you could hear the moans and groans all the way down the front yard. The guy is struggling and they can't get him in, so they drop him. His head is in the gutter while his body lies on the lawn.

They ask him if he wants to be left there for a couple of hours or does he want to cooperate? The guy sees reality for a moment and allows the cops to slide him into the back seat. The car door is slammed and the cops break out into huge laughter. Luckily, Mark doesn't have to go back to the station and help with extricating this idiot from the car.


I'm into the last third and all the flavors are ramped up. The complexity makes all the flavors twist and turn. I'm really impressed with this cigar. I'm embarrassed that I'm like everyone else. If you haven't heard of it, then it can't be good. Baloney!

As I nub it, the spice gets really strong on the tip of my tongue. This is great.

All it means is that I'm naive. It's confirmed that my next cigar purchase will be a box of Calixto Lopez.

This is taken directly from the Cuban Crafters web site:

Maduros Calixto Lopez Churchill cigars are proof that cigars that were previously made in Cuba can be hand made outside of Cuba and taste even better than their predecessors. They're hand made in Nicaragua with pure Cuban-seed long-fillers; the rich Ligero tobacco is from Esteli, the Seco tobacco is from the Jalapa Valley and the Viso tobacco is from the volcanic island of Ometepe. It's all bound together with a virgin Sumatra leaf from Ecuador and enveloped in a black Cuban-seed Maduro leaf from Nicaragua that was aged for 5 years. You can feel and see the rich oils on the wrapper, enticing and preparing you for a wonderful smoking experience. This blend of exotic tobaccos produce a creamy complex taste like nothing you have smoked before. It starts with smooth notes of leather, vanilla cream and floral notes. It then transforms adding sweet tobacco and cocoa breezes. The creamy complex taste develops further and brings in deep cocoa and white chocolate notes with floral touches to make the finish truly memorable. They're Maduros for the true cigar aficionado, totally hand made by Cuban trained Master Rollers with years of experience. While you may want to save these Maduros for special occasions, we priced them low enough to make them your daily cigar. Each Churchill is 7 1/2 inch with a ring gauge of 50. 20 Churchill cigars are hand-packed in a cedar box.

Calixto Lopez opened the Calixto Lopez Cigar Factory in Cuba during the 19th century. The cigars that carried his name were considered some of Cuba's best. As his cigars made their way into the hands of aficionados throughout the world, his reputation escalated. In the early 1900's his cigars earned some of the most prestigious awards available, including the Grand Prize at the St. Louis World's Fair of 1904 as the world's finest Havana cigar. His talents as a cigar maker were officially recognized when the Cuban government named one of the best tobacco growing regions in Pinar Del Rio the Calixto Lopez Region. These Maduro cigars are hand made using his traditional Cuban cigar making techniques and after you smoke them, you'll agree that they honor his name.

MEDIUM TO FULL BODIED: It starts with smooth notes of leather, vanilla cream and floral notes. It then transforms adding sweet tobacco and cocoa breezes. The creamy complex taste further develops and brings in deep cocoa and white chocolate notes with floral touches to make the finish truly memorable.

***All photos by Katmancross




















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