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APRIL 22, 2011 1:10PM

En Passant- Straight Cigar Review

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Filler: 15 year old Puerto Rican

Binder: 15 year old Puerto Rican

Wrapper: African

Size: 5 x 48


En Passant unlit 1




En Passant unlit 2




En Passant unlit 2




en passant unlit 3




en passant unlit 4




en passant ash 1




en passant ash 2




en passant nub

 Note:Out of respect for the work and focus in developing this blend, I am not removing my review. But in the last 6 months, my dealings with Abe Harris (the Don in front of his name is something he put there, as in the Godfather)....This is a man of a thousand excuses. He never follows through with his commitments. He plays it that he's the only African American owner of a cigar company in the U.S. This is patently untrue.

But he makes a good cigar.....


Straight ahead review today...

The prelight is very earthy and leathery. The construction is superb. Firm without a single soft spot. Some veins. Glistens in the light with shimy oils. Beautiful.

Upon light up, I get those deep earthy and leather flavors. Right away, it's medium bodied.  

The cigar is very consistent. Flavors of nuts, cocoa and light coffee. Quickly, it gets very smooth and creamy.

About the halfway point, it gets very creamy and the earthiness gives way to cocoa and coffee. The strength ramps up to full bodied.

This is a cigar that can be enjoyed anytime. I got a bundle of these and I smoke one every day. I let them simmer in my humidor for 3 weeks before I started to smoke them. I will try to leave the rest to sleep for a few months so the flavor profile mellows and gets more deeper in it's complexity.

The web site doesn't show the price. I'm guessing it's a $6-$8 cigar. Worth every dime.

I nub it and think about lighting up another but I will show some manly discipline and leave them alone to age nicely.

Excellent cigar, Abe. Well done. 

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