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MAY 3, 2011 6:03PM

La Palina Alison-Cigar Review-Fantabulous!!

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La Palina Alison

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Size : 6 x 52
Wrapper : Ecuador
Binder : Costa Rica
Filler : Honduras and Nicaragua                        Price: $20


la palina alison unlit 1



la palina alison unlit 2


On pre-light, I’m getting some sweet tobacco and a slight citrus undertone and just a tad sour smell.
The cigar is gorgeous with a tan/cramel color. It's firm without a single soft spot. There are a few minor veins.

I snip it and find I'm having a bit of trouble getting a decent draw. The cigar is jam packed with tobacco. So I grab my trusty cigar ice pick and gently create a small hole down the center. After that, it draws perfectly.

At the beginning of the smoke, there is a lovely floral scent and taste...lavender. This is a first. 


la palina alison uash 1


You would have to live in a cave not to know who the magnificent Paley family are. William S. virtually invented television... Network:CBS. And Wm. C. is a producer. I've read the other reviews and they go into great detail and respectfully give you the bio of this impressive family. Cigars have been in the family for generations. I'm not going to do that. If you want to learn about Wm. S Paley, and Wm C. Paley, go to Wikipedia. I'm not a biographer.

The burn is slow. And it's a meaty cigar. But with a delightful sweetness to it. The burn is a little uneven at the beginning but I'm sure it will straighten out quickly. The price point of this cigar is expensive. $20.

A lot of care and thought went into this blend. At the 1/2" mark, it's already become complex with subtle flavors of graham cracker, baking spices, some tart citrus, and salted butter.


la palina alison ash 2



la palina alison ash choco 3


This is a delectable and magnificent cigar. I don't understand the couple reviews I've read in which people did not care for it. They describe it completely incorrectly. They have an off kilter palate! I consider myself to have an excellent palate for the aromas and tastes and finishes that a cigar owns. And this is something very special. There is a princess quality to it, as it is named after Mr. Paley's wife Alison. It is regal.


la palina alison ash 4


The design of the blend forces you to smoke it slowly and leisurely. I've been smoking for 10 minutes and I haven't passed the 3/4" mark. 

I normally write a humorous story to accompany the review. I don't think I will do that this time. I want to focus and concentrate on the cigar. It's the rare stick you don't want to remove from your mouth. It's very much a medium strength from the get go. But my gut tells me it's going to get stronger and more complex.

*     *     *


la palina alison ash 6


This has to be the slowest burning cigar I've smoked. But at the 1" mark, I get a nutty taste;  like burnt almond. What makes this a spectacular cigar is that the flavors are very subtle. Most cigars, even the best, hit you over the head with a baseball bat with their flavors. The flavor profiles of the Alison gently waft in and out of your mouth and sinuses like a warm Summer wind. Did I just turn into Bobby Darin?

I cannot believe I just did this. As I got up to take a photo, now that I had a solid inch of ash on the cigar, I bumped it and the ash flew into the air. Welcome to the "All Schmucks Review Club."

The majority of reviewers talk about a cigar and it being the perfect compliment to Scotch or Whiskey. Wrong. A nice chilled bottle of water is the correct libation. Otherwise, the stick takes on the taste of the alcohol. Water keeps the palate clean. But when you have to look cool, I guess Scotch will do.


la palina alison nub


I am thoroughly enjoying this cigar for two reasons: It's spectacular, and I will never smoke another one. Although, I do look forward to the release of the $10 blend to be released this Summer for the Mortals crowd. 

I wrote a letter to Mr. Paley with a suggestion for a TV show, starring me. I would be a Rabbinical student in my waning years. But I would be the Wild Child of the serious school. I'm constantly caught drinking pork milk shakes.

I have not heard back.

I'm close to finishing the 1/3 mark and the flavor profile is opening up like a beautiful flower. There is a sweet caramel taste...a very nutty flavor...an earthy profile...the profile of pie crust begins to show.

Out of nowhere, comes a light cocoa flavor...a milk chocolate. I did not expect this. And spice...not pepper, but spice like gingerbread. This is proving to be a cigar with a thousand faces.


Balance. Balance. The phenomenal outcome of careful blending is balance. Nothing overpowers anything else. It's a perfect melding of flavors meant to tease and taunt the taste buds. I cannot begin to describe the enjoyment I am receiving from a bunch of tobacco leaves rolled into a stick. Just amazing!

At the halfway point, everything smooths out like the Bonneville Salt Flats. Miles and miles of smoothness. Not a single pebble to disturb the oncoming rush of excitement and perfection.

A creaminess invades the spaces in between. A buttery smooth barrel of cream.

 I recommend to people, like myself, who do not have the discretionary funds to purchase $20 or $30 cigars....to buy a couple when a special occasion is coming up. This experience has challenged the darkness of the day. It is a bright shining light. It can make something special, even better.

I applaud Mr. Paley for being so patient in providing such wonderful cigars to the public. It ain't the Smothers Brothers Show, but that's entertainment!

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Pork milk shakes??? And you want us to trust your palate? Gadzooks, man!
Again, my birthday is nigh, so such a cigar sounds just right. I presume it is "good to go" out of the cello (or does Mr. Paley stoop to cello?)