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JANUARY 31, 2012 3:27PM

Cigar Review- Cuban Crafter's Cabinet Selection

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 Filler- Sun Grown Cuban Seed Habano

Binder- Habano 2000

Wrapper- Dark Habano

Size- Robusto 5 x 52

Body- Full

Price- $79.99 Box of 25


cc curly tail



cc unlit 1


Note: I purchased these cigars. They were not samples given to me by Cuban Crafters.


First of all, I must say that this is one of the finest full body cigars I have ever smoked. It shocked me at its quality vs price point.


cc unlit 2


Construction is somewhat rustic and seems delicate but turns out to be strong structurally. It has the Cuban curly tail on the cap.

The prelight aroma is of tobacco and cocoa. Upon light up, I get an amazing buttery smooth profile that is joined by a spice nuance that is truly delightful. This will be the main profile throughout the course of the cigar.




As it burns down, it becomes more complex with the taste of floral, leather, and then cocoa.

The creaminess reminds me of some of the best Cubans I have smoked.


cc ash 2


It is amazing that a cigar with this much character can be had for $4. They could have easily sold it for more and we’d still come back for more.


cc ash 3


The ash had to be finally punched off. No matter how I handled it, it hung on for dear life.


cc ash 4


Thanks to Cuban Crafter’s minimal marketing, they can bring a cigar in at this ridiculous price.


cc ash 5


It will be a staple to my humidor from now on.

You must try these!


cc band


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Ahuh and they ship to the UK and let me use a UK debit card not a credit card as I refuse to use those.
Will try them asap as I've tried their Don ??? green label before and wasn't impressed.

Thanks again mate.
Ok, ok! I'm THERE! Pretty little things, eh? I am reminded of a honey in tight leather. I can taste them from here. (Whoa! Easy big fellah.) I suppose can budget for them; cigars are an essential food group, yes?
Great review, sounds like a fine cigar for the price.

Peter G