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MAY 14, 2012 8:09PM

Cigar Review- Joya De Nicaragua Dark Corojo Anatano

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Wrapper: Nicaraguan Corojo
Binder: Nicaragua
Filler: Nicaragua
Strength: Full

Price: $3.50

Size: Corona 5 x 44

I want to thank Mark Cowlin Jr and Rocky's Cigars for the taste.




The wrapper is the color of dark oil. It shimmers in the light and reflects like a pool of black ink. There are lots of little veins.

I sniffed the wrapper and the aroma was of cedar with a sweet, caramel and molasses scent at the foot.

I clipped the end carefully with my Palio. The corona's ring gauge is very delicate....I didn't want to lop of too much. I lit up and immediately got some red pepper with cedar. Ther is a bit of leather and burnt almond. 

I love coronas. This tiny cigar typifies an intense experience. More so than the robusto. The corona is usally ready to smoke much quicker than the larger sizes. The only down side is that it's over too quickly.

An inch in, there is a delightful flavor of toast covered in molasses. The body is medium but trying hard to be full bodied.




At the halfway point, I can taste dried fruit.....dates or figs. And then the complexity kicks in. There is a little of everything in this firecracker. The pepper rides herd over a nice creaminess which works nicely with some  dark cocoa and rich espresso.  The creaminess really intensifies just past the halfway point; making the accompanying flavors mellow out a bit but bring out their flavors at the same time.

This cigar would be great right after breakfast while still enjoying my coffee.

During the last third, the cigar powers up and is full in body and tries to overwhelm me but I fight back. I nub the stick and want more.

If you like boldness in your cigar, then this is your baby.

Thanks again to Mark Cowlin Jr and Rocky's Cigars.







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