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June 06
I am a working jazz vocalist, a writer and the mother of three boys. Basically, I sing, I write and, for better or worse, I parent. I love making noise about the Seattle jazz scene and also writing about other vocalists. I thought I was pretty good at the parenting gig until my son became a teenager. I'm presently getting my ass-kicked. Still, my kids rock, even when they nail me to the emotional wall and remind me, again and again, the meaning of humility. Beyond all this, I’m just a basic goober trying to make her way in the world. I am learning to fly solo after a 22-year marriage. It's pretty weird, but I'll figure it out. The Buddhist philosophy seems to work for me. I’m rabidly pro-choice. I love my president. I don’t eat meat. I love running but get injured a lot. I have the best sister on the planet. Pema Chodron said it best: “One can appreciate and celebrate each moment-there’s nothing more sacred. There’s nothing more vast or absolute. In fact, there’s nothing more.” Thank you for letting me make my paw print on Open Salon with you.


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SEPTEMBER 4, 2010 2:43PM

The Amazing Merengue Dancing Dog!

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 This little gem has been making the rounds on Facebook this week. I watched it for the first time a few days ago and have revisited it several times since. This funny dog has wiggled (or more accurately, danced) her way into my heart, and I get a big smile on my face whenever think about her. (It could be a "him." I'm just making assumptions based on the little dress.) Maybe it's her amazing moves; she has more coordination and panache than a lot of humans do.  Or maybe it's the big ol' grin she has on her face. I don't know. It doesn't matter. She's got me completely. I'm in love with her.

 This short video clip has given me a lot of joy over the past few days. It's a small thing, but if I can pass some of it along, then why not? Enjoy!


Dancing Merengue Dog



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I can't believe how good this dog is at walking on her hind feet--backwards. That's quite a feat.
Oh, yes. I've seen it . Isn't it amazing what animals can be taught? I love the facial expression of the poodle that changes according to his movements. It's a delight ! Thank you for sharing.
It's a wild and crazy video. I think Catherine Forsythe also posted this the other day.
I love that video! My dogs seem like idiots by comparison. I guess I'm an idiot owner my comparison too.
HOW does that dog stay standing so long? It's a hoot, isn't it? I used to dance with our pup when she was young and eager to leap and twirl. What a delight this is...