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June 06
I am a working jazz vocalist, a writer and the mother of three boys. Basically, I sing, I write and, for better or worse, I parent. I love making noise about the Seattle jazz scene and also writing about other vocalists. I thought I was pretty good at the parenting gig until my son became a teenager. I'm presently getting my ass-kicked. Still, my kids rock, even when they nail me to the emotional wall and remind me, again and again, the meaning of humility. Beyond all this, I’m just a basic goober trying to make her way in the world. I am learning to fly solo after a 22-year marriage. It's pretty weird, but I'll figure it out. The Buddhist philosophy seems to work for me. I’m rabidly pro-choice. I love my president. I don’t eat meat. I love running but get injured a lot. I have the best sister on the planet. Pema Chodron said it best: “One can appreciate and celebrate each moment-there’s nothing more sacred. There’s nothing more vast or absolute. In fact, there’s nothing more.” Thank you for letting me make my paw print on Open Salon with you.


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OCTOBER 21, 2010 9:14AM

"Jackass 3D" - The Joy of Stupid

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  The other night, my boys and I went to see “Jackass 3D.”  It was disgusting, profane, ridiculous and unquestionably stupid. I laughed so hard it hurt.

 I suppose I could blame this on the fact that I am the mother of  two teenage boys. Indeed, it is mad fun to jump into their world and hang out there with them. I like the spunky pungency of their stinky boy dens and am happy to play video games with them, even though they hand my ass to me on a platter in Super Smash Bros Brawl every single time. I don’t care how loud they play their music or what clothes they wear. I’ve even been known to allow my own baggy jeans to sag low and loose from time to time. I like getting into their crazy little brains. The other day, my 17-year-old suggested the possibility of introducing his grandmother (my mother) to the joys of recreational marijuana use. He thinks it might chill her out and make her less crazy. He might be on to something. So given all this, I have a perfectly reasonable excuse for going to see “Jackass 3D.” I could even claim that I was cajoled into going. But I wasn’t. In fact, it was my idea.

 “Jackass 3D” features all the dopey, loveable misfits from the TV series and the previous two movies: Johnny Knoxville, Steve-O, Bam Margera, Chris Pontius, Ryan Dunn, Dave England, Wee-Man and Preston Lacy. The movie is simply the continuation of a formula of bodily harm and bodily functions, this time all in 3D, is if regular viewing weren’t in-your-face enough. It includes moronic pranks, unbelievably ill advised stunts and all-around grotesque shenanigans, all performed with perverse humor and infectious fun. This is not high art. However, there is something disturbingly compelling about watching the gang run around in their underwear, play tetherball with a beehive, hit each other with fish, go for a gross-out bungee-jump in a Honeybucket and drink sweat wiped from the ass crack of Preston Lacy. It’s all so terribly wrong, yet the boys and I were laughing so hard at points that we spewed soda out of our noses. What can I say?

 When the Jackass television show first came out around 2000, people were aghast. There was much chatter about the foolhardiness of the cast and the vile nature of the show. Parents were concerned that their kids would emulate the behavior of the Jackass crew. While there may have been some incidents of teenage boys getting hurt while imitating stunts from the show, I am still not convinced that Jackass is to blame. If a kid is stupid, a kid is stupid. He’s going to figure out a way to hurt himself, Jackass or no. For my part, I trust my kids and have never worried that they would try to shoot bottle rockets out of their asses.

 Of course, “Jackass-3D” is not for the faint of heart or stomach. While callous sophisticates and highbrow intellectuals might look down their noses at such philistine entertainment, I think there is a place for “Jackass 3D.” With a seemingly endless recession, unemployment figures that aren’t budging and a social divide that is growing more bitter and volatile by the day, there is a climate of  unprecedented misery in the United States. Just to glance at the morning headlines is a form of heavy lifting.  A kind of gloom seems to have settled across our cultural landscape. We are all carrying  around something. “Jackass 3D” give us levity. It offers respite, albeit shocking, from the drudgery of the times. While it is true that it appeals to our most base sensibilities, I don’t believe that’s necessarily a negative. Sometimes it is good to turn off our over-thinking brains, stop taking ourselves so seriously and enjoy a dim-witted guffaw and a cheap prank or two. We can be stupid. We can have fun. We can lighten up. We can watch Bam Margera take a piss in 3D.  There is silly quality of joie de vivre about this movie and as whack as it may sound, I’m glad that my kids and I shared it. The gentlemen of Jackass are modern day jesters for a weary world. Is that so bad?

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While I don't think I could enjoy a film like this, I'm open-minded enough to be glad that you and others do. I've been a bit of a film snob since I was like 12, but at this point in my life, my motto is watch and let watch :)
Really? Each to her own. Stupid I say. Stupid all the way to the bank... :D
When you spew soda out of your nose, that's laughter, babe. I'm sure I will be able to feel my IQ draining away while I watch, and I only plan to invest at matinee price, but I gotta go....and it's your fault.
I could use a dose of bigdumbstupid humor so Jackass 3D is on the agenda for Saturday. I admit to cracking up every time I see Bam get hit with the giant high-five in the trailer. It's funny!
It boggles my mind to think people actually want to experience physical pain, but here it is.
If I were making the bread that those guys are, I might be willing to endure a little physical pain. Har!
Here here!

My partner and I went to JA3D this past Saturday with a couple of friends. Yes, it was base humor and no, I wouldn't do any of the stunts those guys do. I laughed and I winced, and I'm glad that I went. That's because I appreciate the Jackasses for who they are and their humor.

You know, in a sad world where many people have little expectation of hope, sometimes all you want is to escape for awhile and watch people do stupid things.
I like the films, but prefer Bam's show "Viva La Bam." I love trying to figure out how they're going to destroy his latest car, truck, humvee in each episode. Guilty late-night pleasures. Rated.
It's nice to find someone similar to myself. I play HALO 1-3 with the hubs (though sometimes he feels like my kid) and we like to go off-roading through the biggest puddles we can find.
I haven't seen this one, but I did see the first jackass. I laughed so hard my abs looked amazing for weeks.
While I didn't care for the men in their underwear, it was still a good source of stupid guy entertainment. You can tell Knoxville has experienced a great deal of brain damage with his slurred speech 24/7... And while he's nearing 40, he's still that lovable screw-up you can't help but laugh at.
Stupid, yes, but funny. Like you, I'm the mother of teenage boys so maybe that has something to do with it. I'm used to being grossed out. R
Interesting, Tom. But the Jackass boys were doing this long before the big economic dive.
Sometimes watching a jackass is just what's needed in life.