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Kate Couch
May 01
Female, taken, agnostic. Likes cartoons, video games, and going to museums alone. Allergic to tannins and most people. Thinks the U.S. needs to be on the metric system. Check out or follow me on Twitter, @TheNerdyFoodie, for more.

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MARCH 21, 2011 2:05PM

Pop Bytes: 3/21/2011

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Long overdue.

Here are things I love right now:

*Get Japan Earthquake Relief 50% more money! Right now LivingSocial has a deal that for every $5 donation you make to the Red Cross, LivingSocial will match that $5 100% to the Red Cross as well. Give more without having to feel it in your wallet during these trying economic times!



*Want proof that the world isn't going to end in December 2012?  The Hobbit Part 1 comes out in December 2012. I'm not going to die having not seen The Hobbit in its entirety. You heard me. And it's finally started filming! Peter Jackson recently posted the above picture to his Facebook page. What? You're not one of his friends? I know it's just a film set, but I could live there.

 *There is no better place to prove one's maturity then on the internet in the comments section of a DC Comic website. A DC Comic blog begged the question "Who's faster: Superman or The Flash?" It was the comments that were quick - quick to get ugly, that it, causing DC to shut down comment sections of their blogs. Unfortunately, most of the dirtiest, meanest comments have since been deleted, but it's still funny to read what people were writing and arguing with strangers while at work...

*I'm not big in participating in what is essentially just an ad, but I will if it's a game that won't email me spam. Enter M&M's Dark chocolate Guess the Dark Movie game: The M&M's website created 50 uber creepy visual riddles in one large painting, each that serves as movie title. Got time to stare? Do so online at some bizarro "art" and flex your brain muscles!

*I am professionally unfulfilled, but I hate myself for it - what a stupid complaint to have! I am fortunate in so many ways and one of those ways is being lucky enough to have a job. That being said, CNN has reported that people are mentally better off without a job all together then being stuck in a job that they immensely dislike or find is unsatisfying. Now if only I could pay my bills while being unemployed...

*Hey! No one has to be obscenely rich any more! According to the Wall Street Journal $75,000 is the salary of happiness - making more than that did not raise the happiness of the earner. Wow. If I made $75000 a year I would have my husband quit his job as a social worker just so he could get a break from the most depressing job I've ever seen a person endure and rebuild his faith in humanity. Believe it or not the weekly calls about dead babies really take their toll on a person. 

*People are living longer then ever. I blame greedy, greedy American pharmaceutical companies. Yes, I used the term blame. My grandfather is 97 and couldn't be more depressed about being alive. His wife, my grandmother, died this past summer. All his friends are long gone - even his bookie has passed on. Every time I see him it's the same thing: "Hi, Pop! How are you?" "I'm tired and I want to die." "Oh...want to play cards?" "Sure."



SXSW wrapped up yesterday. I saw Conan O'Brien downtown, Simon Pegg & Nick Frost at the premiere of Paul (which was delightful), Jake Gyllenhaal at a party at the Belmont, got free passes to Perez Hilton's party, I chased down Peewee Herman's icecream truck, and I didn't sleep nearly enough. I missed Wilco eating at The Snack Bar on S. Congress. and I don't feel like I missed anything by skipping Hilton's party. 

While I still feel exhausted by the past week I learned that I am fiercely protective of my little city on Lady Bird Lake, having even de-friended people on Facebook who bad mouthed her for their own inadequacies during the 10 day festival. If there's one thing that burns me up it's not taking responsibility for something, especially one's self.

So, naturally because of the type of place Austin is there is still plenty to do. But I'm so tired my face is sore, so I really can't think of anything right now.

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I'm jealous of anyone who lives in Austin during SXSW. Though being a New Yorker, I shouldn't be.