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Kate Couch
May 01
Female, taken, agnostic. Likes cartoons, video games, and going to museums alone. Allergic to tannins and most people. Thinks the U.S. needs to be on the metric system. Check out or follow me on Twitter, @TheNerdyFoodie, for more.

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AUGUST 9, 2011 12:11PM

Pop Bytes: 08/09/11

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Super mega long over due.

 Here are things happening right now:



* Horrified for friends and loved ones in England. If you're brave enough to stand up to the creeps, gangs, punks and thugs, there's all ready a website to help organize the clean up of these riots. There are a lot of evils in the world today, much is unfair. But riots and violence is not any kind of way to prove a point. You're simply proving you're just as bad as the trash you're rebelling against. 

* Michelle Bachmann posed for a photo, which she okayed, and Newsweek used it for their cover. And now the Right is pissed. 1. The woman always looks crazed, that's not Newsweek's fault. 2. It's her camp's picture. 3. Really? They're mad about the PICTURE and not that she's being referred to as the Queen of RAGE? Really? Learn this lesson young ladies: In life it is ALWAYS more important for you to LOOK nice than to have any good personality attributes, even in politics. 

* A letter has been found, typed by the president of Hewlett Packard in 1954, telling the provost of Stanford University that he has no idea what a computer is.   This is still true to this day: HP has no clue about computers at all. I know this becuase I've tried calling their "Help Desk". It's actually a Kolcata street market. By the end of the conversation my computer was still crashed and I wound up having 3 chickens and a street urchin mailed to my home instead of a new motherboard.

*I have an addiction I love. I have gotten loved ones hooked, too. I never stop & always want more. My dealer is Steve Jobs.

We're all expecting an official announcement regarding the iPhone 5 on September 5 during the next Apple conference, but for many of us with 3GS models barely clinging on to life, that announcement seems ages away. In the meantime, there's nothing more fun than to gobble up rumors, tech specs, and leaks.

*7 Outer Space movies you should add to your Queue. While I can't recommend Moon enough, an incredible and vastly underrated film (anyone who has seen it would confirm this) what I find interesting is the use of "Queue". Netflix has become the new cable company. Television without the fisting in the form of a bill or ads shouted at you from your screen every 3-4 minutes. I for one have long since rid myself of the cable demon in exchange for the one time cost of Apple TV, which was less than a single month of cable. So, reporters are now taking for granted that everyone has Netflix. If only Cable companies would learn something from that.

*Need a little pick-me-up? How about a couple of elephants swaying in tandem to the Black Eyed Peas. There's something so right about this. Actually, did I say 'right'? I meant 'wrong'.

* Trying to think of something random. How about A Star Trek theme park in Jordan? And, wouldn't ya know it, it's American's who are funding it. Double Dip recession, my tookus - oh, that's right, the recession is really only impacting those on the other side of the widening gap of economic classes... I'll be the first to ask my husband: "KAAAAAHN!...we go?" See what I did there?

*Not the most recent news, but still fantastic in the world of Geekdom - 13+ minutes of behind the scenes footage of the Hobbit with Peter Jackson. Better than 2 trips to the closet for 7 minutes in Heaven. C'mon, we all remember that from Middle School. 

Happenings in Austin:

Drought. Severe and unrelenting drought. I've started to wish for just even overcast days, if we can't have a rainy one. It doesn’t help that the sun doesn’t go down until 9pm. Up at 6:45, it mocks us the majority of the day, killing everything, bleaching everything, making us all sick and angry. Best way to compound the pain of poor economic environment: add a natural disaster into the mix, as I’m sure all different parts of the nation and world can relate.

Um, The Decemberists are in town to do an ACL taping today, as is Jeff Bridges for his taping tomorrow.

Master Pancake is on hiatus after traveling to do a show this past weekend in Seattle! But they’ll be back in the Alamo Drafthouse’s loving arms for a mocking of the Breakfast Club next weekend. If you can’t wait 'til then, the Alamo is showing Blue Velvet in honor of its 25th anniversary with Pabst Blue Ribbon specials tonight.



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