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Kate Couch
May 01
Female, taken, agnostic. Likes cartoons, video games, and going to museums alone. Allergic to tannins and most people. Thinks the U.S. needs to be on the metric system. Check out or follow me on Twitter, @TheNerdyFoodie, for more.

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NOVEMBER 9, 2011 2:33PM

Pop Bytes 11/09/2011

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Here are a few things I love right now:


Pop Bytes 


*War of the Tablet Begun It Has.

I love me some iPad 2, but HATE the price tag. Both and Barnes & Noble hope to cater to individuals like me with the Kindle Fire, and newest version of the B&N Nook, respectively.  Here's the break down: If you're willing to spend $50 extra go with the Nook because it's twice as fast as the Kindle Fire and if it's needs service you can bring it straight into any Barnes & Noble. The screens are the same size, but the body of the Kindle Fire is slightly smaller and heavier than the Nook. Amazon's new browser, Silk, is enticing, but not yet tested and the Nook's browser works, but leaves much to be desired. Both come with a one-year protection plan, but you have to mail a Kindle to Amazon if it suffers any issues. If reading is your primary concern and not streaming video, then go with the Kindle Fire. Amazon has far more ebooks on file. The ebooks B&N and Amazon have in common are most commonly identical in price. If an eReader is your only concern and you don't need a tablet for surfing the web, checking email, or watching Netflix, then I highly recommend B&N's $99 tablet. Though Amazon also has a $99 Kindle, the Kindle comes with "special offers", i.e. you have to deal with Visa pop-up ads while you're reading. Not cool, Amazon. Not cool at all. Ultimately, if you're torn between getting your loved one either a Kindle Fire or a Nook and they can't decide either, a person would be lucky to have either because they're both very good, mini alternatives to the $500 starting price of the iPad. Pre-order them now, however.


*Dr. Who Film? Maybe...but probably not. 

John Barrowman would do a Doctor Who movie if he could work with David Tennant again. To be fair, he never actually says he wouldn't work with Matt Smith. Not to SUPER nerd out here, but any Doctor Who fan knows a film maker wouldn't have to choose about using Tennant or Smith as the Doctor in a feature Doctor Who movie because they could use both: Tennant's Doctor is alive, just not in Doctor form, after being regenerated with Donna Noble cells and then left with Rose at Bad Wolf Bay in "Journey's End". He's mortal, but there is a version of Tenant's Doctor, so BOTH could be used.



*Full House Revisited

Some crazy amazing person wrote a summary to every single Full House episode in chronological order. They don't do it nicely, either. And be careful reading it because you may get so caught up that you'll find hours of your life missing. I say that because a friend of mine might have had the happen to me - I mean, HER!


*Netflix has added every Peep Show episode to Watch Instantly. 

I love this show. If you haven't seen Peep Show or That Mitchell and Webb Look you are seriously missing out on some of Britain’s best comedies.


*Cabbage Patch Dolls have brought back old fashioned Evil. 

Always wanted Al Roker in your kids bed? How about an uber creepy Steven Tyler? Well, now you can with the Celebrity Cabbage Patch Doll Charity on eBay! And the stars they picked are totally current, you guys: There's Roker, who's on TV every day, Steven Tyler who's gotten a second wind in his music career by judging American Idol (his doll even has a "Soul Patch", also known as a "Flava' Saver"), Kathrine Heigl who was kicked off that medical show and is known as being a total bitch, Raven Simone who was just awesome on the Cosby Show and...somebody else. I don't know who it is, but you don't really care by this point.  


*Star Wars, now with more Hardcore-ness.

Buzz Feed has picked up on some random genius who had the wherewithal to mix Star Wars with AC/DC. The result? Amazing. 

 <iframe width="560" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>


*Hobbit News

Peter Jackson continues to taunt us from afar with his Hobbit update Blog entries. The most recent he's posted is an almost 11 minute tour of their 3-D cameras and filming. Stunning, beautiful, immensely exciting. And I wouldn't expect anything less. 

 <iframe width="560" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>


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