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Ken Honeywell

Ken Honeywell
Indianapolis, Indiana, USA
March 20
Well Done Marketing
I'm in love with my wife; a writer and producer living in Indianapolis; partner at Well Done Marketing; founder of Tonic Ball, a benefit concert that's become one of the city's favorite annual events; co-founder of Second Story, a creative writing program for kids; a vegetarian; lead singer of Yoko Moment; a life-long New York Mets fan; a sucker for waltz time; crazy about Pernice Brothers; etc.


JUNE 27, 2010 9:59AM

Is That Blood In Your Computer?

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I'll keep this as brief as possible: 

There's an excellent chance that the technology you're using to read this contains components built on the blood of innocent people in the Congo. In today's  New York Times, Nicholas Kristof says the conflict is the most barbaric war he's ever seen (which is saying something) and "the most lethal conflict since World War II."

Please go read Kristof's piece.

At least go watch this video. It's funny. In a scary way.

And--if you're gonna be a consumer, please be a smart one. That's all I'm asking.

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First "blood diamonds," now "blood chips?" Well, maybe the computers and the Internet will combine to focus enuf light on these atrocities that the roaches will have to scurry under a log, which can then be stomped on. Lately I'm starting to think like Roseann Roseannadanna...always something. Not laffing, tho.

Thanks for the almost discouraging heads up, Ken.
"Scary truth," I typed on a device whose origins I now had reason to distrust. Good post.
thanks for this. i had no idea.
i try to pay attention to where my food comes from, where the clothes i buy are made, i even keep an eye on the politics of corporations i support through product use. consuming less makes this task easier & easier... but i must confess to being a techno geek, so this is just one more thing to watch.

thanks for this.
Okay, yes: I am rating myself. I've never actually done that before. But I think this is important and I'm trying to keep it in the feed.
i agree, its important. bump!
Thank you. The more voices we add to this fight, the better chance we have of making a difference.