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December 25
Writer and meditator, with an Independent bent. Have written for California and Midwest publications. Interests are the loss of the middle class, American manufacturing, unions, immigration, and the welfare of families and children.


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OCTOBER 6, 2011 2:33PM

May Many More Americans Share In His Visionary Industry.

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A genius has died but his industry needs to go far, far further to fully benefit his country and his countrymen.

It is shocking to realize that all this was invented here-- yet our economy is in shambles and so many Americans are out of work. This is what happens when you have business people totally running the country,  the middle class has completely lost its bargaining power, and no one is managing it all for the common good.

California birthplace of the tech industry, is one of the worst states to live in. Its enviromental laws have been overpowered by generations of waves of newcomers. It has lost its middle class. Though the taxes are among the highest in the country, they keep cutting public services, and many of its once top- rate public primary and high schools are in ruins.

Have smart phones saved our lives? I'm not so sure. Buying a new one every year seems the ultimate in greed and waste, and most of the benefit of buying them has gone to other countries. Aren't they also the ultimate escape from reality? I picture people lying on couches their whole lives doing nothing but pushing buttons.

 It could be so much more!

I believe in this country and the American people.

This is no modern paradise yet. But I know that it could be.

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paradise is a wonderful thought — you know, when I first plugged-in my Mac and started writing, i do believe i visited — paradise.
this world is hurting. change hasn't come. greed hasn't abated. i wish for that first plugged-in feeling again.
calm down, people: he made classy gadgets, but the guy who started 'micro-banking' in bangladesh was worth ten of steve jobs.
newcomers! tell me about them...I am from new jersey - the place is overrun with em...thats how I became one...in California.
Pushing buttons (smart phones etc) has become the opium of the people so they forget the stark reality of joblessness and the sad state of economy.