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December 25
Writer and meditator, with an Independent bent. Have written for California and Midwest publications. Interests are the loss of the middle class, American manufacturing, unions, immigration, and the welfare of families and children.


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OCTOBER 17, 2012 3:00PM

All The World's A "Crazy" Stage!

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 20080711182543 PUPLE HAZE 1

 (National Park Service Photo       --  Chaco Culture Night Sky M33)                                           



 " All the world's a stage," said William Shakespeare.

If Shakespeare is right, it explains why the world is such a mess!

 We are all born into a Major Play that the world's actors can't even get together on. The world's actors differ on what the Big Play's meaning is, or should be. They disagree, sometimes violently, on what the next acts should be.

Each of us are also born into our own individual play. We must craft a part for ourselves within the confusing larger drama. At least in a real play at the theatre, we would have all of our lines written for us, and our parts fleshed out. We would know all the acts, the last act, and the theme of the play.Even with all this help, acting in a play in the theatre  would be challenging enough for us.

In our real daily lives,  we are all making up our own parts as we go along! Many of the acts are not even under our control. They will be dictated by other people, and other forces. And there will be unknown outcomes waiting for us at many turns.

 Every day, we must get up and  improvise our roles, making up our lines and actions on the stage. And our roles are usually, in some way, on a stage on display before others.

All the other actors we encounter are also improvising their roles. All of us are often acting within several ongoing plays at the same time.


How could we not make mistakes?

How can we not have compassion for ourselves?

How can we not have compassion for all the other actors?

How unbelievable it is that we are all just winging it on this awesome, wonderful and terrible Stage!


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yes...sometimes the internet too is a stage. where we have to adlib our own lines and hope to entertain...

it can be hard when different plays converge though...
Compassion is it! Like your minds machinations. Rated.
Well said!

Compassion is, to me, one of the three 'legs' upon which a true civilization stands. The other two are respect and ethics.


laura, that is so interesting, OS is a big stage too!

Thank you so much Hugo!

Thanks for stopping by sky!
Greed: sink or swim; pick yourself by your bootstraps; I don't care how you do it, just do it; can't make an omelet without breaking some eggs--putting some people out of business. It is the American way. We are in the process of relearning compassion...the very hard way. Excellent piece. R
When I read a post like this, I become really envious of indigenous peoples. After working with native Americans and now Maori, I'm really impressed that a firm grounding with each other and nature is fundamental to indigenous culture. They have no sense of being disparate individuals acting out individual scripts.

After studying the colonization of Kenya, Australia and New Zealand, I have become aware of how the European imperialists had to systematically destroy these cultures (first by forbidding native peoples to speak their own language). Their natural inclination was to continue to live collectively and depend on one another for their basic needs - this had to be beaten out of them to get them to take jobs building roads and working in factories and to rely on money to meet their basic needs.

Many indigenous teachers believe that European tribes were put through the same process. It's just that it happened so long ago, the memory has been lost.

Some native American teachers refer to these deep cultural connections as Original Instructions: http://store.bioneers.org/Original_Instructions_p/book-orig-instr.htm
Thoth, I so appreciate you.
Dr. Stuart, you are comng at this from a whole other angle. I did not think about this. Americans came here breaking their past ties of community. We need not all be separate actors. I too long for more community, and it is certainly possible. Excellent points!
It's easy to forget that everyone is winging it when you're trapped in the chaos of your own mind. Thanks for the reminder.