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Well, I'm back. Hopefully I won't rant as much but Politics, Gay Rights and the Environment are still very much on my mind. I'm still fighting those evil Lawn Nazis', and I have all but given up on the intelligence of the average American. I plan to still express my opinions here on Open Salon. Hopefully someone will listen!


SEPTEMBER 30, 2010 9:56AM

Foot in Mouth Disease

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Yes I suffer from "Foot in Mouth Disease"!

I often say things, I eventually live to regret.  However I make no apologies to anyone for what I say, because when I say them  I mean what I say.  ( what a mouthful )  and grammar be damned.  Sometimes a run on sentence is necessary!

Today I made a comment on someone elses blog that will probably get me in trouble here on OS.  It had to do with the Holocaust. 

The poster blamed a certain Movie Mogul for trying to trivialize the Holocaust, and blaming a "Hollywood Jewish Conspiracy", for controlling what is said by the media.

This is a very touchy subject, but let's put it in context.  Six million Jews died in the Holocaust, there is no denying that fact!

However,  there were others who died too!  Some Jewish orgainizations tend to trivialize that fact, concentrating only on the fact that Jews were killed in the Holocaust.  Hitler like any right wing demagogue, had to create enemies.  Yes the Jews were his biggest enemy, however he also hated intellectuals, do gooders, Socialists, Communists, Gypsies and Gays.  I am sure I have left some group out, but you get my drift.   Yes Hitler blamed the Jews for the ills of Germany.  After all they were the bankers, the industrialists, and least of all the entertainers.  They were an easy target.

 Now before you start calling me an anti-semite, you need to understand the facts.  Germany was in shambles after WWI.  The allies ( mainly France and England ) demanded reparations in the amount of 269 billion Gold Marks.  Even by todays standards, that is an outrageously high amount of money, for a defeated nation to have to pay!

In trying to pay off this debt, Germany went belly up.  People were starving, money wasn't worth the paper it was printed on.  Then Hitler came on the scene.  He used the Jews as a scapegoat.  Yes there were non Jews who were Bankers and Industrialists and entertainers.  However in Germany these were the people who controlled much of the wealth.  Many Jews had prospered, while others lived in poverty.  Hitler used this to his advantage, making it an issue.  I am not saying that Jews were the only wealthy class.  However, I am saying they were a group that could be exploited.  You could point out a Jewish name from a non Jewish one, that is a simple fact of the German language.  Whether he actually believed they were responsible for the state that Germany was in, is irrelevant.  He had his scapegoat, and he used it for all it was worth.  Just as people like Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck do today.  He found his audience, and fanned the flames of hate.  People were poor, people were starving  Hitler gave them an enemy to blame.   He also blamed the Communists, and the intellectuals for Germanys' plight.   Just as the conservatives today blame the "liberals" for out of sight spending and call them "socialists".

Hitler hated a lot of people.  He plotted on how to get rid of the people he hated, even some of his personal friends like Rohm.  He eliminated the same people who helped put him in power, the Brown Shirts.   He eliminated those who were no longer of any use to him.   That in a nutshell is what the Holacaust was about.  To deny the fact that it encompassed a whole lot of enemies, besides the Jews is fact as well. 

Hitler was an evil man, and he enlisted the help of other evil men.  He also brainwashed a lot of innocent people, into believing his rantings about who was responsible for the sad state of Germany.  He pointed to the decline in morality as another sign.  Conservatives in America, are doing the same thing today!  Once again he blamed the Jews, they were the big names in entertainment.  They still are!  It's not a stereotype, it is fact.  We still have people blaming the Jews for controlling the entertainment industry.  People once again, like Rush Limbaugh and friends.  People like Mel Gibson!  However today they steer away from saying it, just that way.  They blame the entertainment industry in general, and the liberals for supporting them.  It's the whole thing all over again, veiled in a thin veneer of sincerity.  They chant " we are not bigots", over and over.   The idea that the Holocaust was an isolated event, is a lie. It is only one of many genocides that have happened throughout human history. It is the one, that happened withn our own timeframe.  It is a sad fact that it happened, but it can happen again.   When we point fingers, be they Christian, Muslim or Jew.  We all deny the Holocaust!  We need to start seeing our prejudices as they are, not as we perceive them to be.


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I might add that Russian civilian casualties in WWII were between 12 million and 14 million. These were CIVILIANS.
Okay, that clarifies your position, which, yes, on that other blog was kinda eyebrow-arching...
Very well said Ken. I believe you may now extract your foot from your mouth... ouch... anyway, though one cannot deny that in all types of groups, one can always find elements of collusion irrational or otherwise, that certainly do affect outcomes and create "black holes" in the common historical document; to keep the clearest perspective, I think it helps always to keep the glaring spotlight of judgement on human as human first and foremost and the variables and the vary and sundry examples of humankind second. Popular prejudice is a horrible thing when coupled with historical prejudice, and leads to weak, reflexive thinking and forms speech being embedded in national dialogs, which now, are really global dialogs.
Well, you have every right to your position and beliefs. I am not well versed enough on the matter to comment one way or the other. Your conclusion however, is thoughtful and well-reasoned. Hate is hate and can manifest itself in painful and hugely destructive ways.
hear hear!

I agree with you. He also used the seized assets of his enemies and yes, particularly the Jews to fund relentless war. In war is the spoils and in that is immense wealth to be had. So what if a few (million) innocents die? We have learned that lesson well. Our national shame is that we do not recognize that in own policies. AND neither do the Israelis. Shame shame shame on so called civilization in the twenty first century.
Myths abound. In point of fact, Jews actually owned a very small percentage of German wealth, being excluded from the realms of heavy manufacturing, precision industries, and agriculture, where the real wealth of Germany was concentrated. For the most part, German Jews were successful entrepreneurs, doctors, lawyers, professors, and financiers. It was that last occupation that tinted the German perception of the Jews of that period, but most Jewish financial activity was between Jews, not between Jews and Germans. The belief that they controlled the German Economy was a stereotype....a deadly one.

The stereotyping of Jews is heinous, but also almost unavoidable. Ever wonder what Oliver Stone and Mel Gibson talk about? And which of them would you rather have a drink with?
Myriad, I'm not totally sure what you mean by "eyebrow arching". What I said was that I could not pass that 25 question test myself. I doubt if many people could.
Inverted, well said!
Fay, you got my point on the nailhead!
Foolish, exactly what I was trying to say. Hitler was evil, plain and simple. He did not care, who he hurt so long as he profited from it. I do not quite understand when some people say the Jews were not scapegoats. Perhaps my definition of a scapegoat is wrong. I have always understood it to mean, when you try to throw the blame for a problem, on someone or something else.
Sage, I'm not quite sure what you are saying. I think I said in my post exactly what you said in your comment. Jews were not the only ones to possess wealth in Germany! They were simply the ones, who Hitler singled out. And yes, they did not control the German economy. Hitler tried to imply that they did! As far as who I would have a drink with, neither! I am not a particular fan of eithers' movies. I would be interested in seeing how Oliver Stone would portray Hitler and Stalin, however. Both were megalomaniacs!