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Well, I'm back. Hopefully I won't rant as much but Politics, Gay Rights and the Environment are still very much on my mind. I'm still fighting those evil Lawn Nazis', and I have all but given up on the intelligence of the average American. I plan to still express my opinions here on Open Salon. Hopefully someone will listen!


APRIL 5, 2011 10:58PM

Fuck John Boehner, Fuck Mitch McConnell, Fuck Paul Ryan

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I hope I have made myself perfectly clear!  I don't apologize for one word.  Foul language may be in bad taste, but sometimes it's necessary.

For all that it matters-- Fuck the whole lot--The Republican Party and the Tea Party!  and all the idiots who voted for them last November!

Now that I've gotten that off my chest, and offended the few conservatives who are here on OS.  Let me explain, why I feel so damned mad to say this.

I am sick and tired of conservatives crying about shutting down the government if they don't get their way. They are like spoiled brats, holding their breath till Mommy gives them ice cream. They have been threatening and threatening to do so, unless they get the budget cuts they want.  At the same time, they still refuse to tax the wealthiest Americans!  Take benefits away from teachers, take pensions away from people who have paid into them all their working lives, but don't dare tax the billionaires! They haven't offered any real plan that would reduce the budget, only one that will hurt innocent people!

They have voted to cut off funds to NPR, and eliminate the EPA. They would cut teacher pay, vacation time, benefits and finally salaries of public employees.   I guess to many people in the "Private Sector", this doesn't matters all that much.  There are plenty of people out there who don't have the benefits or the pensions that public employees have.  To them, these people are way over compensated.  Well if that's how you think, think again fools!

Take the minimum wage. Many people in the private sector, make more than the minimum. They somehow think it doesn't affect them. Well guess again. If you are an hourly employee, your wages are based on the minimum as well as your raises. That's why so many jobs only give a certain percentage raise each year. So it could very well affect you, if the minimum wage was lowered or eliminated entirely. Think that couldn't happen? Well, the Republicans have been against the minum wage, and raising it for years. Each time it comes up, it is done along party lines. It has been raised in the past, because the Democrats were in power. When the Republicans have that power, do you honestly think there will be anymore raises. They could even decide to eliminate it entirely! They have argued for years, that it causes America jobs.

Think about it. You own a factory lets say, that makes bed linens. They keep raising the minimum wage, and you have to keep paying your employees more and more. This cuts into your profits. You lay off workers. Then you finally pack the whole thing up, and move your company to Bangladesh. Hell you can pay those suckers fifty cents an hour, and they will be happy! To hell with those idiots who worked for you all those years. You don't owe them anything, after all you were paying them. They weren't working for free!

After they do away with the minimum wage, what's to stop them from getting rid of OSHA. They are already arguing against regulation. They already want to gut the EPA, so why not OSHA! Heck, it will make Big Business a lot happier if they don't have to pay benefits or allow time for breaks and lunch. Just look at Wisconsin. They already are looking at changing the child labor laws, to allow kids to work longer hours. Heck, why not a seven day work week. After all, that's what we had before the Unions stepped in and demanded otherwise. Without the Unions, there's nobody left to help these stooges. So screw em!

I could go on and on, why I hate these scoundrels, but by now you get my drift. If you took all the money for NPR, the Endowment for the Arts, Amtrak and School Lunches it wouldn't make a dent compared to what the tax breaks for Americas wealthiest amounts to in income, or what is spent on the Military and Homeland Security. Yet they want to cut, cut and cut some more into what they like to call “entitlements”. Anyone who thinks the Republicans and the Tea Party have their best interests in mind, are fools.

And if you believe those commercials with the Chinese professor lecturing students in 2030 about the fall of the United States, you are being duped by the same people who sent their companies overseas! One more big pile of misinformation from the same people who brought you the Tea Party! Funny how their timing is, coming with their threats of a shut down.  "Lets blame it on the Democrats".  If you believe that shit, I have a bridge to sell you!



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Yes you can add that. But this post was about the budget, not about that. That's a whole nuther story, give me some slack!
I'll join your club.. is there dues?
I'm with you, Kenny. I am just completely disgusted and disgusted with pretending their 'ideas' have any merit. They don't want to do anything that will benefit people who actually need help. They just want power.

Ok Disco, lets start with the military, then funding the wars, then they could tax the rich who right now are getting a free ride on the working class! Hows dem apples. Oh and puleeze don't give me texting abbreviations as I have no idea what they stand for. I'm an old fart, I still use longhand! Taxes and expenses are a sad fact of life. That's the beef with the rethugs. And I call myself a socialist not a liberal. Capitalism sucks!
Ric, they are called taxes! Without them, the world would stop. I have nothing against paying them, so long as they pay for stuff the people can actually use, like public transportation, medical care, the arts etc. The rethugs seem to think we're all getting a free ride, and everyone should pay their fair share cept them.
Shiral, that's my beef with them. "Power" it's all about Power! They claim they're for smaller government, but they're quite at home with telling us what we can do in bed, who we can marry, what a woman can do with her body, whether we use foul language on the internet and on TV etc. Where's small government there? They are so full of it!
Fett, "tuna and trouser trout", better watch it. I don't think I like your drift.
I too am fed up with John Boehner, Mitch Mcconnell, and Eric Cantor. I don't understand why the actions of the the republican party which are damaging to our country are not treason. The pepublicans are traitors to our country! They have put self interest, greed and power above the public good. They steadfastly refuse to hear the facts or listen to reason. 2012 must be a decisive victory for people that care about all of America and not just the rich.
You know it's funny ( not ha ha ) but there are some missing comments here. I did not delete them. I do not delete comments!
So please somebody explain the missing comments. If OS is doing this for me, please do not. I can stand criticism. I can't stand censorship!
August 5th and I feel this way even more as markets collapse world wide.