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Well, I'm back. Hopefully I won't rant as much but Politics, Gay Rights and the Environment are still very much on my mind. I'm still fighting those evil Lawn Nazis', and I have all but given up on the intelligence of the average American. I plan to still express my opinions here on Open Salon. Hopefully someone will listen!


OCTOBER 8, 2011 10:54PM

I'm Baack! --- but for how long?

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Well, evidently I have been un-deleted!

Thanks to all, and any who are responsible.  I was quite worried that everything I had written had been lost forever. ( not that it would be a great loss to humanity )  Just the time spent, in thinking it, and writing it. 

This however, gives me food for thought.

Just as my posts, suddenly disappeared, and I ceased to exist here on OS.  That could happen to all of us!  Think about it.  We have all become so dependent on modern technology.  Our computers, our cell phones, i-pods etc, etc.  All that could be wiped out, simply by a person or persons who had maliciousness in their heads.  It could all be wiped out by a sudden outburst, from that which gives us life here on Earth.  A solar flare, could wipe out all our communications in a matter of seconds!  We could suddenly find ourselves plunged back into the dark ages.  Do we rely too heavily, on these electronic gadgets?  People talk of the demise of the printed word, on paper. Yes books can be burned, they can be eaten by worms.  However we have lasted centuries with books.  What of these modern forms of writing?  Will they still be around centuries from now?  Will our music survive?  All these text files, sound and video files, even computer chips are not at all indestructible.  What about all those floppy disks, that are now useless?  Even CD's don't last very long, the ones you burn on a computer.  They supposedly only last about five years!  Then take a computer hard drive.  One good magnet, and they are history.

I think we should rethink this idea of putting everything on computer files.  What would happen to humanity, if everything were lost overnight.  All our knowledge, our personal records, our music and culture.  All of it gone in a flash.  Now that's scary!

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So how did you get undeleted? Welcome back = - }
~nodding~ Yep, it can all be gone in a second!! Less than a second on a good day!! EEK!!

Welcome back!!!!!
What a relief!!
The important "stuff" is still stored on paper, while the "Really Important Stuff" is stored in our heads! As long as we don't lose our minds, we won't lose our "Stuff"!!!
The "post apocolyptic" world would rebuild and be even more exciting. Just imagine the room for new inventions and the freedom to explore those alternatives. Gives me shivers.
bluefeather, I got tagged as a spammer. OS undeleted me, along with a brief apology. Emily, I believe got it done.
Tink, well I guess it can. I'm also glad that it can be restored, as well.
Sky, thanks!

Ooal, I hope you're right!

Phyllis, it's that in between period that scares the hell out of me. I most likely wouldn't survive it!
I'm no computer geek. I store my posts on my computer as well as on OS. It's not hard because i compose posts in Word and then do "touch up" after I post.
This virtual world has all sorts of ramifications. We have photo albums in our study. Not CDs. Actual photographs. I worry about the legacy of photography being lost on hard drives that no longer are accessible.
Glad you reappeared.
When I arrived in this God-awful place I discovered that everything on my harddrive had disappeared. I didn't think much of it...I had a backup drive. It was wiped clean too. The heat did it.

It is more possible than you think.
Fay, If I may ask. Why the hell did you move to that damned awful place?