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MAY 9, 2012 5:39PM

Healthcare, why it's such a big fucking deal!

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This healthcare stuff really makes my blood boil. To believe that we have the best healthcare system in the world, has to mean you are on some kind of strong drugs!

I have posted here before about my frustrations with the healthcare people. For years I had coverage through my job. Then I was no longer working, and couldn't even afford to pay for COBRA. I then finally found a private plan, I thought I could manage. So what happened to that? After waiting a year for the coverage to take affect. Yes I had to wait, that long for it to cover me. Then I had my first visit. I had found a doctor who, I felt comfortable around. She listened to me, and honestly seemed to care about my health and was not judgemental about my lifestyle choice. ( for those who think it's a choice ) She ordered the usual bloodwork, and tests for a first doctors visit. She also added a few extras, because of that so called lifestyle choice. I asked for them.

Well, one of those tests came back positive. Evidently I had that dreaded disease, Herpes! Yes Herpes. I thought I probably had it, but had never been tested for it. Why do I call it that dreaded disease? Because it was enough to cause my healthcare carrier, to drop me, stone cold. No way to negotiate, no way to fight their decision. Yes I called a lawyer, and yes I was told that since it was in their contract, there was nothing we could do. It was that little thing called a “pre-existing condition”. I got dropped because I found out, I had herpes! That constitued as a undisclosed pre-existing contition. Even though, I was not fully aware before the test, that I had it. After all, I hadn't had as much as a cold sore, since I was a teenager! So after paying them all that time, I found I once again had no coverage. They didn't even pay for the doctors visit, or the tests!

Fast forward about six months. One night I was awaken, by a weird feeling in my chest. It felt like my heart was playing ping pong. I thought, “just some PVC's, theyll go away.” Unfortunately they didn't. I rolled over on my side, and they started up again, thump, thump, thump! I got out of bed, and thought. “ If I walk around a little they'll go away”. I had had these annoying “flip flops” all my life. That I had bothered to list on my medical history. I knew about them. Not about the herpes! Well unfortunately they didn't go away, and I had to call 911. I had a pulse of almost 200bpm. My heart was flip flopping out of control. I was told it was Afib, Atril Fibrillation. They administered magnesium and postassium, and a blood thinner. Then they gave me something to try and calm my heart down, but it didn't work. I was admitted to the hospital for observation, and possible electro cardoversion. Then in came the nurse with a pill, and a release form. She explained that it was Flecainide, which had some possible extreme side effects. She also explained that the doctor thought the risk was outweighed by the need. My only other choice was to be shocked back into normal heart rhythm. So I signed and took the pill. Within twenty minutes the afib stopped, and I went back into normal sinus rhythm. They kept me one more day to monitor me for any adverse side effects. I had none! So I was finally set free, from what I considered to be worse than prison. I could never imagine, having to endure a long hospital stay!

Of course I had a follow up visit, with the cardiologist. He wanted me to take an echo cardiogram, and a stress test. This because I shouldn't be taking Flecainide, if there was anything wrong with my heart! ( of course this wasn't explained in the hospital ) The echo showed my heart to be healthy. The stress test though, showed a possible area that wasn't getting enough blood. He told me the only way to tell for sure was a heart catheterization. ----- all this was happening while I had no medical insurance! He told me, it could be a false positive, it also was very slight. So I decided not to have the procedure done, as it would wipe out a big chunk of my savings. The hospital and emergency bill took quite a big chunk alone.

Fast forward again, three years to last week. I had just made an offer, on a house I liked. I came home, and proceeded to ponder whether I might be over extending myself. I had made a cash offer. What if I got sick, I wouldn't have enough money to live on. It would clean me out entirely! Plip, plop those dreaded PVC's or PAC's ( I can't feel the difference ) started up again. I made an appointment, even though I had just been told a few weeks ago “ all looks good, your echo and EKG came out fine. Your heart for the most part is healthy.” This time he tells me, “ three years ago, I told you I wanted to perform a heart cath on you. You said no! Well, what more can I tell you? Have you reconsidered? I once again explained about the cost, and where it would put me financially. He was not concerned about money, he said. Just my health!

Now I have to choose, once again. To have money to live on, or to undergo a procedure, that is simply to diagnose what could be a further problem. One that I would not have any more money left, to have fixed! The PVC's Pac's or whatever, stopped after three days. Yes I was scared shitless! But now they are gone once more. But I have to worry, will they return? What if I have the procedure? What if I spend all that money, and there is no blockage? Then I have spent my money, on nothing. And what if they find something? I then won't have any money left, to have it fixed!

Anyone wonder why I get so flustered over this damned healthcare issue?

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I don't wonder why you get flustered but I do wonder when there's going to be a consensus that everyone should have access to top quality, affordable healthcare. There's got to be a way to make it available to every man woman child; it should be no different than assuming people have a right to safe drinking water. Why? Because it's the right thing to do. Because in this country everyone should be mad when a citizen is denied treatment or forced to settle for substandard care because they don't have insurance. Healthcare should be assured and not a privilege.
Margaret, don't get me started on that one! When big companies can pay for deceitful TV ads, that the average Joe Blow believe there's hardly a chance in hell it will ever happen. The American people are a bunch of sheep, who believe whatever they are told by the people who talk the most, and those people are the wrong people!