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JANUARY 18, 2013 10:31AM

The NRA is a Terrorist Group!

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It's been awhile since I wrote anything.  So please bear with me.  After not being able to get in here at OS for the longest time.  I'm a bit rusty.  

The NRA should be called out for exactly what it is, a Terrorist Organization!  Any group that calls for people to rise up against it's own government, should be labeled as such.  The NRA claims to represent real Americans.  Yet they only represent a small portion of the American citizenry.  Once they were the group promoting safe, and sane gun policy.  Now they are nothing more than a mouthpiece of the growing arms industry, in this nation.  They no longer represent the backwoods hunter, or farmer.  Now they have been infiltrated by gun manufacturers and doomsdayers.  They are no longer the voice of reason, but that of paranoid wannabe patriots.  They have taken the Libertarian stance to the extreme. 

Instead of teaching safe gun handling, they teach people how to use assault weapons.  Instead of teaching patriotism, they are fomenting anti-government hatred.  They talk about overthrowing a government they no longer trust.  A government they fear want's to take away their toys of terror!  It's high time they are looked at, for what they have become.  A home grown terrorist group!

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Bad as they might be they have a looooong way to go to become as bad a terrorist group as your primary one - the government.

Well, I'd take my government ( minus a few in Congress ) over the NRA any day.
Who do you think, made our government numero uno? People like the ones who belong to the NRA!
Skypixie, who do you think elected the government we have? Guess who, it was the citizens. If you don't like who's in office, you DO have a vote.

I'm not sure that I'd go so far as to say the NRA is a terrorist organization (maybe a terrorist arms supplier), but I do think they're irresponsible and frankly, they turn my stomach with the way they enshrine guns above all else.
The NRA might "terrorize" a few fearful Americans - the government is busily terrorizing the world. The NR A, in its entire existence, has not even come close to killing as many innocent people as the American government does every day!

But you can close your eyes to that so as to make stupid propaganda statements against the NRA? What the heck do you use for brains?

And before you get the wrong idea totally; No.... I'm not an NRA member and, Yes, I think they suck, big time. It's only by comparison to REAL terrorists that they look rather pathetic.
clearly not a terrorist group, as they have not been visited by drone bombs. or even the secret police.

every nation is in more danger from its own government than any other agent. the erosion of civil rights during the dubya and obama regimes suggests the need for armed resistance is not far off.