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June 01
I don't believe in them!
Any that I choose to keep!
Well, I'm back. Hopefully I won't rant as much but Politics, Gay Rights and the Environment are still very much on my mind. I'm still fighting those evil Lawn Nazis', and I have all but given up on the intelligence of the average American. I plan to still express my opinions here on Open Salon. Hopefully someone will listen!


You heard me!  Go fuck yourselves, every last one of you.  That goes for all my Tee Party relatives, friends, and neighbors.  I'm fed up and tired of all this bullshit!  And if you don't like the language I am using, go fuck yourselves again!

I was never in passive mode… Read full post »


  kisskiss kiss

 Rick Scott and Scott Walker should get married!  What a pair they'd make!  Scott Walker screwed Wisconsin and Rick Scott keeps screwing Florida.  Perhaps they could screw each other.

Here in Florida we have a tee party governor who bought an election… Read full post »

JUNE 4, 2012 10:40PM

Contemplating ones Mortality

Siting in a hospital bed,just makes you think about your own mortality!


blocked content 

Awhile back, I wanted to watch the German news on Deutsche Welle.  To my dismay, I discovered it could not be watched in the USA.  Neither could I watch any other foreign newscast.  Even thought they were there for everyone to watch.  Well that is everyone… Read full post »

MAY 31, 2012 6:26PM

Should I apologize?

Well, she's still sitting in the living room with the TV off!  Usually she would be watching the weather, waiting to hear if it's gonna rain.

I'm still in my bedroom, on the computer.  I really do not want to apologize!

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MAY 18, 2012 11:56AM

Stand your Ground --- at the RNC?

This August should prove very interesting.  Why, you might ask?  Because the RNC will be happening here in Tampa, Florida.  A place with not the greatest tolerance for protesters.

While the Republican hordes descend upon us, here in the Tampa Bay Area.  I am sure there are also go… Read full post »

MAY 17, 2012 10:18AM

Stop the Attack Ads! --- or else

Well, I don't get on here much anymore. Ever since I “unsubscribed” from Salon. I no longer get updates for OS.

Maybe this is a good thing, as I have more time to think about what I want to write about. However if you know me at all,… Read full post »

This healthcare stuff really makes my blood boil. To believe that we have the best healthcare system in the world, has to mean you are on some kind of strong drugs!

I have posted here before about my frustrations with the healthcare people. For years… Read full post »

APRIL 30, 2012 2:14PM

Beware! Cellphone Scammers

I just discovered  a new scam, the hard way!

For convenience sake, I have automatic bill pay for my cellphone with T-Mobile.  Today I noticed that my account was charged more than the normal amount.  So I went online and looked at my account.  To my surprise there were something c… Read full post »

APRIL 29, 2012 9:48AM

Goodbye Salon!

Well, today was the last straw.  I unsubscribed from the Salon main page.  It is totally impossible to read anything on Salon, or to even try and contact them!  Every time I go there, my browser crashes and I have to restart my computer.  Don't they understand about advertising, a… Read full post »

APRIL 23, 2012 10:01AM

Salons "New Look" -----sucks bigtime

Like so many other websites, Salon has finally sold it's soul!

What do I mean by saying it's sold it's soul.  Well it has nothing to do about the new design, which is glaringly in poor taste. 

My complaint is that they have integrated all their "social content" ( read advertising… Read full post »

nine dollar gas

                 click on image to view the ad

I knew it!  What I have been saying right along.  Gas prices are up becasuse Big Oil wants to hold us hostage, over Keystone!

 Within the last week here in the South, we have… Read full post »

APRIL 1, 2012 1:31PM

My Obamacare Story

save Obamacare protester

My Obamacare story starts awhile before it was enacted, actually it starts a few years before. When my Dad started showing signs of Old Age Dementia, I decided it was time to bring him under my roof.… Read full post »



ad choice buttonOK KIDS!   I decided to find out where these annoying ads come from.  It seems they are coming from no less MICROSOFT ADVERTISING. Clicking on the image will take you to their page.

 Or Just type Ad Choices into your browser search bar.

You will be brought to… Read full post »

MARCH 26, 2012 9:14PM

The New and Improved OS revealed!


and it only took three minutes to load!

Santorum Wins

I'm not sure whether to call it a "post apocalyptic dream", a nightmare or just a dream about a future I really fear.  Of course I have embellished, but isn't that a writers prerogative?

The Future that could be OursRead full post »

  Doomsday Preppers Nat Geographic

Lately, I have had it with Cable TV!

First we had the so called History Channel, talking about German UFO's, then we had the Discovery Channel and 2012.  Now we have National Geographic, wasting their time on Doomsday preppers!

Why is anyone willing to waste time on these nutcases… Read full post »

MARCH 12, 2012 2:01PM

It's time to get Out!

Afthanistan MassacreAP Photo

The picture  tells it all!

An American soldier, took it into his own hands, to massacre innocent Afghan civilians.  What could have gone through his mind?  I'm sorry, but I don't buy the "Post Traumatic Stress" theory.  

 Yes our soldiers go through stress.&n… Read full post »

Gas prices are rising once again. As usual we are given excuses like Iran, supply and demand. What they don't talk about much is the Keystone Pipeline.

They ( read Republicans ) have cleverly diverted attention to contraception, and the Catholic Church.   Never mind that they are… Read full post »

FEBRUARY 2, 2012 12:21PM

Why do I wast my time?

Today I posted a few comments that I regret.  Did I really say that?

Well, lately I have done more reading than posting.  I have lost interest in this country for the most part.  Having decided that a large portion of the populace are either very, very stupid, or they are… Read full post »

Today the headline news here in Central Florida, was all about Occupy Oakland, and the violence there in California.

I can't help but wonder, is this where it's all headed?  Will Occupy Wall Street, come to Tampa to Occupy the GOP Convention?  Will the anarchists and others, come here as th… Read full post »

JANUARY 30, 2012 1:29PM

A Tea Party Win = ?

So, it looks like we could end up with a Tea Party favorite running against President Obama in November.

I have been trying to come up with an idea for a bumper sticker.  It would read something like " A Tea Party Win = 

I had originally thought of  If the… Read full post »

JANUARY 25, 2012 1:46PM

SOTU Republican response = SOS


I watched President Obama's speech last night. Once again he tried to reconcile what he has done for this country against the obstruction, he has in the Republican Senate. He tried to explain, the good that has happened since he became President. He also chastised… Read full post »

JANUARY 17, 2012 11:28PM

Hungary-USA eery similarities!

Viktor Orban

Recently I have read reports in the German newspapers about the problems the EU is having with Hungary. Yesterday I was listening to an NPR program, in which they were talking about the exodus of young people and intellectuals from Hungary. So today I googled “trouble in Hungary&rdquo… Read full post »

You know, I really have little to say anymore about all this stuff.  The Republican candidates are  a bunch of idiots, morons and imbeciles.  So there is really no point in writing anything about any of them!  They are not worth the paper nor ink.

I subscribe to a few Republican… Read full post »