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MAY 8, 2009 8:37AM

Haiku: Mom watches over me

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[ Mom watched over me 'til I could manage myself. I still hear her though. ]

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This is a response to Just Cathy's post on Mother's Day Haiku.
She notes the original open call came from Texas Bubba.
The effects we have on one another are both direct and indirect.

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What a beautiful haiku for your mom and love the lay out you used! Wish I knew how to be more creative like that. Well done.

PS - It was Texas Bubba who first put out the open call for the Mom Haikus! He deserves the credit!
Just to be clear, JK, it's not like my mom is gone. She just doesn't live nearby and I thought maybe she needs to know I can still hear her training and advice when she's not right there. I think it's hard for parents after kids move out, wondering what they're up to ...
I like these lines Kent. It says os much.

Is that font papyrus?? That is one of my faves to write in.
Mission, Papyrus, yes.
Poignant and touching - Thank you for posting - rated for poetic excellence!
You’ve succinctly captured an entire lifetime’s worth of devoted motherly affection and the appreciation of it in a beautiful Haiku.

Rated and appreciated.
Awww, this is wonderful. I think all Mom's hope that their kids can say this!
Painful and lovely. No words
Kent, this is totally lovely.....
Happy Mother's Day to her........