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DECEMBER 25, 2009 4:30PM

The Cat’s Meow—in Colour!

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Will Someone Feed The Cat made up a post with a list of all the “colour posts”, but it was in black and white. So I colored it, or “coloured it” as she would have me say.

Carousel: Look What We Did!!!
by Will Someone Feed The Cat



This, I believe is a full list of our Colour/Color Posts - let me know if I missed any. I am sitting here in shock and amazement at  a few things: the quality of the posts, the thought that went into them, and the spirit which you wonderful people took to this.

 You have truly created a blaze of colour and light. You've traveled from the depths of despair to the silly moments that define all of us; you've taken this around the world, you've been funny, you've shared loss. You've created poetry; you've taken pictures; you've posted drawing by the kids; you've peeked at spring, reveled in the snow and reminded us of summer.

You've shared in the creation, you've cared in reading each other, and you've just filled in the little spot - you know the one - that every year sits there a little bit empty right about now. Words. Colours. Love.

 OSers are amazing. Every time. I am so thankful to everyone who made this happen.

Have a great holiday. There will be a wrap this weekend. But this post really says it all, doncha think???


(It's Christmas. Maybe I'll feed the cat;)



Red: O Little Town of OS - Outside Myself & Smithery

Silver and Gold - bobbot

Chamomile Solstice - fingerlakeswanderer

Black Fades toGrey - Mission

Cream: Nine Songs From '09 Rise To The Top - Ken Honeywell

Gold: A Gift to My 4-year-old Self - mamoore

+#+#+Plaid+#+#+ Makes me Mad - scanner

Blue: The Colour of a Life - rita shibr

Orange: A '70s Christmas - spotted_mind

Oranges for a Buddhistst's Christmas - Chicago Guy

Black - trig palin

Red: The Emotional Complexities of a Marachino Cherry - HungryForHands 

/ / / Red and White / / / Candy-Striped  MADNESS - The New Number Two

Blue (and Red and Green): The Joint Custody Holiday Blues - sweetfeet

Green For the Canadian Kitty Starver - Shiral

Winter White: Evanescence - BarkingLot4

Azul: Blue Lights in Barcelona - Lea Lane

White - bikepsychobabble

Blue: My Son Says It's a Blue Christmas - Jennifer C.

Silver: And a Color Wheel of Christmas Memories - susanmihalic

Midnight Blue - Cindy Ross

Madrugada "strange color blue" - michael reid rubenstein

White - michael reid rubenstein

gray black

brown red

Gossimered Golden Bows: a poem for my mother - a very frilly christmas monkey

The Reds of Japan - Harry's Ghost 

A White Christmas, mine for the taking for granted - sweet peony

A White Christmas, Part II

Pink Seizure! - Freaky Troll

Like the Sun, She is Yellow - Kyle D.

Silver - Kathy Riordan

Ecru to Yu and Yu and Yu - JK Brady

A White Crown for your final Christmas - Dennis Knight

How Green Feels: A Meditation on Color - Linda Shiue

Maroon: Coloring My Father's Path - Karin Greenburg

Yellow: So It Was Cancer, Part 25 -Frank Indiana

Green - and Much, Much More - AtHomePilgrim

Grey: Colour Me Such - iamsurly

Red Is Mom - mimetalker

A Rainbow of Love, Actually - Sharon Kay

Colour: White and Black and Love in Winter - femme forte

Yellow: Stolen Christmas, Restored Faith - Will Someone Feed the Cat?

Brown: Whoopee, It's Christmas - Dear reader, I married him

Wine: Cat's Colo(u) Challenge - Verbal Remedy

Black is the colour of this thing unnamed - Odetteroulette

and we are the dreamers of dreams-yellow meditations - Jane Smithie

Original Art Work By Little G - Kind of Blue

White is the Colo(u)r - mypsyche

The Colour of Christmas : Magic - WalkAwayHappy

Colours and Memory and Now - aim

A White Christmas: Not the Bing Crosby Kind! - Scarlett Sumac

A New Victoriana Blue - Gary Justis

Colour? ROY G BIV Spectrum - Owl Says Who

Silver: Through the Years - trilogy

SAFFRON is my World - FusunA

Orange Skies as Christmas Burns - Natalie not Pedantic

 White Flag: Christmas 1914 - Boanerges1

Jolie: My Butterscotch Sundae - Deborah Sosin

Yellow: Only Taoists Buy Yellow Pocket 'T's - Stacey Youdin

Purple and Lime Green Christmas with just a tinge of Yellow - Tinkertink

White Lights and a Christmas Card - six foot skinny

Green -- the colour of Spring and Mold - geezerchick

Aquamarine: Dream - CoyoteOldStyle

Warm walnut-brown: With Love From Dad - librarienne

Green: his colour of apples - Lady Dove

Pink: Praise for Pretty Pink Toes - Aunt Mabel

An Auburn Feather and an Electric Blue Sky - C.K. Dexter Haven

I Remember Mami: Christmas Rust.

     Part 7 - AtHomePilgrim

Cranberry Gold for Cat - Polly Endioctt

Blue: The blue notes of Christmas - Maria Stuart

blue: hush - consonantsandvowels

All the colours of light - High Lonesome

Cerulean: Colour of a winter heart - Blue in TX

White and Silver and Candlelight- ixxidust

Red Light. Green Light - NoisyNora

Magic and Pasta and a Red Mitten - SwingleMom

Yellow then White/When I was Born - Lunchlady 2

Notes from the Red Couch: The End Of The World - Jennifer C.

Memories of Golden Single Malt Scotch - Reid Mohr

GRAY is the Color of My CAT - The New Number Two

Virescent (that's poetry for green) - marcelleqb

Rainbow: Rebuilding my World from Black and White - Sparking

Red Eulogies: For Those Who Leave Us At Christmas - Deborah Young

Shades of Brown - Fishing Fool

Red: The Colour of the Tomato I'm Gonna Throw - Steve Blevins

roses in the snow - Robin Sneed

A Mango, Turquoise and Not-Quite-So-Blue Christmas - BuffyW

The Blue-clocked Warriors of Hope - Daniel E Walsh

Mocha: Colour of the Man for Our Times - Lonnie Lazar

The Colour of Capricorn - scupper

If Disappointment Had a Colour, It Would Be Gray - FrogTown Diva

Scarlet: "The scarlet letter" by Nathanial Hawthorne - Ranjit Souri

Aqua: A Christmas Peril - Kent Pitman

Rose-Colored Glasses at Christmas - Nikki Stern

The Passion of Snow - Hells Bells

Pink colo(u)r, duck tomato - ocularnervosa

Black: Thanks for Serving in Vietnam - Natalie K. Munden

The iPhone in Black and White - Mishima666

white - blessings - marcelleqb

GOuLD: the Colour of Fireworks on Xmas Eve - Skeletonwmn

Peacock Blue: The First Doll of Colour! - Barbara Caplan- Bennett

What is the deal with incurable optimists?

     -Silver Linings - Placebostudman

 Zumalicious- making her own rules!

Christmas Painted Grey - micalpeace

Dreaming of Spring Color -  nanatehay (who said the dog ate his homework)

Obsidian- JLBane



She promises to keep her list updated as we go. Me? We'll see.


If you got value from this post, please "rate" it,
and also rate the Cat's post!
I don't want to be in a cat fight for having done this!

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Great compilation! Thanks for posting.
Mishima, the Cat did the compiling. I just added the effects of some crayons. :)
Dang, now that's commitment to the cause!
For anyone curious, by the way, these effects were generally done using CSS. I didn't want to fuss with additional graphics. See my CSS Tutorial for more information on doing formatting and coloring yourself.
Karin, what's uncolorful about philosophy? :) And as for technology, in my opinion technology is of little worth if it doesn't reach out and enable ordinary people to do things that mean something to them... and on a day like today, the colored lights are what seem to mean things to people. Hmmm. Maybe time for the family to go for a drive and look at lights...
Thanks for the notice Kent. This is wonderful. I bow in your presence and admit you can skin the cat well. (an old saying in the mountains, no offence to cat!)
I am sure all listed will enjoy this as I did.
You're so cool.
Thanks for doing this!
How fun!!! Another dimension to the fun-ness of the day! Thanks, Kent!
How sweet of you! xox
Thanks for the heads up. Thats neat!
Kent, this is wonderful of you to do this..a fine Christmas gift to all of us. All the best to you and yours....G
Kent, this is marvelous! And thank you for the help with CSS, or I never woulda gotten that wine background thing figured out!
I'm jealousing because you're a better nerd than I am.
I had seen Cat´s post and I love this colourful version; a very cool christmas gift; And about the amount of posts, it´s an amazing amount of talent displayed in full colour now. Great!
Thank you, Kent. This looks great!
What a wonderful Christmas gift for all of us at OS!
Merry Christmas!
This is amazing. You put a lot of work into this. Thanks!
Man, you got some killer mad computer skilz! I'm a cut and paste guy, myself. I don't understand the HTML yet, but I'm going to learn it soon!

We Wish You a Merry♪♫•*¨*•.¸¸♥ ¸¸.•*¨*•♫♪ Christmas♪♫•*¨*•.¸¸♥ ¸¸.•*¨*•♫♪We Wish You a Merry ♪♫•*¨*•.¸¸♥ ¸¸.•*¨*•♫♪Christmas ♥ ♥ ♥We Wish You A Merry ♪♫•*¨*•.¸¸♥ ¸¸.•*¨*•♫♪Christmas ♪♫•*¨*•.¸¸♥ ¸¸.•*¨*•♫♪...And A Happy New Year!♪♫•*¨*•.¸¸♥ ¸¸.•*¨*•♫♪...
I need to book mark that CSS tutorial!
Beautiful Kent - your editing is always a marvel.
Wow, this is so beautiful. Thank you Kent.
Weeee! That was fun. Thanks for all the hard work. Esp. like what you did with "plaid." Vewwy, vewwy cweative!
Mighty pretty, and mighty nice. Happy Whatsmas!
i'm so glad you did this. i was going to change the color of the font every time i used a color word in the post -- then i did it and it was really awful to read. but it looks fabulous in your list!!! what an effort. thanks so much.
Beautiful Kent -- thanks!
Creative take on a creative idea fulfilled by creative folks. Win, win,win. Thank you, Kent. (And folks should read your recent parody of a Night Before Christmas --really brilliant.)
I forgot to acknowledge my thanks and admiration of your skills here - once again Thanks for your time and creativity!
Will/Cat, glad you dropped in and didn't mind my embellishing. Hope your child is feeling better soon.
Dude, yoU are too cool!
oooo, colooooouuuuurs
This is beautiful, Kent!
What a thoughtful and kind thing for you ot do.
Rated and appreciated.
Dennis, The Cat's idea had been to add colo(u)r to the list, and I'm a big fan of text so could see the color without it being there. But I wondered if some weren't seeing the concept of the string-of-lights that these posts would make if juxtaposed, so I wanted to complete the vision. I thought it was quite cool as an idea and though I kind of rushed it (you can see a lot of overlappy things I could have fixed if I'd given it more time), it still came out good enough that I'm happy with it. Not everything needs to be professional publication quality to be fun—I just wanted “time to market” on this one. In fact, I'd sent her mail asking if she wanted the HTML to use on her own page but then realized she was away for the day and so just ran it up on my page rather than lose the moment.
That is quite a beautiful complilation . . . truly colorful!
It's so beautiful. And clearly a labor of love.
By everyone involved, Hells. A big group project.
Some comments had disappeared. Now they have returned, but others added since then have disappeared. This is not a conspiracy against anyone. I didn't do it. Apologies to the people who added something that got lost.
This is cool! Thanks!
Kent I can appreciate how much work has gone into this textual embelishment. Fantastic job on two fronts, colouring the colours and spreading the word further.
Rated with thanks