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Open Call: Lobbyist for an hour

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This week's Open Call has us looking, oh, two weeks down the road toward a new administration and fresh political era wondering just what President Obama will and can accomplish. We know what's been promised -- and the larger forces complicating that.

But we want to know what be your top priority would be. So for this week's call, we'd like you to imagine that you've been given, on the even of his inauguration, a solid hour with the man with the confident smile and kind eyes to lobby for one single issue. What would you say? 

We'll spotlight a range of responses to this question on the Open cover, and promote it on the Salon cover, before the big swearing in day on Jan. 20.

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Will we get some of your Cheetohs?
Will get right back to you as soon as I call the 800 number for a couple dozen of those commemorative plates. Am not sure how they got the video of me and the family sitting around the dining room table. . . . :)
I don't have a whole posts worth of opinion, but gay marriage and single payer health care would top my 'please and thank you' list.
lobby obama: please establish an effective and accessible power of citizen initiative.

the only way to concentrate the minds of politicians on the welfare of ordinary people is to have the means of their replacement at hand. if simple citizenship does not inspire you to do this, how about the title awarded by a grateful populace:

"father of american democracy"
Lobby Obama:

1. Please put the tattered remnants of the Social Security trust fund in Al Gore's Lock Box. Eliminate fraud, waste and abuse in Social Security programs.

2. Congratulations on an excellent track record of remembering ALL vets, not just the most popular ones. Please try to fund extra research and medical care for the battlefield brain and other injuries that are new and unique to the Iraq and Afghanistan wars. Provide housing for homeless Iraq and Afghanistan Vets and/or their surviving dependents. Consider PTSD incurred on the battlefield a battlefield injury and make it a compensable, service connected disorder, with a Purple Heart. Fund research into new and undiagnosed disorders incurred in the newer combat theaters. Eliminate the delays and unfairness in getting returning vets into the system. Publicly honor the returning casualties. Hide them from us no more.

3. Consider infrastructure repair and development the new form of "Growth" for this country's economy.

4. Please stay with your plan to cut fraud, waste and abuse in Government. Cut the pork from legislation, and shame on anyone who puts it there.

5. Restructure "Homeland" Security. Rename it: "America's Security" or something else, please. Detach FEMA from the security apparatus, and make FEMA functional for natural disasters, for once. Eliminate fraud, waste and abuse in this department.

6. Review the role of military units that have been deployed to operate on American Soil, particularly the 1st Brigade, 3rd Infantry Division. This unit is necessary in the event of a greatly catastrophic natural or terror related disaster, but is probably in a big mess right now. It's role and mission need to be clearly defined. Review the structure and status of the reserve forces and national guard units. Much repair is needed.

7. Good luck with immigration and it's effect on the border states! California, New Mexico, and Arizona especially need funds to deal with the costs of providing for illegal and legal immigrants.

8. Don't let the media dictate your agenda or priorities, please!
Can I have a cheetoh?
The US government needs transparency in it's action and processes more than any one thing. The last eight years has managed to spawn a neo-monarchy in the Oval office.
We could also use some plastic tarps for our appliance boxes, the rain and snow are playing hell with mine, I can hardly read the "Maytag" emblem on my "roof" anymore.
Hey folks -- these are intriguing. But I'm going to close this thread to encourage everyone to blog their answers to this question. (Don't forget to tag it: lobby obama.)
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