MARCH 18, 2009 5:54PM

Congratulations! You've just been nominated...

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The National Magazine Awards are given out by the American Society of Magazine Editors (ASME), and they're largely regarded as the Pulitzers of the magazine world. ASME announced the nominations today, and Salon has received a nod in the Interactive Feature category for some feature that goes by the name of . . . Open Salon! We're up against features from such little-known, fringe publications as AARP The Magazine,  National Geographic  and Wired.

The full list of nominees are right here.

So . . . congratulations! Your work is being honored in the company of the New Yorker, The Atlantic, The New York Times Magazine and the best in the magazine business. And deservedly so.


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Thanks to all your hardwork! You should get the Pulitzer - for sleepless nights and neverending days. Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)
Holy wow! Congratulations everyone.
Congratulations! I hope this brings good things.
Congratulations! I hope this brings good things.
If OS wins, can I then start referring to my blog as "the Pulitzer Prize winning Sandra Stephens Blog?"
woo hoo. we've been discovered. let me know when you're ready for me to draft your acceptance speech.
Wow! This is really cool!
That's pretty exciting. And it is a major nod to you and the other editors, Kerry. Congrats.
Glad I could help Kerry!
This is wicked awesome news! You OS bloggers and administrators totally deserve this - this is a great site. I recommend it to all my friends! (My whole family's already on it!)
I've joined just in time!
Go Salon- That is wonderful! Congrats :D so you all get raises now right? ;)
SM: Ah, while I love stealing credit (ask Joan or Thomas), I really can't. It's the great stories, photos and cartoons.

BB: How can it not?

Sandra: Yes.

Dyno: Thanks, but a big shout out needs to go to our Tech team. They've created something largely from scratch that, while still a work in progress, has proved nimble and effective.

Trig: We owe you!
Fantastic! Thanks OS for giving an audience to us writers.
Very cool! Well deserved.

But, if you don't win, I'm just hoping it isn't AARP that beats you.
Wow! That’s quite the nod. I’ll have to second the thanks for your group’s work, Kerry. Not only in providing the space, but for doing the (none too easy, I’m sure) job of editing.
Congrats Kerry and company, and to all of us. I knew this place was special and am proud to be a part.

Just curious: did you have to submit sample covers or did they select based on their own viewing?
This is way cool. Great job getting some useful attention. Thanks for all the hard work you guys in Admin do behind the scenes.

Am I going to have to move all these pulitzers? :)
thanks for the laugh. the congrats are to you and joan. i'm glad s and os have taken off. i think the work here is way beyond what blogland normally offers and I have said often how I appreciate the opportunity to contribute. good luck.
Kudos to all, especially to Kerry and Joan!
kind of you, Kerry, to congratulate us, but the honor is to you and Joan, thanks for creating this space for the rest of us
Ok, I know this includes all you guys..... especially Joan and Thomas and Freaky Troll.... ::lookingaround:: but I can't believe this includes me. Oh, I can't wait to call my daughter, the Journalism Major, and tell her I am nominated for a Pulitzer! ha ha ha ha ha ha ha
Kerry, congratulations to you and the staff on that special recognition! The others you mentioned like "Wired" have been around a lot longer than OS, so I think that makes this an especially significant award on those grounds, too.
Wow, that's pretty cool. What's next, the Publisher's Clearinghouse Sweepstakes? You may be a winner....
Thank you Kerry.......everyone appreciates the hard work you folks do.
And...........I want to be FAMOUS.......maybe....sort of........
That's wonderful news! Without you, Kerry, and everyone there, we certainly wouldn't be here.

I get so happy when I hear of things like this!
Kerry, this is amazing news. We all know OS is special, but they like us! They really really like us!
I would like to thank Kerry, and Thomas, and Joa.... oh wait, this isn't all about ME. You guys rock, mazel tov on hitting the high note first time out. We can all be proud.

And we should all change our blogs to the ASME-Nominated Blog of [YourNameHere]. Freaky should go first.
All the lovely things you're saying about us is very nice, but . . . seriously, they're honoring the quality of the content in an interactive feature. And I don't think they're dazzled by my FAQ posts. It's all about you! You, you, you!

Do you have a hard time accepting compliments? Is that it?
Congrats to all of us and especially the Invisible Hand behind all this!

But does this mean I have to take down some of my racier posts and clean up my language? God knows I never expected anybody to read my stuff let alone go legit.
Does this mean we have to behave? Congratulations!
Hey may be all the writers here who create the content...but it has no voice or reach without a site to put it on.
I'm ego-driven enough to take the compliment...shoot I'll take a compliment meant for my cat....

But big ole scale-tipping props go to you and all the techs...
I'm in radio and can talk all damn day....but if the on-air light isn't on does it matter?:)
Thanks for illuminating the that reddish glow for OS man. You put us all on the air and allow us to be showered with the praise of ASME.

BTW- have they figured out that their acronym is totally silly?
Like ASME bout sum good readz man!
Congratulatons on the vehicle! Congratulations on the content!

"seriously, they're honoring the quality of the content in an interactive feature."

that's not what it says on the link...

INTERACTIVE FEATURE: This category recognizes an outstanding feature or section of a website that uses multimedia technology, tools, community platforms or other interactive formats to deliver or share content such as news, information and entertainment, rather than practical instruction or advice.

AARP The Magazine Online (;; National Geographic
Magazine Online (;;

and i have a real problem with this award format if that's what they're awarding... i blog using blogger, and i only direct my feed to this site. if the content is being honored, it's being hosted lots of places besides salon. i can't imagine i'm the only one who has done that.

and if it's just the tool that's being honored, it doesn't have a thing to do with what i've used it for. and that makes this seem like a kind of condescending post. that, and you seem to have unwittingly compared me to those hardhitting journalists at aarpmagazine.

i mean, i congratulate you on a job well done, but i wish you hadn't also taken the opportunity to point out that we're not journalists: we're users. have you thought about what this distinction means in practice, if we can't be awarded for what we've made?
This is pretty coolio! I wonder who will be the 1st to ask me for my autograph? Watch out Brad Pitt... RicTresa is in town.
Kudos, Bro! I just called Mom and Dad to tell them the great news! I'll be posting now that the site is in the big time!
Thank you for making this happen.

I think we are a community, not just an interactive format. And that is why people read it. It is the comments and the characters as much as the blogs.

Dorinda's interview day came at just the right time!
Wow, what big news. Our little playground is catching the eye of the big guys. Congratulations to everyone!
this is fabulous. thank you for all your hard work, editorial staff, and everyone who writes on here!!!! that is quite an honor. now i have to make some friends cus i got some bragging to do. love love love
Well thank God this hasn't all been for not!

Is this CV worthy? I don't care. I'm putting it on there.

No really. You have so many talented people contributing to this 'blog.' Congratulations to them all, and to you Kerry.

Congrats!! I just got my foot in the boat before it sailed UP-STREAM!!
Tom/scupper: No need to go legit or behave.

Stellaa: Thanks -- and ditto that to our Tech team.

freedom: The best part is that we can spotlight really great content. But, AGAIN, the members do that too, so . . .

zuma: Excellent compromise.

bstrangely: It's a nomination for an award in a contest rewarding good content, voted on by editors. The quality of the content is the issue. On the user vs. journalist issue, did I make that distinction? I actually think Open is mostly about not making one.

Ric: Can I have your autograph?

Larry: Ah, another one. Mom's full of surprises. You look odd.
Does this mean I'll be discovered by the folks over at Colbert?
Whoohoo!!! I'll go over and kick National Geographic's AARP and Wired's ass for trying to steal away our chances. The rest can be divided up between the rest.

Wow. I am just so proud of all of us. We rock!
Well ain't that special. Do we all get a plaque or a trip the Vegas or something? No need to thank me. I would help for free if I had to.
This is a well deserved honor. Some of the very best writing I've come across has been right here on this site. It is an honor to post along side such exceptionally gifted writers. I sincerely hope their condition is contagious.
Glad to see this multiplicity of voices recognized. But seiously Kerry, what's my cut? ;-)
Awesome. My two cents: it's the whole package - but mostly it's the content. And, most importantly, the structure that drives the quality of content, including or especially the interaction and level of engagement with an audience. More often than not it is the comments and conversation that make these blogs smarter than your average bear.

Great work Kerry, Joan, Thomas, and everyone else who contributes both technically, artistically, and creatively. Oh, yeah, that's all of us, but isn't that what synergy (to use an overused and pukey word, but I can't think of another that fits) is.

Wow, that's really exciting. I'm so proud to be part of this group. I tell everyone about it. It deserves some big, fat recognition.

I hope there will be celebratory cake involved at some point. Cake, I tell you.
Okay, US, US, US!

Now I really hope we don't lose to AARP.
Kerry.. I gave you a banner. That is as good as an autograph :) Lasts longer and you don't have to paste it in a scrapbook.
Cool. Maybe that will bring in some more sponsors!


Now, if Open Salon does win, and I realize they are not in vogue currently, but, do we all get bonuses?

The Garlic
I'd like to thank all the little people especially a troll named Freaky.
Cake 4 All!
Congratulations! Very exciting and always nice to be recognized for dedication and hard work.
Congratulations, everyone! I'm on vacation but today was a day I was glad I checked my email!
Congratulations!! I for one know quality writing. All of you deserve this award, and I'm very happy to be a part of a quality group of people who write phenominal to outstanding work! Thanks for sharing this Kerry and Co.
I came back to re-read and realize I didn't mention Kerry!! Shoot myself in the foot!!! I bow to you Kerry! Without you as our fearless leader we would not have been so inspired !

YES! GOOD WORK. Ms. Walsh, et. al., as much as I may disagree with the details of your political proclivities, I nonetheless bow before you all as trailblazing pioneers!! To me, Salon has always been the gold standard of web journalism in substance and form. That's why I jumped on OpenSalon the second I heard about it. May you sweep many awards with wanton alacrity! BON FAIT!
Congratulations, OS folks! I've already cleared a space on my mantel for my one-ten-thousandth of a share of the trophy! (That's more space than my one-billionth of a share of the 2006 Time Magazine Person of the Year award [You]. Woohoo!)
Wondrous! I love the fact that none of us could have this honor as individuals; it's the power of creative community that makes it possible. much money do we all get to divide? (Just a touch of wistful wishing there, along with genuine sentiments).
Hokey Schmokey, Kerry, that's fantastic!
Yes are right.......we are the finest group of visionaries in the history of the WORLD!!!.........
This comes as no surprise. You've had your eye on us for quite a while.
I guess this is really cool but I suppose we shouldn't be surprised when we get the spam e-mails trying to sell us little trophies and ribbons and that kind of stuff--Notice I didn't say shit--now that we are in the spotlight I vow to clean up my language. Thanks Kerry for this great place, it has been a blessing for me. The writing here is just incredible.
Does this mean I can't say fuck or cunt anymore?
Finger,......I would imagine if you say's OK.
"It's a nomination for an award in a contest rewarding good content, voted on by editors. The quality of the content is the issue. On the user vs. journalist issue, did I make that distinction? I actually think Open is mostly about not making one."

what implies the quality of content was judged as opposed to the delivery? and actually, i don't even understand how epicurious got nominated... aren't recipes "practical instruction"?

i'm not asking these questions to be obnoxious: i joined open salon because i enjoy the community and the content IS good. but, i'd also like to think that it's read beyond just this community. i'd also like to think that one day, we might see sheldon the wonderhorse or mjwycha getting one of the nominations for essays.

it's something to think about, isn't it? and sincerely, congratulations to you and joan: this is an awfully cool tool. it's been a treat to watch sites like salon (and the web in general) evolve to the changing levels of access and authority online. and now i think i was being a jerk in my previous comment, so i apologize. thanks for being on the side of access rather than authority!
I second Gary's second comment. And FLW, I hope the hell we can.
snoopy dance! Pulitzer here we come!
This is great news, but I have a question.

Does this go for us conservatives too?
When are the ceremonies and what shall I wear? Will there be gift bags? Just wondering. Congratulations to all for a job well done.
yes! Congratulations! I just know it was because of my witty
and insightful comments ;-)
Wow! Amazing and wonderful.
And Hot Damn.
That Freaky Troll!
Journalism is
dead, long live journalism
or something like that
Lest we not be tainted by fame.

Joan - Yippeeeee!!!
Kerry - Congrats!!!
Thomas - Major kudos!!!
Tech Team - You rock the room!!!

Like I say about life: It's been a great ride, "so far!"

Let's bask in the glory and keep the image and integrity going strong!
Well, I haven't been here in days---stuck in my own writing hell---but I signed on to tonight and the first blog I see is this---and I just might cry this makes me so happy. I have just patted myself on my back for the great company I keep. Congrats to the editors---and to us.
Kudos to us all! I'm raising a glass of e-bubbly for luck!
YAY! We all get Lexusesesesesess now! YAY!!
Wow, I knew this was a talented bunch... but this is really amazing!! I'm going to hesitate just a tad before posting my next one from sheer intimidation...
Chea! Well done, us!
Well this is cool cool. Much to be proud of here Kerry and all. And a special cool cool to the many amazing writers's a privilege to be in the company of such talented people.
Kerry, Joan, Thomas, et al (behind the scenes), what a wonderful recognition for your vision and work here. Congratulations.
And Freaky, only you get the Lexusesesesesess, we will be lucky to get some oil.
I'm not selfish. We can all carpool to our blogs.
Well that does make some of the work, and the challenges, feel worthwhile. Congratulations to everyone.
Freaky, you are so gracious and generous! You constantly amaze me. BTW, this award IS all about you. You are the inspiration, the muse and yes, even the glue for this fledgling society of societal misfits, alcoholics, obsessives, homeless and jobless people that make OS what it is.

Congratulations and thank you to all who participate on OS.

I would like thank Kerry and all those who work hard to maintain OS. AND thank you to all those who post incredible readings on OS.

Also! Many thanks to:

tink's mom, who brought us a maniac

General nanatehay, whose inspiration and leadership helped us put a serous kick ass on the Canucks

Larry Lawson, JK Brady and all the other Canucks who fought a brave war

Dustbowldiva for answering the call to arms against the Canucks

Catamitebunny who starves wildlife

trig palin and freedomsgreen for continuing the holiest of wars – to end silly drug laws

Ablonde for her avatar

Fireeyes for her incredible eyes when she’s “cookin”

Hipployta for just being a fox

Lea Lane for her travels

Capn Parrotdead, bless his roaming soul

And quickly, before my time is up, thanks to:

My dog Chewey, without whom I would have one of those faceless avatars

My wife who reaches behind the desk and unplugs the computer to force me away from OS

My boss, for what I’m not sure

My doctor for not taking away my Oban scotch, my oxycodone, my hydrocodone, and agreeing with me that THC is the finest drug around. Down with the war on drugs!

And most of all, my plumber for keeping my toilets operating. All those opiates and no toilet? Pure misery!

Hoooyahhh! OS.
Bob, that was the best speech EVA!! (That's coming from my mom!)

Well deserved, Kerry & Joan. This site is a treasure box with little genius gems there for the clicking. Thanks for the work you do so we can all be here.
Congratulations Joan, Kerry and the entire OpenSalon staff....

There are two modes of establishing ones reputation: to be praised by honest men & women, and to be abused by rogues & nayersays. It is best, however, to win the praises of ones peers.

Job well done & desired!
Congratulations everyone! Love fest all around!
Congratulations to you, Kerry and Joan and all those other hard-working behind-the-scenes cyber geniuses you employ, along with this great "volunteer" writing staff of OS contributers!
Congratulations to all of us!
But what I'd really like to do is direct.
great :) thanks for the good work and OS is indeed interactive like no other
Great!! "National Geographic"? "Wired"? My favorite, the "Atlantic"? How wonderful to be in such company!!
EeeeHeee! EeeeHeee! (Jumping up and down. Oops, the ceiling fan's shaking, so I'd better stop.) Congrats to all of the people who put Open Salon together from the beginning and everyday. And congrats to my fellow posters. Let's have fun with this!
Kerry -- Congratulations! I'm so happy for you, and for all of us on OS who get a chance to share in this. Yay, you!
Big YAY! While it doesn't surprise me a bit that we have a ginormous amount of talent here, I am very happy to have a justification to flash in the face of anyone who claims I spend way too much time on OS.
And I wish to thank the OS editors and techies for providing and maintaining such a cool playground of the mind. My brain thanks you, my ass hates you(my butt, not my donkey).
Merci et gros bisous! :*
This'll look great on my resume. In fact, I think this just ousted "World's Best Cook" from the top spot!
Woo-hoo! Congratulations to all of us! Thanks, OS!
And I was thinking we post here because we disdain awards, the pursuit of fame, and the obvious formulas for success...
Dear Kerry, I am happy--so happy for Salon. I've been a fan long before I've been a blogger here. But, don't take this the wrong way, if "we" win, can we get paid??
I've been a long time reader of but a short-timer Open Salon-wise. Congratulations to you all, it's a wondermous collective!!
Oh, gosh, I forgot to thank my lawyer, my business manager, my stylist, my personal assistant, my agent, and the best crew in the world!
Kerry, what would you think of posting some traffic statistics? For the whole site, not necessarily individual blogs. I'm just curious as to how OS compares with the "competition".
And a big thank you and congrats to Thomas Rogers!

I'm buying that Lexus today.......already have the proper smoking Jacket.......
Thanks, again, everybody. Pretty fun thread to read.

Rob: I'd like to post traffic data; let me see what I can do. As a public company, info needs to be vetted pretty carefully. I can tell you that it's grown pretty steadily since public launch, in late July.
We're also testing new cover sort tools that will give you traffic data for the most read/top rated posts, etc.. I don't want to give an eta on when we'll roll that out -- but if testing goes well, I'd say soon.
WOW! and to those of you at Open Salon that give all of us a home and remind us that our words are our legacy and that everybody has a story worth telling. This toast is to all of you! Salut.
Well hell yeah! Booooo yahhhhh y'all! Great work everybody.
Salon is definitely has been on the leading edge from the very beginning and Open Salon continues to evolve showing what new technologies with smart journalism can achieve. Congratulations to Kerry and the extended community!
Kerry, congrats to you and your team. Fabulous news. I'd like to say again that I'm delighted to be a part of OS. Great news!
Open Salon's a great experiment in citizen journalism. I'm excited to see you setting a good example of how to do it right. Let's hope MSM follows.
I knew this would come in handy
::looking down as he kicks the dirt around his feet::

Aww was nothing.
Wow...encouraging news!
I don't know if it was there as a link before, or if it was later added, but I didn't notice this link originally on the page you point to. It's got a lot of extra information:
What an impressive thrill this is. THANK YOU!

So great. We're super. And regardless of whether the award is directly about the content, I think the format is being awarded because of the great content (and the great community) it brings to the surface. Otherwise, what good would the format be?