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Help us cover the Tea Party Day protests

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Conservatives and libertarians of a certain stripe will take to the streets tomorrow -- urged and prodded by Fox News and right-wing pundits -- to protest the Obama administration's tax policies. What are they rebelling against? What've you got?! The protest appears pulled together by a grabbag of  issues,  ranging from overtaxation, to the national debt, and the decision "to appoint a defender of child pornography to the Number 2 position in the Justice Department" (a pretty wild distortion). And yes, as cable news and late-night fans know, the protest has launched a nationwide celebration of teabagging jokes

We can't wait to see the signs, the street theater, the giant, scary papier mache Timothy Geithners and Larry Summers stalking across the nation's malls and town squares. Help Salon cover the protests! We'll promote the best contributions on Open Salon -- your photos, video, interviews, accounts -- on the Open and Salon covers. Help us capture a national snapshot of what will surely be a unique day of national fun and fury.  

To find the Tax Day protest nearest you, go here. And be sure to tag your post: tea party.



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My husband is planning on covering (photographing) the event for our local weekly. Maybe I can convince him to let me post a few photos on OS.
I have a crazy Aunt who thinks the CIA is watching here, she tapes tin foil to the walls to keep their "rays" out of her house. If you'll hang out with her for a couple of hours, I'll go see your crazy friends.
I just looked up the locations. There will be one at the Post Office where I have my PO Box to receive mail and shoes for my "Without a Legacy to Stand On" project. Seems like the perfect opportunity to go and check my mail......
All that tea in the water might actually help with all the pollution the leaders of this jerks have enabled the last 30 years. If I could be there, I would, but I'd probably get thrown out right away because I can't keep my mouth shut in the face of so much stupidity.
rioting!! looting!! burning down Army bases!!! oh, the horror!!
so, is the tea party in Boston by any chance? Like the initial Boston Tea Party?

I wonder if my daughter can help, she lives in Boston....... Boston, England that is ....
So that you are all aware, covering these events is no longer like shooting fish in a barrel. Most organizers are aware that "opposition" groups will be there for interviews and footage and are warning their participants to, variously, take pictures in return, be extra polite, and don't say anything crazy. So, be good journalists now and just ask good questions. These quotes are from the organizers of Cleveland's tea party:

The Huffington Post is also recruiting "citizen reporters". If anybody comes across these types, let other people in the area know not to talk to them and avoid them. Take pictures of them too.

They have every right to be there of course and I hope they'd be treated better than we would at a ACORN rally (and hey, they may see the light!), but that doesn't mean we can't take precautions to avoid getting our words twisted.

ACORN and other opposition groups are attending the Tea Parties and misrepresenting their allegiance. They are getting petitions signed, misrepresenting them as against Obama and taxes. They explain something different than that written on the petition. More fraud, and lies from Obama Acorn people. PLEASE DO NOT SIGN ANYTHING! Be Aware!

We are fully aware of the tactics they will be trying to use. So as not to compromise what we will be doing, everyone will be notified at the event on how we will address this.
Kerry, do you know where TBD is in NYC? This event is tomorrow and these yutzes don't know where they are having it. What bunch of Maroons.
Wow! Love the new look!
I'm curious - will the teabaggers get the same treatment they give to other protesters, especially if they're making giant effigies or performing street theater? Do we get to tell them to "get a job" or say "they got what they deserved" if they end up getting arrested or pepper sprayed?
Sorry Kerry, I'll be covering the much anticipated Peachtree City , Ga. Tea Party for Salon's competition: www.fayettedailynews.com
Will send in some pics of the Denver meet. Won't video that one I think.
Here is the one I did for Orlando...

Man! I wish I was going to be in the country. Sounds like fun.
Currenly the teabaggers are running off copeis of thier fliers where I work. They have an "oogie boogie" letter from Newt about nuclear bombs and how not enough is being done!!! And they have a flier with all sorts of "we're good Christians and everyone else is going to hell" nonsens in it. It includes the White House phone number so "good Christians" can call up during the teabagging and spew their complaints. I am so tempted to alter the number to a 900 sex line. "Must behave myself, must behave myself".
A quick ps, here's a link to the Newt letter the teabaggers plan to distribute tomorrow;


Notice how it fails to mention that NK built most of thier long range rockets over the past 8 years.
The dingbat planner in Buffalo failed to post an address. Sorry I could not be of more help.
I'm using the WWJD (what would Jefferson do) formula for this. So I've decided that on that day I'm going to smoke a joint, hump my slave and not let uptight-overwrought-reality-disconnected-irrelevants disturb my wa.

All I need now is some pot and err, a slave...
As hard as this is to believe, there doesn't seem to be a local event for me to cover. Deep in conservative christian southern Illinois.
this is so fucking lame, i can't believe it. i hope they fall out of their little boston tea boats and drown.
Sound like a modern day Boston Tea Party without the ship... I'll be at starbuck sipin' Tea... LOL .. Totzaon
In the Tea Bag Parties' most fertile garden, they're turning the soil.

If anyone decides to go out and interview the people, I suggest you ask questions with specific, factual answers. My guess is that most of the people attending the rallies won't know the answers. Or ask questions without divulging passion or emotion of your own. Let the protesters do the talking. Here are some I'd like to see answered:
1. How much money did your state get from the stimulus package? Did your Congressman/woman vote for the package? Who are your Congressional representatives?
2. If you don't like Obama's taxation policies, what do you think he should do instead? How should he get the economy going?
3. If you don't like how Obama has handled the banking crisis, should he nationalize the banks instead? (That'll throw 'em. Most of them think he has nationalized banking, which of course he hasn't.)
4. What, specifically, are you here for? What are you protesting? (If they say they don't like how the government is spending our tax money, which is what some TV commentators are saying, then ask if they think everybody who paid taxes in the last 8 years supported the war in Iraq. Should people get to withhold the portion of their taxes that goes to causes they don't like? How would they feel if people chose not to support national defense?)
5. If people bring up NAFTA, ACORN, TARP, or any banking, financial, globalization, or general economic terms, ask them to define and explain them. This is good journalism, to find out how the protesters define their terms. And it may also highlight some serious ignorance.

Truthfully, there are many legitimate disagreements about economic policy, and my experience is that libertarians tend to know what they are talking about--more so than the average Republican. These are just suggestions. It might be entertaining to see another one of these.
Keener Plaza
St. Lou, Misery

...w/gusto & camera.
Exciting! Lots of good stuff here!

And attention Sacramento correspondents: Michelle Malkin and Neil Cavuto will be broadcasting live from there!
Great list of questions, Lainey!
I dont think Obamas tax policy change anything except for the rich.
Laoney is absolutely right. Ask even simpler questions, because most people dont even know what the tax rate is.
How much is payroll tax? Income tax?
Alot of people in Ohio make about 40,000 and they think that no one makes alot more , and they think that wealthy people pay huge taxes , like maybe 80%.
Here's another bunch of questions to ask as you interview the teabaggers:

1) How much do you make, and what percentage of Americans do you think you're better off than?

The correct answers ought to be:

$10K, 10%
$45K, 50%
$92K, 80%
$167K, 95%
$350K, 99%


Most likely, most of the people you talk to will think they're much better off, percentage-wise, than they actually are.

2) Will Obama increase your taxes?

The correct answer: Who knows? He could propose any damned thing he wants. But his current plans will only raise taxes on people making $200K/year or more.

3) Define "fascism" in your own words.

4) Define "socialism" in your own words.
I forgot to add:

4) Is it possible for government spending to create jobs?

5) Who do you blame for the economic mess, and why?
"urged and prodded by Fox News and right-wing pundits "

Good stab at marginalization, but the fact is that you have no way of knowing what the crowds' motivation is.
Balls! There's nothing in Chicago!

(And yes, there is a teabagging pun in there.)
This should not be about Republican Vs Democrat or Conservative Vs Liberal. This is about our government SPENDING us into oblivion. How will our children live in an America that expects them to pay back this debt at a tune of almost 50% of their income. If you think this is about partisan politics then you don't know anything about what is planned for tomorrow.

New blog-"if we are ever to develop the world we have envisioned." You have no idea how chilling those words are.
get your "Snuggie", DJohn
Lord, it seems that WHEREVER I find this djohn, he is clueless about everything, including things he purports to be knowledgeable of:

new blog-"You have no idea how cool I really am, and know nothing about what I would do if I controlled the world." This is a true statement so why don't you elaborate? What kind of world do YOU envision?

markinjapn-Thanks for driving activity to my blog. I owe you one!
I accidently listened to yesterday's:` National Press Club meeting in my pickup truck.
The just Listening.
It was interesting.

I was on my way To DC's VAMC hospital. It's a long rant tho.
There was a 16th Pork Book released this year about federal government.

Mess. Waste!
It's citizen's $!
I'll just listen.

My windshield wipers need fixing. It rained. Misty. Speakers didn't sound Dems/Repubs?
Conservative, Tyranny,
and labels confuse. huh.
It seemed pretty human.
We humans get screwed.
I even saw dead worms too.
I mean:`Rain drowned worm.
The worms were on a sidewalk.
I wanted to go hop in a lake?
The next time I get married?
I got to go hop in the bathtub.
I hope no wed though, O merry?
I off to Lost Vegans wed chapel?
I'll ask a Elvis Look-Alike to wed?
I plan to get drunk as thee skunks.
I hope my new partner buys wipers. huh?
I is confused. I will sip Haiku Green Tea?
I will drive alone in a HOV beltway lane?
I bum a pouch of Red Mule? Memories?
I spit old chew tobacco out the window?
Interesting day. Yes Indeed. Barrack O!

Nah, you don't owe me anything d.

The pleasure was ALL mine - anytime I can direct anyone to a blog where someone who purports to have been a marine recruiter for four years, but is apparently in need of being informed of the diminished enlistment requirements by a civilian, I am pleased to be of service to you and my country.

Next time you're at the local vfw, have an extra Schlitz and send the bill to me here in Japan, which incidentally is spelled with two "A's."
"If you think this is about partisan politics then you don't know anything about what is planned for tomorrow. "

But, when one looks at the speakers at the events, the conservative groups driving people to attend, the Fox pimping, the cavalcade of Republican politicians falling over themselves to attend the events. how can any thinking person not conclude that these events are very partisan? At the event planned here in Madison, WI, the speakers include a rabid homophobic Christian nutjob and a member of the "God Squad", whatever that is. I expect all of the fringe right groups to be out in force. How would any of this make a Dem feel welcome? This event may have started out with a lofty goal of being non-partisan, but that's not how it's turning out.
I got wet plucking daffodils in the rain.
O, Rumi said:` the fields rejoice in rain.
I wasn't actually sing though in the rain.
A cool rain water soaked my wiggle butt.
I got a chilly-wet soaking bottom behind.

O Yup
O silly

The Pig Book gives Harry Reid the Narcissus Award (jonquils).
Guess what jonquil means?
`'reed' 'junco' 'rush reed' and
`'jonquilla' Humph. Windbag?

Wingbag Award went to Rangel!
Taxi To Nowhere:`went to huh?
The whole:` Lier POLITICIANS!
T.E.A - Taxed Enough Already.
435 DC Creeps on Capital Hill?
They signed Pork Barrels Bills.
'Um sign anonymously. Shame!
Tyrants? Betrayals? DOD? LIE!
Whatever? It's sure happening.
Che Pasa. This was mentioned:`
Since Barrack Obama's transparent decision to be honest with the American People ... huh ... Oy!
For the almost first 100 days?
The Hill has spent taxpayer $!
How much? Gads. I heard David Williams, the author of he 16th book about Capital Hill (Hell) pork barrel waste ... they spent?The spent 'our' money? Bail outs. ETC., The thugs who sip red-wine blood in fancy eateries in DC appropriated a pittance? No. Gilions?

Is that a word?
Gallons? Gulps!
Bloody red lips!
O a War criminal.
'um eat jelly bean
and slurp bloods
See hyena on the Hill?
'Um chew carrion flesh.
'um eat the decaying rot.
Party Animals? Watch the National Geographic Documentary. They dress as humans in $1,000 Brooks Brother's suits. See the red blood that soaks the fancy clothes threads. It drips from war monger lips.

They chew.
They gnaw.
'um are wastrel.
Jackals in cloth.
Depravity? Total.
Totally depraved.
shuffle to graves.
crooks & robbers.
tazi 'um to Hades!
Sheol. It's written!
devils'um connect!
OY! recall history!

They spent $ One Billion of American taxpayers money at the rate of:`$One-Billion per-our. I heard that from organizer "watchdog groups" ...
I No gonna attend when Mr. Rigg R. Mortice hauls them to the funeral parlor's morticians. I don't even donate a red beet to be stuffed in their stinky death-jaws. Whoa! Whoa unto a Lie. Yup.

slices 'um?
harvest for hells.
pathetic cowards.
fools. hell reunions.
I gotta go get to DC.
Yikes. Sing in reigns?
Whatever. It happens.
This comment thread is drifting a bit, so I'm going to close it.

BUT: If you blog from a Tea Party -- and we hope you do! -- please be sure to tag your post: tea party!
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