JUNE 21, 2009 3:59PM

And the winner of the spinning O'Reilly contest is. . .

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O'Reilly fan, Obama nemesis and Open's own personable Pincushion Man, Mortimer Hayden Smyth.

Mortimer was among the first to enter our contest, but he's hardly the only good one; check out the videos here for some good ones. And if you created a video and it's not showing up there, tag it "spinning o'reilly." 

Thanks to all who entered!

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Congrats to MHS! What a guy...the MortimerNation™ will be thrilled!
Congrats Mort. Make sure to enter the "hottest chick on Gilligan's Island" Open Call next! I'm going The Professor myself! That's how I roll.
Congratulations Mortimer!! Loved seeing all the entries.. Good contest Kerry!
good job Mortimer!
I'm still waiting for the "Spitting on O'Reilly" contest. I'll participate in that one.
Is it me, or does Kerry look JUST like Phil Collins taking tea circa 1990 in the avatar photo?
A good choice. Mortimer is way cool and definitely not Spin Zoned!
Way to go, Mortimer!
congrats to the winner!!! very cool.

and way to support the OS Book Club, kerry. NOT. by having this contest at the same time as the Father's Day post contest, which ends tomorrow morning. Way to post about it and give it more credibility. NOT. instead, you bitched about the "post promoting", which does help many of us who are not able to read reams and reams of posts.

how about being a mensch once in a while and not playing favorites???? i know im' supposed to kiss up to you like everyone else, but when i see this kind of stuff, i just can't.
Well done Mortimer! I admire your work and the others who submitted entries. A special thank you to Caitlin for taking the time to give a how-to lesson. I hope to develop some new skills in this area.
Thanks to all for their kind congratulations -- though I suspect this is a liberal/socialist trap of some kind.

If I am next informed that there will be some kind of awards ceremony to attend, I assure you, I will be accompanied by my own personal security detail, and heavily disguised. (Although I fear that the security detail might make the disguise somewhat less effective. I need to think this through more carefully.)
Ha! I love your sketchered avatar! You look like a spy waiting to meet up with his KGB counterpart.

Congrats, MHS!
thank *you* shaggy. never have i sported such a comely combover before!
jane smithie says!
Oy, follow the feed!
and never have I heard the words "comely" and "combover" in the same sentence before ~