JUNE 23, 2009 1:39PM

For the record, this isn't really about me

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A friend was Googling former "Falcon Crest" star Lorenzo Lamas (ah, free time!) and stumbled upon this  -- which naturally has led to much speculation. I'll confess, I once hoped of being best buds with LoLa. Cruising around Southern California on our tricked-out choppers. Jamming to Queensrÿche. Kicking at each other's head as we practiced capoeira. Sadly, though, it was all just a dream.


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Kerry, you're new avatar looks MAHVELOUS. Oops that's Lorenzo's dad. Sorry.
Thank God for humor!

And for once it isn't about you Mr. Lauerman. Could this be a metaphorical diversion?

Ah ha!

rated for Queensrÿche.
"To Kerry with Bat Wigs"? How do you get them on their little heads?
Yeah, you seem more like a Jan Michael Vincent kind of guy.
So that is where the hair went...looked better on you I am sure.

Nice avatar Shaggy did for you.
Kerry, it's never too late for dreams to come true. Maybe Lorenzo will come and sing at your 85th birthday, like he did for Barbara Bush. Hey you never know!

- rated for keeping dreams alive
This is is a must for "Editor's Pick".,,,
Kerry, Capoeira and Queensrÿche... very cool indeed!
Kerry, my guess is that he was referring to John Kerry and his nickname for his buddy, the 'windsurfing' senator is simply "Kerry." This friendship endures despite different political orientations for the two. Chances are you can catch the two of them windsurfing on the eastern end of Nantucket Harbor this summer if it stops raining there.
Goodness gracious! Some hair, tat, tan...so gritty! I think he likes you.
I think Arlene Dahl would have been a lovely mother in law.
I can't picture you on a chopper. And out of curiosity, what do you Google during your free time...?
(Note to self: Look up "capoeira").
Threw up a little in my mouth. Rated.
Steve Blevins.
You know neurology!
Music changes a brain.
I know you love music.

Kathleen Battle sings:`I love you Porgy. She's wonderful!
Summertime. Porgi Amor. O Welche WonneWelche Lust.

The Amish sing a Cappela? The sixth brightest star Auriga.
Cappela means 'she-goat,' diminutive caper goat. O Tread softly.
Halleljah, `Tis Done. Open my Eyes that I may See. In the Garden.
The Mystic Dream. by Loreena McKennitt. The Corrs - Runaway.
Vangelis. - 12 O'Clock. Karen Matheson - Evangeline. (on and on):` and James Horner?
Braveheart Trilogy.
fun posting. ELYSIA - Ekysium. Wonderful!
Lisa Lynn - Circle of Joy. gads. too much fun?
I have to confess the song lyrics to:` Runaway!
That song makes me feel like a lucky wet duck!
Your new avatar looks a little furtive.
Sure, Kerry...

(note to self: look up capoeira AND queensryche)
Are you sure there isn't something you want to tell us?
..."Sadly, though, it was all just a dream." I think the Everly Brothers had a song about "dreaming"...
Never picked you as a chopper guy, K. Lorenzo is just too damn pretty, ain't he? If you ever want to build that chopper, I'm pretty handy with the wrenches and a blowtorch.
You know capoeira. It's that very physical dancing/martial arts thing that a certain type of California guy -- kind of aggressive, really into their bodies, really into being cool, man! -- gets into. It's Brazilian, and it's actually really beautiful to watch. But the guys I'm talking about take it all extremely seriously, working out in their batik pajama pants and no shirts, with a grim look on their face.

Someone else who knows what I'm talking about, help me out here. . .
From ye olde Wikipedia:
Capoeira is an Afro-Brazilian art form that combines elements of martial arts, games, music, and dance

I knew a woman who did this- she's pretty bad-ass. I'm trying to reconcile Queensryche and capoeira though. I mean is Queensryche still around? And I, too, want a tricked out chopper.
Yeah, I know JJ, but there's just . . . a type, that really seemed to groove on Capoeira in California. Or perhaps it's been picked up by a hipper set now.
Capoeira is an Afro-Brazilian art form that combines elements of martial arts, games, music, and dance... It's effective, brilliant and something I could never do. I'm old!
I swear ...everytime I see your little picture, all I think is "comely combover" ... geeeez ... I need a hobby~
ROFL!! you are so honest Kerry
man, open up OS, first story I read is rim jobs, second one is this- you all are on a roll today
oh yeah, and I'd even forgotten the baby jesus butt plugs from earlier this morning
You must have had a black out...I'm sure Lorenzo signed this for you!
Mmm, Lorenzo looks sooo rough trade. In a clean non-threatening way, of course.
Capoeira was a means for Brazilian slaves in past centuries to practice martial arts, under the guise of dance. Done well its extremely compelling and sexy, and dangerous, with lots of close kicks to the head at great speed. Men are usually shirtless. You do have to know what you're doing and be athletic. I enjoyed watching it!
capoeira-bukaki what's in a word?
Well, I've learned something today. How does one pronounce capoeira?
He really signed this for Carrie Fisher, as he is a big Star Wars fan, but spelling names correctly has always been a big issue for him.
They do Capoeira moves in Turbo Jam, but I wouldn't recommend it. I nearly knocked myself out trying to follow that shit; no way can arms and legs be in that many places at one time.
What was that TV show he had that was so bad it was good?
I've had the misfortune of of seeing him out at parties and at the market over the years and this guy is a complete asshole to people. In my book he should be grateful he has fans, but he is rude in person. If you get within ten feet of him you've got to be careful not slip in the puddle of Rico Suave arrogance that oozes from him. I will say this, he's very tall and skinny. He's like a man-boy and in my opinion belongs in discount bin with Gary Busey - though I doubt both their egos would fit. I don't think you would've liked him much, KL.

But then of course there are those who were only interested in his Lama-lama-ding-dong.
Lorenzo Lamas was my hero!! ~swoon~ He had that really cool show, I use to watch it on the USA network. So cool of motorcycle!!!


I actually have his phone number and would be happy to make introductions... it is never too late to realize a dream.
I remember watching capoeira on Sesame Street when my kids were todddlers...set to cool funky beat music.
gee, you're actually funny.

and I mean that.

nice to know!
omg - I used to watch him in "Falcon Crest." Why did I watch that show? Uh, um...Anyway, I used to love it when he'd excuse himself from a gathering, saying he had to go "rack the Chardonnay." It was my exit line for years!
This is a Brokeback Mountain sitch.
I come here to laugh,cry, escape these four walls and all the madness, but this one did it all... Never did like or understand the fascination of his awful career or following... I think I wasn't laughing hard enough... thanks
Now THIS is what I was taking about with aging. Pass the prunes please.
Pax in D Minor
Oh what a spunk! Whatever happened to this guy? Funny how those glasses he's holing are now back in fashion again too :)
I was probably too young for this type of thing when it was arund, but damn I feel like I missed out now!
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