OCTOBER 16, 2009 5:57PM

Bad sign: First impressions

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This sign, at the entrance of Salon NY headquarters, quite possibly strikes a poor first note.


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Put de lime in de coconut...
at least it doesn't say "da management"
It could have read the "Fright" side....
Are you sure that's not in front of the Salon Hawaii headquarters?
I'm sorry Kerry, I did the sign, next time I spell Da Manglement right!!

Maybe there's a hyphen missing. . .
Even de pizza deliveries?
I like it! I do that all de time! (but English is my third language...)
Educated by de government.
That's de funniest ting I seen 2day. Guess dey coulda sed "frate"... you know, sounding out werds an' all...
Great catch. It can't be sliced as French either. Do they know about this? I guess now they do.

It looks like a "stand alone" sign...someone had to work to arrange those letters. I hope they are making good money.

Thanks for the laugh.
Occam's razor - they used up all the letters "t" and "h" in the rest of the sign.
Yet another "quality" post for the cover . . . .
Chicagoese. You're right, it won't go over that well in NYC.
Oh MY... DaYoopers have been to NY...
Hahah! There seems to be a "latino" on Salon´s writing signs' staff... Can you believe it took me like 2 minutes to detect "de" mistake... (I´m from Argentina, you see...)
congrats on getting the cover!
Editor, we need an editor, please!
You funny man. It good you have sense of humor.
years ago, a friend saw a sign in a bad part of town that said, "Road Be Closed."
What Mishima666 said. WTF.
lol. What a fun place to work.
What's wrong wit dat sign? It seems okay ta me.
I had no idea you guys were so professional. It beats cardboard and a crayon. Nice spelling for a writing site, too.
look at all these commenters, kerry. are we all just suckups or what?
De trop.

I'm getting my French on.
de nada.

@FE: your french what?
D-Tone down at the shelter read this and told me he didn't get it.
Watt's rong wit de sign?
so smarty pants, how do ya spell de?
Has it always been thus, or is this a new (signage) development?
mysterious sign, they spelled "the" correctly once, but not twice.. did two people write it? and one word is out of alignment.... or maybe you have it all wrong -- it is actually perfectly apropos for open salon, dude :p
Poor 'ole vzn has taken a few hits today?
Kerry Laurerman can be happy as vzn?
All deleted post and quacks go quack?
Thank You? Thank who for what? Oy!
From your recent comments:

“Welcome back, Amy. A very interesting post.”
September 21, 2009 05:49PM

Kerry, Kerry, when I went away for a break because of a few things like the fights over Dr. Amy's posts, I didn't hear anything from you. I have no idea what really happened, but your comment makes it sound like you actually went out of your way to get her back here. I wondered why she came back after all the brouhaha.

Have you read the way she writes/speaks to people here? Doesn't that matter?
DE, it's an abbreviation for Deutschland in the two letter international code. The sign obviously means that deliveries from Germany are to go to this entrance. Geez, always ready to throw stones when we don't understand jargon. As a former international shipper this is plain in it's meaning. ;0)
Beaten again by Sally Swift.
Who's your sign maker? Hervé Villechaize's grandson?
Further to Deborah's comment - perhaps the Jamaican office?
Well, they spelled "through" right, give 'em points for that. (ran outta 'th' here too.
~fat rocco and feral rusty
This is too funny Kerry! I can almost hear the blender whirring and see those tiny umbrellas. :) It sounds like one great party!

You get deliveries?
Must have had a de -lemma when they ran out of letters.
HA HA. And THIS is the metropolis New Yark???
Should be on the cover! :0)
If this were Open Salon's headquarters the sign would have been both poetic and immaculately grammatical.
It seems clear to me that the management wants deliveries to go to the Freight side.

I think that this sign is fine. (Of course I might be influenced by restaurant menus where I live in Bumfuck, Mexico where you can order a "sandwitch.")
Makes me think of "soupe de jour"?
As we say here in Chicago, "what's wrong wit' 'dat?"
Why not "de management"? Maybe they just ran out of "t's"?
What scribblenerd said….
Hmm, depends on what country
look like some one has been texting to much
Hey. Youse guys got a mistspellink in dat sign over dere.
I think it is discrimination. Why can't All Deleveries use de front door?
Bobbet said it correctly when he said "in German DE und DA means "THE" in english. So, whoever made that sign was right, in their language.
Funny, Kerry
De is Dutch for the. The author must have been Dutch.
Writers only: for de rigueur, see your editeur.
I like it. Mixes things up a bit.
that is funny............
Ahahaha! Can I have a job at Salon making sure things like this don't happen? lol!
Where was I last week when this was posted? Cute!
I don't get it. What's de problem?
I like this one :)

Christina L
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Haha, "great" first impression. I like it ;)

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Its really funny.....
I'm sorry Kerry, Technology I did the sign, next time I spell Da Manglement right!!
It seems clear to me that the management wants deliveries to go to the Freight side. Games I think that this sign is fine. (Of course I might be influenced by restaurant menus where I live in Bumfuck, Mexico where you can order a "sandwitch.")
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