JULY 29, 2010 4:18PM

In the works: A new Salon series we're calling Made

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 (Cool draft logo for the series from Mignon Khargie)

We're launching a new series on Salon next week that I'm pretty excited about. It'll be called Made (the tagline: "The value in creating stuff") and will feature a weekly installment from one of our favorite writers/artists who will answer a very basic question: Tell us about something you've made, and why it holds particular value in this era of Internet/media ephemera.

It's a question I'd love to throw to you, our ambitiously creative Open writers, too. I know some of you create, a lot -- and find something primally necessary about doing so. We're fascinated about why you find value in creating -- whether it's a rose bush, a painting, a pie, a joke, anything. I'm always particularly interested in people who create for a living; tying your muse to your livelihood, which can be as daring as it can be rewarding (and, naturally, terrifying). I hope you'll take a stab at telling us what that's like.

If you do, be sure to tag your post: Made. We'll highlight the best ones on Salon as well, when we go up with our new installments.  And hope you'll let me know what you think of the series as it continues.


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now this sounds very interesting...
I'm your girl..Make clothing and jewelry for a living.

hope I can do this justice.
cool. I'm thinking flowers and kids are what I do best. I'll have to be clever to come off as their creator, though. A nice challenge.
I'll have to give that some thought.
This has been what my blog is about from the beginning, either from the POTZ! posts or the haiga photographs and haiku.
Sounds like fun. I'm a clay person who buys dishes at Crate and Barrel because they do it better. My stuff is deliberately Utterly Useless and occasionally pretty cool (or so says my instructor).
Sounds like fun. I'm a clay person who buys dishes at Crate and Barrel because they do it better. My stuff is deliberately Utterly Useless and occasionally pretty cool (or so says my instructor).
Hey, thanks for the nice remarks!

Stellaa: It can be a political act, that's for sure.

ePriddy: You totally have been doing this since the beginning -- you're absolutely right!

Aunt Messy: That's interesting: Our first essay talks a bit about our hangup in stuff needing to have a purpose, rather than just . . . existing, and being totally enjoyable, if perfectly useless.
Kerry - I look forward to following this new series. And thanks.
it sounds really interesting, looking forward to reading them
This'll be fun and intersting. Good idea.
The minute I saw this, I thought, "I bet they got the idea from Dianaani's gourd posts." She'd better get busy on some more great stuff.
Kerry, sounds like a wonderful idea! Be sure to also check tags for "maid" in case a blogger gets sloppy with their spelling!
Kerry, thanks for the opportunity of participating in this new series.
Important bc we have come to devalue creating; Wall St. horror, in part, stemmed from our valuing products that are not products at all.
Why not just call it what it really is? A new concept for free content! Line up OSers, keep your hopes high, your expectations low, and watch us deliver!
Count me in. Sounds like a fantabulous idea. I always love when people create something from nothing.
What a great thing for artists! I'm looking forward to this.
I made an ash tray is grammar school one time. It was so good my Mom put it in the attic to keep it safe!
It's an interesting concept. Can't wait for the outcome.
I have always thought give me a gifted amateur any day in any way over a dedicated "professional". Especially in the creative arts, I don't want to observe someone incessantly noodling all meta on their writing or music or acting - instead write or sing or act about a real life, not their muse's navel. But that's just me!
sounds fun, Kerry - thanks!
I love this idea! Thanks Kerry, looking forward to participating.
I'll give the ole college try.
Hmmm. I have a series of sculptures I've never made public, which are a kind of riff the contemporary resurgence of religious ideologies. Would love to participate!
I am talentless, but look forward to many great contributions.
Someone who has contributed greatly, artistically, for free (he doesn't charge for his artwork) to this site is Ric Tresa. He is not making a living from it, yet, but has "made" the site better with his constant and wonderful banner designs.
Bob Eckstein has already laid down the gauntlet - it will be great to see what people contribute.
Hey scanner, my mom did the same thing with all my stuff!! I wrote her this poem for Mother's Day when I was like in the 12th grade, she cried, so it must have been good right?

Hey, maybe that's why Ed I Tor never comes around to my stuff and picks me, want to keep me to themselves, like a prize, or a STD!!!

Thanks Kerry and the rest of the Salon.com staff and crew, I won't let you down with my attempt at uh, making something........

**Wanders off for some cold ice cream soup and cries over Designanator's hurtful joke at Tink's inability to spell Made correctly** BASTARD...BOOHOOHOO!!
I make CrAzy ... does that count?

No, seriously. This is a good idea. I'm a fiction writer and a poet.

Keep trying to write a play, but I'm having trouble getting it off the ground.
Interesting! I write a bi-monthly column for our local newspaper about local crafters and why they chose the craft they did, but I also craft - but not for a living. Looking forward to the submissions.
@Tink ~ I was trying to be discreet about your spelling abilities--please don't take it so hard . . . :-)
I made a fool of myself - but that is another story
Sounds interesting but the logo is terrible.

Can a horrible logo kill a project? I bet it can.

"made" is not even a good word for the series and THAT should have been the first thing MADE by Open source artists.

A more compelling title and logo need to be made. Ha.

Do not mean to offend anyone. It is obviously a good idea for a series that deserves having a more compelling title and logo.
I created Boneless Chuck, the best thing since sliced coffee.
So, you'll definitely see me there.
Isn't the series name the same as the designation for a gang-member who murders someone?

Odd coincidence I suppose.
I MADE a Youtube page for January (Jani) Schofield, to help spread awareness about her. She is the world's youngest diagnosed schizophrenia patient. She has been estimated to have an IQ of 147. She has extreme visual/audible hallucinations that manifest as cats, rats, and numbers. I'm trying raise awareness about a book her father is writing about her to help pay for her very expensive care. For more, please see my blog. Thanks.
It sounds like a mafiosa memoir.
Kerry..what a wonderful idea..great job you are doing btw. Sometimes it may seem no one notices! :)
Nice idea! Looking forward to the grandeur of Gary, EPriddy, bbd et al explaining how and why they make our lives a more interesting, better place w/ their art.
Could be also about things we've tried, but failed making?
I made world-class nude photographs but do not wish them shown to my children or Muslims.
This resulted in a lawsuit against the FCC, the US, Google Inc, Microsoft Corporation, Yahoo Inc, IAC and AOL LLC

It will result in halting the display of pornography to anonymous viewers or the enforcement of the regulation of communications transmitted via wire.
Woah -- went away for a few days, and came back to a wonderful reaction!

Made debuts tonight, a great piece by a favorite writer of mine. And I'm looking forward to spotlighting great Open posts, too! Emily has flagged some already for me -- looking forward to surfing around around and seeing what's there.
I just made a pair of moccasins in a sanitarium. Just one pair. Unique. This was achieved while rooming with a woman who looked liked Becky....someone trump that, and I'll write the essay. xox
Someone Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest...only 95% of us were gay.....xox
I would love to contribute to this - Making Things is fun, resourceful and very satisfying, too. I like to make art, food, items for personal correspondence, gifts - other things, too.
"Made 'The value in creating stuff'"

Oh, and I thought it was gonna be about Mobsters.
How I made the FCC rate website like movies and stop trafficking in pornography.
Thanks so much for this interesting series! I had a wonderful time crafting my response and remembering the inspiration for a series of watercolors! I/we really appreciate all you do to encourage and support us here! Many thanks! ;-}
You MADE me write this...Good Idea !
Stolen of course...great idea
I like it! I made a pretty incredible addition this world about 9 yrs ago. Well, I had some help though!
Can't wait to see some of the contributions. I could/can never "make" anything much less "make" anything of myself. I made dinner sometimes, but that was nothing to be proud of. I always try to make my bed, but keep forgetting to do it. I made a nice doodle of a man in man-agement (he be keeping me down) and when he saw it, I told him I was trying to draw a funny Jeff Goldblum because he's leaving Law and Order: CI. It had big, bulging eyes and everything.
Hmm. This topic is no longer in the open call section on the front page. Does that mean the deadline has passed? I would have appreciated a response to my comment earlier asking when the deadline is.
Oh. Nevermind my last comment. The topic is near the bottom now of the page now.
Making love counts, right? (Has anyone made this joke yet? Hope not. I claim it.)
I wish that OS had a better interface to display photographs. It truly sucks. And that what I make.
Nice! Falls in with the timing of my most current show invite at a local, famous lodge in my area...I definitely need to participate in this one....show and open call....
I'm excited about this one! I love the idea of this series. It's helping me with my dry spell in writing. Thanks!
Having been a drive-by reader of Open Salon, this topic has inspired me to actually sign up and get started on my essay!
Does makin' whoopie count?
sounds good
I am not all that creative but I write
Yes this sounds good to me.
Can it be things we made a real mess of?
I make muffins, taffy with my family in winter, bracelets made out of hemp rope for my friends, and I make people feel better, dunno if any of this counts
I make muffins, taffy with my family in winter, bracelets made out of hemp rope for my friends, and I make people feel better, dunno if any of this counts
I'm looking forward to this. Great idea.
Is this still going on? Is it an permanent series?
Sounds so good. Thats maybe why I made all those "Stone poems for Christmas" because I knew something special was in the air. And I do wanna share...Can you tell that I care ? I love you !
the name looks rad. Never heard of a salon with that name yet. That is great!

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