AUGUST 23, 2010 5:13PM

New Reading Club starting -- along with some free books!

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We're about to announce our second book in our Salon Reading Club this  Sunday, and as we did the last time, we want to alert Open Salon readers first -- and give you a crack at a free copy of the book!

Like last time, if  you're interested in participating in the club, blogging and  commenting along as Laura Miller posts her Saturday column, send us your name, the URL to your Open blog, and your mailing address to:

We'll send 20 or so of the first responders a free book.

We also hope you'll send in your own thoughts and questions (again, to because at the end of the month the book's author will come in and answer a selection of the best ones.

What is the new book? All will be revealed soon. (I'll tweet the announcement.) But I can report that it is a book already garnering attention in the most important circles of power. (Guesses encouraged in the Comment section. If you're right, everyone will know soon enough.) 

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I just sent the email. Very interested.

I review for LibraryThing and a regional publication (Chronogram) and I read closely and voraciously. Very enthusiastic about this.

Did I mention I am excited about this?
Interesting on having the author come in and answer questions.
Sounds "Freedom" to me. I hope so! (I won't tell Oprah, if you don't)
me! me!
sent email..did it go thru?
free is GREAT to a single parent :)

bonus: i love love to read
This better be Jonathan Franzen...
"Most important circles of power." Next guess, the new Rhonda Byrne book.
Count me in -- love a literary discussion!
I won't hazard a guess. I won't be able to join in on this one due to a pressing time factor. However, it does sound very interesting.
The Zeroes? I know, I know, he's my son. But it is a great book! :)
I just posted about my summertime reading as a teenager:
Books are sent! If you get one -- enjoy. If you sent in a request and don't -- hope you'll still participate, and hope we'll get to you next time.
um, Laura's new book?
Richard Brautigan, the baby of the City Lights crowd, was exposed in Vanity Fair after his death. He died alone. He had used his fame to seduce any number of women, and infected them with herpes. At the time, herpes was one of the creepier, permanent STDs. While he should be credited with many interesting novels that "mashed" genres together earlier than others, it appears that he will live on as a footnote in history. I pulled out Trout Fishing in America a couple of weeks ago. If you have some of the later poetry volumes, they go for $$$ on-line.
Got it! Look forward to reading and discussing it. This'll be fun!
got mine got mine!!

doing the summer bumgirl dance.
I just saw this. Am I too late?
Must be Freedom. Which I have. And started. And love. If I could write like Franzen I could adequately describe how beyond great this book is. For now, I'll just leave it at sounding like a 12-year-old with a crush on Justin Bieber. OMG. Really. Awesome.
If it's Freedom, I'm scared that I'll be disappointed after all the hype. :)
Oh merde! am I too late?
I really wanted to take part of it... damn!
hugs to you guys... next time then
Are you coming to NY?
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Just a mom whom loves to read and share the reviews gaining knowledge while meeting new people grand adventures along with taking flight to new lands and mystical places.
Excited to read new material.
I'm in! Well, at least I hope I'm in. Keeping my fingers crossed.
I do not know if I could still have a chance to get the free book. But I am trying my chance. All the best for the book club.
I want to say that Byron Ayanoglu's Istanbul to Montreal is a splendid read.
I am very pleased with the thought and don’t feel like adding anything in it. ....
Debt Credit Card
Well, I'd love to participate, but I don't have a blog... (Simply my postings here.)

Read a best selling novel before Hollywood ruins it. Just kidding now.
I didnt even see the first book lol
Late as always....
Shall be following from now. Interesting.
Well, Michiko Kakutani picked Keith Richard's book as the most fun read of the year, and I wouldn't want to get on her wrong side. So, I'm going with "Keith Richards: Life." (p.s. I sell used books for a living; please recycle your reads.)
good article, good information, thanks.