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There's a terrible stereotype about Web editors, that we just care about traffic. Page views, unique visitors, clicks, hits, eyeballs, drivebys, furtive peeks, longing glances and everything in between.

And it's true! 

Except I'm here to tell you that there's no easy trick, no gimmick, to draw people to read your Website. Trust me, we've tried. 

A few years ago, as Salon (like all publications), tried to right our ship in deeply troubled recessionary waters, we followed the familiar script of other sites -- we laid off terrific staffers to lower our costs; we brutally pared down our expenses; we revamped staff priorities so that writers could simply produce more;  we experimented in a fair amount of low-calorie aggregation. And yes, there's that word: Aggregation, the most inflammatory (and sometimes, hilarious) in our industry. So let me explain exactly what I mean by it: Short (a few hundred words) summaries or explainers about a major news event covered more in depth by somebody else. In its best form, we wrote short little decoders of a big  story, and tried to link generously to the original source. At its worst, we monitored Twitter and Google for trending topics, and dispatched an intern to cobble together our own summary, posted it quickly, then prayed to the Google gods that the effort would win, if only briefly, their favor. 

I'm not proud of that last approach, a mandate from above, which we were able to quietly scuttle after it was proven to have absolutely zero impact. But a terrible, pernicious thing has happened to journalists in the past decade, that's had us second-guess everything we know. Sometimes that's led to brilliant new reinventions of the form. Other times, it's just led to self-doubt, something I see in the sea of job applications of fine mid-career journalists every time we post for a new position.We've been trained to rethink everything, even if it leads to producing useless information at the behest of people whose only contribution to the marketplace of ideas has been to sneer at it, shrink it, and dumb it down. 

But a funny, delightful thing has come out of it all. We ended 2011 on a remarkable high note, with over 7 million unique visitors for the first time, without any giant, viral hits that could be outliers. And now we've finished January in similar fashion, at 7.23 million. 

There are concrete reasons for this.  First, as I think I've mentioned before, our founder, David Talbot, returned as CEO, and having the person who founded the whole shebang suddenly come back holding the purse strings has been enormously liberating -- he's encouraged me to run an editorial team that unambiguously pursues a progressive vision of Salon at a time of populist upheavel and party alienation. We've also -- completely against the trend -- slowed down our process. We've tried to work longer on stories for greater impact, and publish fewer quick-takes that we know you can consume elsewhere. We're actually publishing, on average, roughly one-third fewer posts on Salon than we were a year ago (from 848 to 572 in December; 943 to 602 in January). So: 33 percent fewer posts; 40 percent greater traffic.

It sounds  simple, maybe obvious, but: We've gone back to our primary mission and have been focusing on originality. And it's working. 

We'll be doing more of the same, as the year continues, and we sharpen our campaign coverage (more on that in a future post), and have carved out a bigger budget for high-impact, important stories from freelancers -- experienced and brand-spanking new, who have important information to share. (And if you're one of them, I hope you'll pitch us here.) The state of our union is strong! 

The business side of things? We're still, like most of our peers, trying to figure that out, especially post-recession. But we have a ton of confidence that our team -- including our whiz sales team and our renewed Salon Core membership program -- will develop big things.

Open Salon? Ah, that's another story entirely. After a painful year migrating the backend of Salon's technology (which did free up server space for Open, and make it much faster) we have plans for a bigger revamp to Open in the months ahead, with an improved registration program, better social tools and improved integration within Salon (and hopefully a few other ideas generated on Open) high on the priority list. I founded Open, so it's my great blue hope, and I'm still consistently dazzled by the writing and thinking here. So much so that I'm going to start blogging here weekly, just to keep you posted on Salon events, and OS news, as I have it. If you like it, I hope you'll give me thumbs up -- and if not, take me to task in the Comments!

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Your post title is the name of a wonderfully creative and innovative web offering by Joseph Gordon Levitt. Just saying...
Kerry, I'm going to take you to task straight away
for... calling it taks!

Always good to get a view to the inner workings.
The news is encouraging. Good job, or was it luck? Whatever!
All good..
Thanks Trig. Editors need editors, too.
yw Kerry... damnet, you changed it.

will be looking forward to your Tuesday blogs here
and to the promised future OS upgrades
You read?
I comment.
My old body
a drop of dew grown
heavy at the leaf tip.
He died at ninety.
He wrote simple.
He a `Taoist too.
Two thumbs up! Thank you for sharing this whole process. It is exciting to know you will be blogging regularly. Congratulations.
So happy to hear this Kerry. You're one of the smartest editors I know, and your success at Salon is well-deserved.
Sounds good. Hope springs infernal.
Excellent news, Kerry. Great to hear about the traffic growth. And exciting to thing Open Salon will get some refreshing.
Great plans need great execution. I like Open and Salon and have joined as was suggested at the recent meet up in NY. Let us see if we can make this continue to be something that people want to participate in. There can be nothing better for unknown writers and the pulse of our new communication venues. The political season is just beginning to erupt and there will be some shots over starboard I am sure. This could be the best forum for fast paced journalistic redress.
Wow! Great news and congrats on the fine number of unique visitors.
Live long and prosper...

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Kerry, I writing as fast as I can trying to keep this place up and running, but if you need me, I'll start posting twice as much. You know I'm a company man, unlike Tink, who is giving the place a bad name. Say the word, and we off the Kat!
Kerry, thanks for the update and congratulations on the new and higher number of readers! I read Big Salon everyday and comment over there, as well, and noticed the changes happening around October 1st when the format changed on the site. I actually have commented more on Big Salon since the beginning of October than in recent years and that's due to the new format and editorial changes that you described above. Best wishes for Salon's continuing success!
Huzzah!! I like all of this news.
Thanks for the update, good luck with all the new work.

Thanks for letting us come over and play.
kerry, thanks for all the good work. I like these changes. content matters....glad salon realizes that mere aggregation is an aggravation...

Wonder where I'd be if I hadn't accepted your invitation to join those several years ago. What a long strange trip it's been. Thanks for your candor about what had become obvious, regarding trends, etc. The Open site is working better for the most part and the television presence of Salon reporters, pundits and editors is sublime. Kudos.
I enthusiastically give you a Thumbs Up for this post. After two full years writing on OS, this is really the first time anyone has shared the behind the scenes realities with us. We have craved that. I look forward to your weekly posts, Kerry.

Glad big Salon is doing better. Improved original writing is the way to go.
Thanks for keeping this thing alive, Kerry Lauerman. Otherwise a lot of us would be posting on 10-hits-per-week Google blogs, or nowhere.
Kerry? I can't read comments @ Salon.
Am I doing something all wrong a `gin?
Do I have to 'cough-up' $90.00 bucks`gin?
no refunds
one was my son @ farm
2- gold star memberships
bebop-o and GoodCelery!
both were denied comment.
goat gouda blueberry was too.
that was free - so was clownsense.
if you refund - I sent to WETA
the radio has double match today
for $ 90.00 - I get double matches
That is a great radio-deal - $180.00
a deal?
send my refund to WETA radio asap!
I noticed you were writing from a "post-recession" area. hmmm?
Good news is always welcome.
You officially have my respect for your bravery in the following comment:
"... and if not, take me to task in the Comments!"
In the 3 1/2 years I've been here, I've witnessed a lot of ups and downs at OS. I objected loudly to the surrender to googlebots, but I remained. I thought seriously about leaving when the spammers took over the feed, but I remained. Why have I remained?

It's simple really, the quality of minds and the quality of writing here are equal to any I've seen on Big Salon or anywhere else on the Net -- and superior to most of what I've seen on the Net. I could name names, but that wouldn't be fair to those I fail to mention.

That that continues to be the case in a venue that also provides a social/therapy/gossip environment, suggests others feel the same.

That's a long way around the barn to day, keep up the good work.
Excellent news, Kerry, thanks!
That's a long way around the barn to say ...

PS How about spellcheck for new posts and comments? Pleeeease!
Yes, chasing metrics, rather concentrating on quality is definitely the tail wagging the dog. You're not alone in that department. Thanks for the transparency!
From the beginning of beta
To the beginning of bettah
It's clear this will be smooth as buttah
Cuz OS rocks every othah.

Eek! Art James has stolen my brain!
Thank you for the insight. One recurring annoyance (for me, at least) is to scour all media seeking news and not public relations releases. So, when I read the headline or the first sentence of a post, or when I hear some "news-reader" saying the same breathless nothing about party politics, or a retailer's new pricing policy, I am gone in 60 seconds or less.

Sites I return to on a frequent basis are Science Daily, Hacker News, Bloomberg (for market updates), the CIA's website for background (albeit tinged with a bit of Americentrism), on countries in the news, youtube for music trends and favorite artists refreshers, the BBC, Der Speigel, and Aljazeera for expanded world coverage as well as Plos1 for in depth coverage of breaking scientific studies. Kahn academy also helps offer me a cursory understanding of unfamiliar subjects.

The reason I'm taking a bit of time to tell you what interests me and why, is to ask, no plead, as a new visitor to your site, for unbiased (if possible), in depth, news offering analysis and commentary from a variety of viewpoints. I don't need more sales pitches and P R releases. I get enough of both every time I stand in line at a supermarket's checkout stand.

Thanks for the explanation and thanks, in advance, for the efforts.
Very encouraging news about everything. I look forward to reading your posts, too. Thank you.
Just as I am wishing for a Kardashian Free February I am also hoping you have nothing but a rewarding and great year.

Linda tips her hat.
You go, Kerry Lauerman!
I'm grateful that I don't know all of the hidden agenda here, just grateful for an opportunity to write and post. Whether or not anyone reads it is out of my hands.
and your avatar is smiling.
Another 31/2 year veteran here. Salon's well-written, longer pieces; the constant TV presence with Joan, Steve and others; the progressive take and the new elegant look have a lot to do with the success. Congrats, Kerry.

Open Salon remains a gem. None of the other sites I read have such a dedicated, lively place for non-staff writers, and I'm sure many Salon readers come over here to get our take on the world.

SO glad to hear you will be polishing the gem. And soon please, for your good and for ours.
"Thanks for the use of the hall."
Thanks, Kerry. Good to hear words of encouragement from someone lucky enough to still be working in journalism!!!
Hey -- thanks! This was the nicest reaction from a post I've had in a while.

Nice to hear from such great, long-time twinkling lights of Open here, as well as two of my favorite editors (Scott and Maer -- hi!).

Quick answers:

Algis: Yes.

Scanner: Just be yourself, pal.

D-ator: That's really great to hear.

Stacey: Between Joan, Glenn and Steve, we're on TV all the time now. Better representatives do not exist -- they're awesome.

Jacob: You and me both, pal.

Greg, Tom, Sally, Lea, David, etc.: Thanks for sticking around. You make the place great.
Hooray! Looking forward to more news.
Open Salon is a miracle. You founded it, thus you are
rather important in my book.
The business side of things
is for warriors of
Postmodern Capitalism,
and many of us OSers
have small understanding
of such things, but
many opinions
things we know nothing of...
for..OS is a protection from this...
a grace..a place to just BE.......

mission- bound, editors:

" We've gone back to our primary mission
and have been focusing on originality.
And it's working. "

it indeed is.

Originality is like freedom.
It aint free.

Good people must create an atmosphere for it.

Thanks for my 3 yrs of amazing self-building on this
site, Kerry.............
So what can we do at OS to get those kind of numbers? Would be a great topic for "Open Call."
From the Midwest: Good question, and some of you are. One of the 20 biggest posts on Salon in 2012 has been this fascinating piece, "25 Things I Learned From Opening a Bookstore," by Jlsathre:

Thanks for the news, Kerry. Looking forward to a continued good year.
This is all great news. Congrats on Salon's success!
Great news! What's wonderful about digital publishing is the ability to change course without upheaving an entire operation. It warms this old newspaper editor's heart to know that Salon's longer pieces are generating higher traffic, which is contrary to what everyone's been doing with the web (shorter, faster, just get something up, dammit!). That there remains a place for considered journalism makes me hopeful.
Just because I've slowed down my output on Open Salon tremendously doesn't mean I don't support it.

And hang on to Alex Pareene; he's a jewel.
What a complete and total load of BS. Salon is just a small part of the liberal controlled media in America. It works for and supports the Democrat National Committee. Electing losers like Obama and Clinton are it's mission and reason for being. Pathetic is the only word to describe it.
I'd like to see OS revamp with the times. I don't blog here (or often stop by). Oddly, I did both today, which is why I saw this. It's also nice to see that Salon has had success with returning to original content. Anyone can aggregate, cut and paste and hyperlink. But original reporting and good writing? That will always stand out. I look forward to seeing your regular blog.
Kerry, I'm also really, really pleased to hear about Salon's focus on original reporting by freelancers and longer features. In some ways, I think it's about getting readers used to reading the long stuff online. As traditional newspapers continue to fold or convert into "sites," with short little items designed to hook glazed eyeballs, I want to believe there's an audience out there for long-form features, which have always been my magazine love. It may be a niche audience, but Kindle Singles seem to be tapping it, too, in innovative ways.

And, please, do keep Open Salon going.
Is it fair to say that we all as open bloggers benefit when Salon experiences more hits/reads?
In short, growth means resources means a better enviroment here as well?
I'm pretty sure nudity is a gimmick that will draw people to websites. Unfortunately, no one wants to see writers naked. I mean, I would, just for curiosity's sake. Although the photos should be behind a paywall. (You should pay me for these ideas!)

Seriously, I've really had no problem with Open Salon or Salon. I still marvel that this community is a free (free!) supportive place to exchange and connect with other writers, and if sometimes there are technical glitches that's to be expected.
I don't know, despite what people are saying, I don't think you look like Joan Walsh in guy drag, Kerry.

Maybe Roseanne Barr.

A little.

Thank you for the update, Larry. I wish success for both Salon and Open Salon, and look forward to reading your future blogs here. I think Open Salon is a very unique site. Preserved as is, just on its own, it could be a valuable time piece that could tell so much about mankind's history, two thousand years from now.
scanner, I only reported Kerry as "Un-American" like fifty three times in 2012.

And he only got detained 52 times this year. Sheesh, think I was Anti-Kerry or Anti-Open!!!

I'm giving this place a good name. Have you seen my numbers? Old posts ranging off into the half millions with just two!!! WHAT A COUNTRY!!!

I haz readers in Iran!! THEY LUV ME!! :D

Love love kiss kiss!! Who's your best friends? Not those suckers you laid off trying to save a buck!! :D

I don't think Kerry looks like Joan Walsh, he's got that Truman Capote look!!!

Thanks for sharing the good news! I'm excited for what's to come!
And another 3 1/2 year veteran, here. Looking forward to what 2012 will bring for OS.

But... who do I have to bribe--er talk to, to get an EP one of these days? =o)
more quality, less crap--a niche is born.
Yes to easier registration. I've tired of friends sending me their comments via Facebook because they cannot or do not want to register here.

More frequent changes of the 'open call' topics.

I'm looking forward to more aggressive, involved management of Open Salon. Thanks!
Awesome; looking forward to reading your blogs.
Kerry, Thank YOU, too!
Got Larry out from hiding. :o)
Sometimes absent mindedness works.
Thanks for the update Kerry. I'm glad to hear of some recognition for OS. Like a few others have mentioned, it's a unique site in terms of the quality of the contributors, the range of topics and the general tone of the place. I don't see that big changes are needed; just keep the spam out.

@ Tom C - surely you write your posts first in a Word application where you can proof before posting, no?
Sounds good all around. I think you hit it when you mentioned going back to your primary mission. Many companies start monkeying around with the family recipe when sales start to wan, or even when things are good (can you say Netflix?)

I'm glad to hear that you will be devouting more resources to OS. R
"We've tried to work longer on stories for greater impact, and publish fewer quick-takes that we know you can consume elsewhere."

Bravo! Death to the quick take! Anyone can do 'em and, as you point out, everyone does and no one gives a hoot. Always good to see someone disprove conventional wisdom. Keep it up.
PS - This feels true: your success is our success.
What a terrific summary and analysis of the recent history of Salon, a microcosm of journalism in general. I must confess I don't get over to big Salon that much, but this is inspiring. And damn, boy, you can write. Why didn't I know that? Maybe like so many of us little people, I look to your pronouncements for a hint of our fate, and fail to notice the great style. I'm going right over to go do the right thing by Salon.

If ya love me, do me a tiny favor--make OS work better with Chrome, ok? Damn near broke my heart trying to embed video. Worked in IE first time.
I'm liking what I read here! As usual, you're on top of things, Kerry. Great job!
Did I mention I'd go naked behind a paywall? Or any "wall." I'm willing to raise funds that need to be raised, however limply.

As you can see your loyal fans just want to hear from you more often. We're hanging on your every word now. :)

Are you really looking for writers?

::wanders away to add tags that say "will write for food" on all posts:: :)


Thanks for the post. I look forward to more. So far, it all sounds good.
All welcome news, Kerry. It's always good just to hear what the plans are for Salon and Open. I'll admit to a tiny smile when you said the on-high command to regurg in hurriedly written posts someone's idea of a hot news item wasn't a big ratings success. Looking forward to seeing you around the place. Thanks.
It's nice to hear from you about what's in store for Salon and OS. The changes at Salon are great; I read every day and appreciate the longer features and original pieces greatly. And OS has been a valued part of my life for 2+ years now, so it's nice to know that you guys have a plan for us here as well.
Kerry, Hello, tipping my (imaginary) hat to the news here. It crosses my mind that all that 'trending' that is covered elsewhere leaves a wide gapping whole for creative space waiting to be filled. Seems there may be some light at the end of the tunnel, after all. I'd like to think that in the end, originality wins out. Cheers.
So far, my blog has gotten considerable traffic from non-OS readers, many of whom are frustrated because they can't comment without registering. I need to figure out how to get traffic among OS denizens, or I may consider moving my blog elsewhere. I think there is a lot of great writing on OS and many other bloggers would receive more comments and ratings if the signup process were not so onerous. How about providing a mechanism for users to comment using their Facebook accounts, OpenID, or other method?
Thanks for all the good works Kerry...OS has given all of us immeasurable value in so many ways. Thank you for having the vision to move OS from a great idea to a reality!
Hey, you keep writing this stuff, you might get an EP.
Wow Great...Thanks KL !

___♫♥____Love____ ♥
____♫♥ Happiness ♥♫

Can we ever go out on a date?
Kosher, he didn't mention Mad Men, American Idol, DWTS or baseball, don't be absurd.
It isn't that I don't want to pay for my core membership, I'm just poor. I miss being able to comment on posts on Salon proper.
You and this site have trained me to disregard promises of improvement, but I'm happy to hear this, and will remain on positive observer status.

Many many many posters who were the reason I visited and posted have gone, and left the pond fairly stagnant. You mention lively news posts, but some in the Open community were attracted by creative writing of all kinds. I hope your plans for the future will include that.
Thank you for explaining how things work. Enjoy submitting and reading. Start my day on OS.
After nearly three years on OS (and even longer as a subscriber to Salon), I just can't imagine life without them both! Thanks for the update.
As an avid daily reader of progressive websites, I must admit that I’ve noticed Salon’s return to its “primary mission” of “focusing on orginality” during the past few months. It is indeed refreshing.

Huffpost and others appear to be moving in the opposite direction - heading toward “information overload” with many long essays which repeat the views expressed in original source documents.

Your “short summaries or explainers about major news event(s),” I believe, are exactly what net-viewers are looking for these days.
I started reading Salon in 1999 because of the high-quality content, so I am glad to see more higher quality content appearing again.

For three years I posted daily poems on Open Salon about current events, society, religion, and relationships, but six months ago I started writing an epic about scientists, so my daily Open Salon blog is on hiatus for now. It is a great platform and filter for writers to improve.
This should be an EP. Oh wait. Never mind.

Yes, Kerry, regular updates would be much appreciated. OS denizens start conjuring all kinds of terrible scenarios when deprived of information.

Good luck with the new undertakings.
Wait. What?

This is a "progressive site?"

Aww man, that means I'm preaching to the choir. Now what am I gonna do? I can't rock a boat if everyone is in the same frame of mind. Hell with it, I'll keep trying anyway.

Great news all the way 'round. (I always hear the sap from "Office Space" every time I use the word great. Yeah... we're gonna have to work Saturday. It's mandatory. And if you can come in Sunday, too, that'd be Grreeaat. Yeah.)

Someday, when I grow up, I want to be paid for what I do. You keep that dream alive here on OS. So thanks.
thanks for the inside peek into the backrooms of Big Salon and little Open! I'm glad to see Salon back to the ways that attracted me in the first place.
Cool. Never hurts to focus on quality. Thank you again for these very special publications.
Regarding OS - GET SOME DAMN MODS!!!

This place is much more like a forum than a blog space. But, people do write, and some of them even do it well...just not usually the people you put on the front page.

This is understandable, as with only so much time in the day, you fall back on people who are professionals, former professionals, or a small group of favorites you've read over time.

I'm sure you or your staff reads the random other post here and there, but mostly you stick with a static list of people who quit being hungry and writing exciting material many moons ago.

There are already people here who read MANY posts each day, and there are, as far as I can tell in the little time I spend here, even different little cliques with different types of writers, and as always, leadership chains form within each and those are the people you need to snatch as mods.

Mods are free, they can be helpful in innumerable ways, and most of all, they can read through many more inches of copy, collectively, than you can.

Then, they recommend and you choose.

Hell, get enough exciting, decent stories flowing around here and you just might get a buzz going and have people who want to do more than just exploit the place to PROMOTE THEIR REAL BLOG.

After that, figure out a way for stuff to show up on Google, because sometimes typing the exact title to a post, and this is on posts with obscure titles, mind you, still doesn't put the post as the top of the google search list.

What the hell is that about?
thanks for your hard and diligent work...i'm grateful this place is here...r
Two thumbs up! I imagine that most of us who write on OS have no idea of the behind the scenes business involved in running Salon. Looking forward to your blog.
Kerry, this is fabulous news. OS is a home to a lot of us here and we're happy to feel the love! It's great that Salon is focusing on stronger content - it's the writing that'll keep 'em around. Bravo for making progress towards that end. To whom should we direct queries for Salon?
Thank you for keeping us informed. I've been reading Salon for what seems like a million years and am happy to see the change in the direction. I sincerely hope that an upgrade will contain a WYSIWYG with a lot more flexibility.

One thing I would like to see more of is Open Salon represented in big Salon, especially in the Life section, which I feel is currently the weakest section (although I love Cary). For instance, there are a number of OpenSalon bloggers writing eloquently and moving about caring for their aging parents. Instead of yet another dreary why-my-boyfriend-and-I-Broke-Up piece in the Life section by some MFA grad (granted, it's been a while since you ran one) why not feature some of these fine writers?

Happy to hear about the renewed mission at Salon. It comforts me that a news organization has it's values, as a news organization, in the right place.
ROFL at that huffpost onion article. HILARIOUS dude.
look Im rooting for you but it sounds like david talbot is your sugar daddy. or daddy warbucks. or whatever. & that the whole thing is flying on a wing and a prayer as far as profitability. oh well. there are more things in life than profit, huh?!?
ps big credit to Talbot for doing that nervy oliver stone interview. oliver stone rocks!! talbot had a lot of cajones to do that one.
Liked hearing about the nuts and bolts behind it all. Looking forward to OS improvements that are in the works. I think the idea of a blog from you keeping us all in the loop is a wonderful idea.
I applaud the growth Kerry but, some of the Salon articles still look slapped together and unedited. It depends on who you are reading, and you have some writers that are always a pleasure and rarely slip up, but others (and I do not mean OS cross-posts, I mean Big Salon writers) make me cringe.

Whew, been looking for a place to get that across because it is driving me crazy. At least have a close proof-read on them please?
thanks for all you do
As a long-time journalist, I'm heartened to hear that solid, in-depth stories are actually pulling in readers. Good news for the future of journalism.
This is one of the best explanations of what is going on here and at Salon that I have read. I have been blogging here for almost 2 years and it is one of the best experiences I have had both for the comments on my posts and the amazingly insightful posts of others. The community here is loving and caring. I have never understood all the mechanics but I love the bloggers here and the tie to the powerful Salon.com
rated with love
Congrats to OS and to this wonderful community of readers and writers.
I bet if you put a special section for sex on Open Salon you would have some hum dingers. Glad for the info. You are so brave.
It would be great if OS bloggers could leave comments on Big Salon, too. I recall that used to be the case, but not so anymore.
Thanks for the update, Kerry. All sounds good.

One more request for the revamp of Open Salon: When editors pick an 'editor's choice,' the editor should write a short comment pointing out what he or she liked about it. It's a fine way to respect and reward good writing, and it'll help all the writers who are hoping for a front-page slot to know what the editors are looking for.

And on occasion, having such a comment from the editor will solve a real puzzler.
I will gladly rate and then I will gladly thank. Thank you for recoginzing what we are looking for and taking the reins. Interesting unique content- content that is well-written, thoroughly researched and, most importantly, not what other sites are publishing-brings me back to you.
Right now the top bookmarks on my laptop are Yahoo Comics and editorial cartoons, Salon and OS followed by The Daily Beast, Slate, The Guardian, Foreign Policy, Flavorwire, The Atlantic Wire and Mother Jones. Joined OS so I could comment on an OS cross post that appeared in Salon. Been posting on OS since and I like the people here.

If Salon editors work this right OS could prove to be your best source for interesting content.

Wonderful news! And I'm tantalized, waiting to see what will be unfolding with Open Salon.
If you do not do your online work naturally, you will fail.