MARCH 6, 2012 5:15PM

Introducing . . . Salon's new TV critic

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sp3 Word seems to  be getting out that we filled our main TV writer slot, so thought I'd quickly post the news here: Willa Paskin (at left) will be joining Salon fulltime next week to write, review and report on all things TV.

It's a homecoming of sorts: Willa was a star intern about five years back, and went on to build an impressive and meaningful writing career, most recently at New York Magazine, and especially at its vibrant culture site, Vulture. I hesitate to call her a critic -- she's a multitalented force we expect to wear many hats. But TV criticism is an area Salon pioneered -- nay, exploded! -- online, beginning with Joyce Millman in the 1990s, through Carina Chocano, Heather Havrilesky and most recently, Matt Zoller Seitz. Fabulous writers and thinkers all -- Willa's a perfect successor. 

Small side note: The (also terrific, and sometime Salon contributor) Alyssa Rosenberg of ThinkProgress responded to the abysmal percentage of women bylines appearing in major publications by naming "Ten women major magazines should be commissioning." Willa -- along with Salon's Irin Carmon and Tracy Clark-Flory -- made her very estimable list (something Joan Walsh pointed out to me, and wanted to include in her pitch for Salon Core, but held off at my request -- thanks Joan!). And while Salon's small but mighty editorial staff can and should grow to be even more diverse, I'm pretty proud of that. 

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I got a TV! Why not me? And I LIVE IN HOLLYWOOD!

Hollywood Boulevard

My mom lives in a tree.
I live in a flower pot.

Some people pray for rain.
I pray for meteors.

My name is Mr. Rot.
I bought a beret and moved to Hollywood in 1987.
A mob ate me.

Am I your first famous girlfriend?
Were you the first whore on Hollywood Boulevard?

Our car is on fire
in a faraway galaxy
and another car is burning
where we were.
Welcome to Salon! Someday I need to go over there and read some of this stuff Kerry likes to brag about.

Also someday, I need to learn how to read!!!

And a TV.

By the way, what's a TV?

Is that like one of those things that show moving pictures?

I almost got one back in 1959.

Again, welcome and congrats.

I think.

Isn't it hard to write about TV shows? I mean, why write about them when you can watch them?


~wanders off into the thorn bushes, hitting rate with his tail by mistake~
Kerry ~ wonderful to see another new member of the editorial staff! NY Magazine is certainly a great place to be coming from and best wishes to Willa in her new position at Salon.
I hope you bought her a new Barcalounger and flat screen for her office.
y'all should have gotten Wm. Stephen Humphry. He's funny as hell and he's already syndicated. Oh well, I'm sure Willa is great, and she already has the cool name thing going for her, so good luck and God speed...and all that.
Congratulations to the new TV critic. Now that Heather Havrilesky is involved in motherhood and in something that will actually make her money, it's good to have someone officially assigned to that beat, even though she won't be paid a dime for her work. Remember that a critic honors the art form, not his or her own ego.
Thanks Kerry . . .
Who buy me a TV
I had to relaunch
early morning class . . .
a student in the front row
cursing in her sleep
kosher deli . . .
a New Yorker Jew ordering
pastrami on white
Kerry? Read Con Chapman
I wrote you a fair question
again late to Open Salon
helping the drunk editor
get washed and dressed
Thanks everyone!

Leepin: I assume she's already set up with the necessary equipment.

Neutron: It's a staff position -- meaning a paid one.
Welcome and good luck, Willa. R
Mr. Lauerman, you said, Neutron: It's a staff position -- meaning a paid one.

Well, if you're paying her, it's not for writing. Nobody pays writers anymore. So I guess her pay will come from emptying the trash cans or something similar. I'm not saying you're cheap, only that you're following the economic process that every publisher, movie studio and web site follows. Writing is a non-paid profession, period.
Nope. Paying her for writing.
You're paying a writer? Don't let anyone else know. You'll be drummed out of the publishing business as a spendthrift.
Exciting! And Willa is such a pretty name.

I had fun a few months ago with a post re: my top ten Netflix streaming suggestions. The readers supplied additional suggestions and I thought, "Man, someone should run with this idea and do something like this monthly." That someone was supposed to be me...but it seemed like a lot of work!

So I'll toss that in Willa's suggestion box, since more people are relying on Netflix for their entertainment and everyone seems to find their own gems.
I just wanted to be sure . . .

I convey my best wishes to Willa.

Sometimes folk can't read hearts.

I guess Kerry no read my comment.

If I don't own a TV it's because I'd rather:
Take a walk
Read a book
Ponder anger
I can have fun in my bedroom . . .
the laughing, belching,
comes from my bedroom causing
a pre-dawn wake-up
I wake up three dogs, a cat, a rooster,
a grey wood fox, fleas, lice, and a hen.
huh . . .
tease . . .
I (still) do
look for one
kind woman
Good luck
We need luck
Good Fortune
No wake a duck

Congratulations on a very good hire.

Welcome, Willa, and best wishes to you for continued success at Open Salon.

It's lovely to hear good news on OS.

May TV reviews never be the same...
........(¯`v´¯) (¯`v´¯)
............... *•.¸.•* ♥⋆★•❥ Thanx & Smiles (ツ) & ♥ L☼√Ξ ☼ ♥
⋆───★•❥ ☼ .¸¸.•*`*•.♥
Great post and Joyce Millman he was great
i'm trying to maximize the concluding conclusion before entertaining the realm of reality confusion as it pertains to television or all things entertainment or enteric.
For Sale.
Black & White
Rabbit Ear
1948 T.V.
Sell @
Good Luck
Willa is terrific! I'm a huge fan of everything she did over at Vulture and I can't wait to keep up with her work here = ) kill it, girl!
You folks seem to be doing well at Salon? Looks great by me. Cheers...algis
Also following you on Twitter and enjoying your commentary. Best o' luck.

how goes it? why is the front page untended? why have we been abandoned?

what are we, chopped liver?
Any chance for an editor at Open Salon?
"Maybe we're chopped livah."
I think they realized they get the page views regardless, editor or no, why spend money they don't have over here - to fund pointless arguing?
Of course some wonderful stuff in between....but less and less.

Some great reading/writing at - needs people older than 30-something in a major way over there, though.
Oh, like the collection on Minimalism there - or the collection called A Different Perspective ; )
(Why not shamelessly plug on your thread Kerry - it's the tyranny of the minority over here.)
Just thought I'd point out that I don't think Kerry Lauerman even works for Salon Media Group any longer. (not that he gave a rat's ass when he did)
Yeah, he clearly left the building.
along with everyone else.
wah waah.
The funny thing is, if I favorite Kim, usually the next day or so, it's not Kim's avatar on my page anymore, it's Kerry's! I kept re-favoriting for awhile, but it got ridiculous.
Then it started happening with another couple person I faved...
Kerry *is* still here in spirit!
'couple people'...
So who wants to read a magazine where one cannot comment on the articles unless signed in and cannot sign in unless a member and cannot become a member?

Is Salon hiring and could I live in Brooklyn?