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APRIL 23, 2010 1:15PM

Archie and the Gang Are Getting a Gay Friend

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On Thursday, Archie Comics announced that a new gay character would be brought into the world of Archie and the Gang.

Archie's hometown of Riverdale has always been a safe world for everyone. It just makes sense to have an openly gay character in Archie comic books," said Jon Goldwater, Archie Comics co-CEO.

I'll admit that it's not exactly Stonewall, but I'm beginning to think maybe gay rights comes into little steps like this one.  Who would have thought the people behind one of the most America-centric comics in history would be so gay-friendly?

(I also might be partial because the new gay character's name is Kevin.)

Kevin's going to roll into town, beat Jughead at a burger eating contest, and then shoot down Veronica when she falls for him.

What I love is that they're not going to do some special episode where Kevin gets beaten up, and Archie learns about tolerance.  They're just working him into a comedic story like any other character.

Now, for the other comics--

Come on, don't you think it's time Cathy had a gay friend?


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They still make Archie and the gang comics?
Whoda thunk it?
This is a great post Kevin and quite funny. It's nice that the creators of Archie's comics is now providing an openly gay character. However, I always thought that Archie was bisexual and that Jughead was gay and in love with Archie. My wife says that Archie & Jughead have been having a secret affair for years. Every time that he would be rejected by Veronica, he would always run back to Jughead. She also says that Betty is a Lesbian and was really in love with Veronica, but she was in the closet (pretending to really love Archie). It's nice to see that Riverdale is so gay-friendly, or is it?. Is the new gay character someone who is moving there or has he been in the closet while living there? I have a daughter who is a proud Lesbian, married to her partner and they adopted my beautiful grandson. My wife and I are pretty damn proud of our daughter. I just wish that the gay stigma and attacks would stop. Then maybe we would not have to get so excited that a comic strip is about to add a gay character, to solicit readership. Being gay is common place and a simple lifestyle alternative of freedom of choice & exercising one's rights to love and be with whomever they choose. That is the same right that many of us have so why can't everyone? I look forward to the day when being gay does not garner so much attention, or foster so many negative attitudes. It is call living life, as one chooses. Thank you Kevin for this fun and insightful writing. It's nice to see the fun posts here, instead of all of the politics, bickering, and the like. What a relief this is. Marv (I rated this too, because I liked it a lot).
Ditto on Marv's post. Rated.
I knew Archie was a prevert:
Make one of the kids in The Family Circus gay. Make Middle America aware.
a) I always thought that Reggie was gay. Look at that hair.

b) Most fab Riverdale Gang pic ever.
I'd rather see Veronica acquire a gay "friend." Her name could be "Butch."
Yeah, they still make Archie comics -- and here in India, you can buy them at every street corner, like P G Wodehouse books and programming textbooks.
I don't know where else in the world Archie is still big.
I emphatically do! rated.
what about the part where the gay boy develops an awkward crush on archie & archie has to nix it...?
archie as a conservative christian? thats funny, but I think the main storyline is very subversive. its about how he cant choose between betty & veronica & likes/dates em both. hmmmm, a whiff of [gasp] polyamory there. maybe its a different "conservative christian" thing goin than we realize. maybe he should move to utah with his girlfriends, wink =)
or maybe he's a budding/teenage Hugh Hefner? hahaha
wow, I just clicked on robert brenners link & then realized Ive been scooped bigtime on the parody dept. nice "work" there dude. hey tomreedtoon, achie historian, whats your take on that? he mentions dan decarlo... are you familiar with him? maybe someone can do a archie history blog post. Id for sure read that. heck maybe I better do some research for that. but it'd be uphill for me, you guys are ahead of me already.
"For Better or Worse" brilliantly and realistically tackled the subject-- and lost a few newspapers along the way-- decades earlier.

Cartoons are an ideal medium to initiate social change. Just look how the "Kanzenjammer Kids" brought awareness to child abuse issues.
Jughead has always been the one who "didn't like girls." Why bother bringing in Kevin? Unless he's going to end up at the Riverdale High prom with Jughead...
This can only hurt gays. If I were gay, I sure as hell wouldn't want to be in that comic.
Now, put a gay in Beetle Baily and you've got something!
I thought they already had a gay charater - Jughead.
I thought Bob Montana created (and drew until his death) ARCHIE, TomReedToon. Who's the Jon Goldwater character, anyway - some suit?

Anyway - it'll probably have as much relevance as the attempt to "update" Betty and Veronica by making them look like Paris Hilton and Britney Spears a few years back, when Tammy and I were working on WHITE TIGER for Marvel. That lasted - what? Two issues?
Also, Tom - if even ARCHIE Comics are adding a token gay character to the mix, then it's a sign the Right is losing the culture wars, at least so far as gays are concerned. You can't get any more Middle-American Republican than ARCHIE, as you well know.

Whatever else you can say about those comics, they're still selling in supermarket checkout counters around America - which means they've probably got a much larger circulation than X-MEN or SUPERMAN does, which is mainly only available in "comics stores". If DC and Marvel were smart, they'd be pushing like Hell to get some of their more all-ages titles in digest form into supermarkets alongside ARCHIE - but apparently they lack the will to make any serious effort to do that, as their audience turns into mainly middle-aged men....
I want a gay Vulcan on Star Trek too! Spocks gay half Brother would be good.
Wanna hear the awfulest Joke I've made up in ages (Note: I'm not a Homophobe - just being snarky!)?
OK, then!
Did you hear that Ricky Martin is, in the Traditon of Dean Martin, trying to find three other Gay Guys to start a new Rat Pack like ensemble?
Yeah! And they're going to call it the, "Shaved Gerbil Pack"!!!
Snark! Me BAD, I know, I know - I'm sooooo ashamed (NOT!).