APRIL 2, 2010 1:10PM

For Good Friday

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Lost amidst the dogma and ritual is the inevitable core of the story... 


I was brought up in a fundamentalist household, ensconced in a religion that kept focus on the miracles and supernatural aspects and pushed parts of the Jesus story to the background.
But I couldn't ignore it. I was surrounded by Americans who lay prostrate before a church based on teachings that seemed to fly in the face of the culture they also worshipped. The central figure of their church didn't hedge his message about eschewing materialism and valuing people above objects and wealth. The only instance in their gospels of Jesus' temper getting the best of him was when capitalism was brought into the church. I don't think that's a minor detail. 
The figure I was taught about was slain because he was a threat to a system based on personal power and wealth, no ifs, ands or buts. 
And after two millenia, that still is marginalized in favor of something more nebulous. 

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So true, Kevin.

A friend was telling me yesterday about an ad he heard on the radio for a mega-church somewhere in Tennessee, and they were inviting people to come for Easter services because there would be hot-air balloons dropping eggs out of the sky, and some of those eggs would contain prize tickets for X-boxes and Wiis.

That's just so far out of whack with the teachings of the man who may or may not have lived in Galilee all those years ago, I just don't even know where to begin.
It couldn't get more timely than this.
Jesus and Woody on Good Friday.
Very refreshing post on Good Friday. Being true to yourself and what your heart tells you of God, is what counts. A person can get lost in the judging and sentencing, whether it be of yourself or an instutution of relgion. Very enjoyable. Tx
the very worst thing is the breeding in of fear of hell--a sadistic notion
Woody is unequaled

anytime you propose something really new the first thing you do is threaten someone
Column A: Cadbury eggs, '6 BMW giveaway' churches (adding onto Jeanette's comment), brunch at the Ritz-Carlton, a Hallmark bonanza, letting kids run around the yard or park to find high-sucrose "treats," no-brainer programming for the movie channels, etc.

Column B: Kevin Lee's "must read."