JUNE 21, 2010 10:52PM

Obama's assault? Really?

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Here's the latest salvo from Bradley Byrne, the frontrunner in the race to be Alabama's governor. 

He edged Tim "If you want to live in Alabama learn English" James but faces another candidate in a runoff for the GOP nomination. Sure, there's the formality of a general election later this year, but in this state, that's not much in doubt. 


So now Obama is "inflicting harm" on Alabama via this oil spill? Seriously?
Oh, he's serious, alright. Byrne knows what it takes to win in this state, that's why he's depicting a certain "dark skinned" head of state as a modern day carpetbagger attacking the virtuous way of life here in the Heart of Dixie. 
I guess if polling projections get any tighter, we can expect to see shots of Byrne talking about federal incompetence and using the phrase, "I'll skin this coon from head to toe." Why not? James' English-only ads quickly vaulted him from fifth place to missing the runoff by only about 200 votes. 
The more things change... 

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Alabama, the anti-Oregon.