AUGUST 13, 2010 3:13PM

On my recent silence...

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Though I was far from the most prolific person on OS, I've faded away even more recently. There are a few reasons for that. 

First, the murder case I was covering has been subdued of late. We're awaiting a tentative start date of Aug. 30 for jury selection in the federal gun charge component of that scenario. The defense is trying to push it back even further as there are some problematic aspects should it go to trial before the murder case in neighboring Baldwin County.

We might have a date on the murder trial as a result of a hearing for expediency on Aug. 25. So everything is in legal purgatory at the moment. 

In one interesting development, the family of Angel Downs -- the woman whose death spurred the murder trial and this whole ordeal -- contacted me to ask if I would be interested in writing their authorized version of things. It was a welcome development but we have court proceedings to watch first. 

Secondly, a web-only publication was impressed with my entries here on OS and offered to pay me to pen a new column for them. That has only recently begun and I look forward to broaching the controversy they seem eager to embrace.

I guess despite the noticeable dearth of EPs to my record, being on Open Salon did pay off for me in that regard. I'm still weighing in below posts, but much of what I would have posted here is now being bought by the new entity. 

Note: Duane Art- They wanted to use the sketch of my avatar you created and I've been so fond of it, I agreed. Hope that's OK. Do you want a credit below each usage?  

This is no flounce, just an explanation for a diminished presence.

Keep up the good work, y'all. I look forward to reading this site with regularity.  

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Wow, Kevin, this is the first time I've seen an OS writer get "hired away," so to speak. We haven't corresponded here, but I have seen some of your comments on other's blogs, so I know your writing deserves the recognition. Good luck and see you around.


Awesome!! Congrats!!!!!!

EPs be damned!!! :)

Thanks for the well wishes. I've had a writing gig all along, this was just an outlet for stuff I couldn't write in my other job.

What I found notable about it was the fact my stuff elicited such a response when it was almost never good enough to make the front page at OS.

Tink- Thanks. Maybe this shows many that they need not look to the front page for validation. Just keep writing.
Good for you, Kevin! And how smart of the web group to recognize your talent and hire you. Congratulations!
Let me add my congratulations and best wishes. I figure I must be as an astute judge of talent as the editors of your new gig -- you were one of my first favs -- good luck
Mazal Tov would love to see the fruits of your new work. r.
I am so thrilled for you. It is very deserved.
As someone who read you from the beginning, I couldn't be happier for you. You do good work, and it eventually paid off. EPs/covers here don't mean much in the world of paid writing.
Good for you!! I'm even a wee bit jealous.....