NOVEMBER 16, 2011 2:58AM

Windows 8 Minimize Auto-Restart Headaches

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Microsoft said this week that the company will attempt to minimize the automatic restarts needed to secure Windows 8 PCs, possibly as little as a single restart per month.

Any Windows PC user has been there: after a day's productive work, the user leaves. In the morning, she returns—to a login screen and minutes, if not hours, of trying to replicate her work environment after Windows updated itself with the latest security patches. If she was working in a Web app, it's possible that she may have lost work.

Microsoft said it understands, and will consolidate unexpected restarts into as few instances as possible. The only exception will be an unexpected, "zero day" instance of a worm, which could wipe out user data if otherwise left unchecked. Microsoft said its plan was designed to avoid losing unsaved work.


The restart warning will also not pop up at an inconvenient time: during presentation mode, while watching a full-screen movie, or playing a game. IT admins can also disable the auto restart and warning, Rahman said.

Microsoft also said that it would push updates for third-party drivers if the developer complies with its Windows Logo for Hardware compatibility tests. Microsoft has also said previously that it will launch an app store, with Metro-style apps that are automatically updated. 


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