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December 13
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DECEMBER 17, 2014 11:07PM

Films Too Dangerous to Screen?

The Sony hack attack continues to cause mayhem, leading to the studio decision not to release the movie The Interview in the face of threats of violence toward any theaters that screened it.  I vehemently oppose censorship, but I understand the need to protect the public. I/…

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DECEMBER 10, 2014 9:34PM

Crazy Crossovers

Is it true that Sony is considering a crossover of its 21 Jump Street franchise with Men in Black? Stranger mash-ups have happened. 

We've seen Freddy vs. JasonAliens vs. PredatorGodzilla vs. King Kong (I wrote a post about the best crossov… Read full post »
DECEMBER 3, 2014 9:19AM

Best Reader Comment for November 2014

My post about the Bill Cosby scandal, titled "Can Silence Save a Reputation?," sparked a great discussion with a wide swath of opinions. There were many great comments to choose from, but my pick for best of the month goes to Schopenhorror for this:

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NOVEMBER 19, 2014 9:36AM

Can Silence Save a Reputation?

The media landscape has changed from the days when silence was a legitimate option in response to a public relations crisis.  One can no longer assume that a scandal will disappear if it is ignored long enough. 

Without passing judgment of guilt or innocence on Bill Cosby, who f… Read full post »
NOVEMBER 18, 2014 10:02AM

When Ideas Repeat Themselves

I've been writing this blog for years and I've tried not to repeat myself. Pop culture is luckily loaded with topics, but this past week I've caught myself almost treading the same territory twice.  I'm still too young to call them "senior moments," but the evidence was upon me that… Read full post »
NOVEMBER 14, 2014 3:47PM

The Odd Couple Through the Years


In case you didn't know, Thursday was Felix Unger Day. The opening narration of the classic television comedy The Odd Couple mentioned November 13 as the date when Gloria left Felix, causing the anal-retentive neat freak to move in with his slobby friend Oscar Madison.  You remember the r… Read full post »

Each and every month, I'm amazed that you, the readers, take time to not only peruse what I have to say, but offer me feedback. I appreciate all the ideas and opinions you all share with me.  I've been selecting a "Best Reader Comment of the Month" for a while now,… Read full post »


The quick turnaround in news about the Barnes & Noble Booksellers in the Bronx was an emotional roller-coaster for me -- first the sadness that the store might close by the end of the year, then the cautious joy hearing that a temporary two-year lease agreement had been reached

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OCTOBER 21, 2014 1:57PM

Some Delightful Conversations

I had the pleasure of attending another TimesTalks event this past weekend: "Culinary Conversations."  Moderated by the excellent "Media Decoder" columnist David Carr, current and former food critics for The New York Times Pete Wells, Ligaya Mishan, Frank Bruni, William H. Grim… Read full post »
OCTOBER 16, 2014 12:43PM

Pulp Fiction -- 20 Years Later

Twenty years ago, I was invited to see an early test screening of a movie I hadn't heard anything about.  I went with friends, our expectations were low, and we were thrilled by what we saw. That movie was Pulp Fiction and it launched an independent film wave that reignited my… Read full post »
Here's another guest post from my old friend Robert.  Share your comments if you've seen the movie too.

Boyhood: Best Movie of 2014?
by Robert La Vallie

Hello, all! Robert here!

Last night, I had the pleasure of watching Boyhood, and this seemingly ordinary movie about the growth of a/Read full post »
OCTOBER 7, 2014 10:48AM

The Return of Twin Peaks

A quarter century after it changed the course of television history with its unorthodox storytelling, Twin Peaks is returning to TV.  Before you shake your head in cynical disregard, thinking that this will be another reboot by Hollywood producers who will desecrate the memory… Read full post »
OCTOBER 5, 2014 11:18AM

Best Reader Comment for September 2014

I'm grateful for all the feedback I receive about the topics I write about on my silly little blog. I receive some comments on Blogger, on Facebook, on Twitter, on Google+, and elsewhere, but I still receive the bulk of them on Open Salon. Even though the editors have seemingly abandoned… Read full post »
The news that The Weinstein Company will be releasing its sequel Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon: The Green Legend on Netflix the same day it's released on limited IMAX screens has sent shockwaves through Hollywood. Netflix already beat brick-and-mortar video distribution co… Read full post »
SEPTEMBER 23, 2014 10:02AM

Student Blogs - Fall 2014

It's that time of year again when I reveal the first steps in my students' entry into the blogosphere. Check them out and follow them all semester to see how they evolve.

The Celluloid Chronicle
Weekly musings on films I have recently seen as well as my thoughts on the changes in… Read full post »
SEPTEMBER 22, 2014 9:06AM

Book Recommendations: September 2014

Here some books in the science fiction and fantasy genres that you might be interested in reading this month.

A Dangerous Witch by Debora Geary
Book three of the "Witch Central" series that began with A Modern Witch.

The Dark Between the Stars by Kevin J. Anderson
A… Read full post »
SEPTEMBER 17, 2014 10:16AM

Boxing Can Be Funny

My friends and I watched the Floyd Mayweather fight on Saturday night, and he has his supporters as well as his detractors. The haters can't deny that he's undefeated and a smart defensive boxer, and his biggest fans can't deny that his style of fighting is ripe for ridicule.  A… Read full post »
SEPTEMBER 16, 2014 9:50AM

Magazine Roundup: September 2014

A look at this month's print magazines shows what earned the buzz in the world of entertainment: The Simpsons and Family Guy crossover, the new Doctor Who, the new season of The Walking Dead, Star Wars: Rebels, the passing of Joan Rivers, the new iPhone and Apple Watch, and the… Read full post »
SEPTEMBER 10, 2014 11:10AM

Books and Movies That Have Stayed With Me

On Facebook, folks have been posting challenges and chain-games for a while, and every so often they "tag" me.  A variation of the same "game" came up twice this past week -- one to quickly name the books that impacted my life, and the other to do the same for… Read full post »
SEPTEMBER 7, 2014 9:33PM

Is There in Truth No Privacy?

The recent breach in iCloud security, in which private celebrity photographs (many nude) were accessed and distributed without permission, proves the point I've been making for a long time: assume that anything you post online or save in the farthest reaches of cyberspace might be seen b… Read full post »
SEPTEMBER 4, 2014 11:24AM

Best Reader Comment for August 2014

I picked up my blog frequency and you all responded in kind, sharing your thoughts with me and making my heart smile.  It was incredibly difficult to choose one post among the many to dub the "Reader Comment of the Month," since such a wide variety of different people posted… Read full post »
SEPTEMBER 3, 2014 1:34PM

My Favorite Magicians

I'm glad to hear that The History Channel's mini-series Houdini starring Adrien Brody is a huge ratings hit.  Magic is as popular as ever. My favorite modern illusionists are:

David Blaine -- From cool street magician who hung out with the stars to endurance pe… Read full post »
SEPTEMBER 2, 2014 11:44AM

Movies in September and October 2014

Summer, where have you gone? Time to look at the movies coming our way in September and October. (All release dates are subject to change.)


Forrest Gump IMAX (September 5) -- Can you believe it's been twenty years since Tom Hanks brought this cha… Read full post »
AUGUST 30, 2014 9:30PM

Happy Labor Day Weekend

No matter how thankless you think your job might be, remember that things could be worse -- you could be a Red Shirt on Star Trek.

Seriously, enjoy the holiday weekend and thank you to everyone for every job you do to make this world of ours a better place. Hope you… Read full post »
AUGUST 27, 2014 10:16PM

Golden Age of TV or Gilded Age?


The New York Times had a fascinating post-Emmy-Awards article in Tuesday's paper in which the writer Alessandra Stanley eloquently ponders whether we are witnessing a "Gilded Age of Television." We've heard the phrase "Golden Age" bandied about, as some critics and the genera/… Read full post »