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AUGUST 10, 2009 12:18AM

Why Gene Simmons Should Be the Next American Idol Judge

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Quote of the Day: "The makeup is simply an extension of the personality." -- Gene Simmons

Now that Paula Abdul has announced that she will not be returning as a judge on the ridiculously popular American Idol, speculation is running rampant about who will replace her. We're assuming that the producers will actually hire someone to take her place. A permanent replacement judge is only one of a number of possible scenarios that might take place. 1. They might not hire a fourth judge at all -- they might just stick with the existing triumvirate of Simon Cowell, Randy Jackson, and Kara DioGuardi. 2. They might decide to go with a rotating lineup of guest judges (sort of what they do on other reality show competitions like So You Thing You Can Dance). 3. Paula might actually come back, using this exit as a negotiating strategy. But assuming that they do decide to hire someone new, I think the perfect choice would be Gene Simmons.

I think that if American Idol gets a new permanent judge, it will most likely be a woman stepping into Paula's shoes. But if gender is not a factor, I vote for Gene Simmons. He's already served as a competent guest judge and he proved to be very entertaining and honest. Other guest judges in the past have been boring or sycophantic. Gene told it like it is. The only other guest host who came close to his honesty was probably Jewel. But Gene has the personality to grab the audience's attention throughout an entire season. He can be funny; he can be outrageous; he's not afraid to tell it like it is. He can stand shoulder-to-shoulder with the other judges, holding his own with any of them, while at the same time not overshadowing any of them either.

Gene Simmons has the musical and professional background as credentials to merit serious consideration for the job. I don't know if he would want the gig, but if he did, he would be perfect for it. As one of the founders of the rock band KISS, he knows about popular music. His marketing instincts and business acumen are unparalleled, making him the ideal candidate for the job -- he would know what to look for in the contestants as they search for the next mainstream music superstar.

Like Paula, Gene would also be a hoot to watch week after week. No one knows what would come out of his mouth, from witty jokes to cutting barbs to controversial statements (and if he's in his KISS "Demon" persona, maybe even some blood and fire.) And while we're comparing Gene to Paula, it should be noted that BOTH claim to have never gotten drunk or high in their lives.

Finally, if they do hire Gene Simmons to be the next permanent judge on American Idol, it should be stipulated in his contract that he MUST wear the KISS makeup for each episode!

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I think Gene Simmons would be an inspired choice. He does command attention.
Inspired casting;0)
Man, I'd love to see him and Simon face off. But they would never risk the inevitable tabloid stories about which aspiring Idol Gene is boinking after hours. Great idea though.
oh God, nonnononnnononnonno..please. no.

the testosteroney ego vibe would be unbearable.

and then there's that tongue. oh god help us all. he WOULD flash that tongue.

think of the children!!
Not a bad idea at all. Most of us have been thinking it has to be a female but Gene Simmons would be really interesting!
But can the world really risk Gene Simmons' ego becoming bigger than it is already. If this ego should expand from a previously believed to be impossible increasing media presence for Mr. Simmons, he could go super nova and endanger life as we know it.

The having to wear makeup on every show is a profound one though. Don't forget the six-inch demon head platform boots.
I hope this is satire. I know American Idol is not exactly the auditions for Julliard, but Gene Simmons? Front man for a fake rock band in the worst costumes and makeup in history?
I would love to see Gene on there. He won't do it because it's a cut in pay for him. Along those reality show lines, even though she's a Brit, Sharon Osbourne is SO wasted on that SHIT show she's on (I don't know the title). She's not a singer, just like Simon she is a manager of talent. Anyone who knows anything about Ozzy is without Sharon, Ozzy the solo artist would never have achieved what he has.

Sharon is a bit more salty than Paula, but still sweet. I think it would be fun to see two Brits going at it each week and Sharon is the woman to stand up to Cowell the Scowell.

GREAT choice though. Gene would be my number one choice, male or not. Just keep Cara (or whatever her name is). She's hotter than Paula anyway.

Since the production company just bumped up the payroll of Simon and Ryan they might want to stay with guest judges. If I were doing it, I'd go with guest judges rather than a full time employee and try to tie each guest judge in with the particular theme. Ergo, Gene Simmons might be a good call for rock n'roll. I enjoyed Slash's (?) performance with Adam Lambert and if he can talk at all (never heard him utter a murmuring word!) he might be an interesting choice. Guest judges would allow them to pull in some one doesn't usually see. As for Sharon Osborne, I think she is superb and totally wasted where she is. Just my .02 worth.
I wish I had thought of this. So how do we get AI to do it?
I could go for seeing more Sharon - but what about Ozzie himself one week?! A slight delay on the audio to (A) filter Ozzie's obscenities and (B) add subtitles would be needed.

My favorite Sharon story. Sharon used to be business partner of her father, also a talent manager. On some tour she shared a hotel room with Lynsey DePaul, a slightly successful British singer of the day. When Sharon found out Lynsey had defected to other management, she checked out of the room - but not before taking a dump in Lynsey's suitcase.
I'm with nofrillsmonkey.
This would be a great idea as it would bring home that not only "American Idol" has jumped the shark, but the genre of reality TV has finally blugeoned itself to death ... he's only been on three reality shows if this happens. Oversaturation of someone who if he was talented would be working in his career. But hire his son, Nick, and I would maybe start watching AI for the first time.
Hilarious. I love Paula--she is such a hoot to watch. Sharon O would be pretty fun... I hate Kara. I really do. I spent most of last season just wanting to hurt her in bad ways. You know who'd be so much fun? Dolly Parton--of course her career wouldn't allow it, but she'd be fantastic.
I have to admit, Gene Simmons is a really funny guy that can be serious when needed. He would be a great choice for a judge on American Idol!