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SEPTEMBER 27, 2010 9:10AM

A Look at the Hosts of Family Feud

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Family Feud is one of the most popular televised game shows ever made.  Its format is simple and the viewing audience can play along, guessing the answers along with the contestants.  It has undergone some changes over the years (many of which I think were unnecessary attempts to boost ratings), and a new version is heading our way.  The new host is comedian Steve Harvey and the new announcer is former 'N Sync singer Joey Fatone. 

Here's a look at the other hosts who MCed the Family Feud conpetitions.

Richard Dawson - He was the king by which all successors are measured.  His laid-back style and charming personality endeared him to TV viewers.  He kissed the ladies, he mumbled and slurred some of his lines, but he was still a one-of-a-kind host.  He later came back to host for another season before retiring.

Ray Combs - I liked this guy and I felt terrible when I learned of his suicide.  On air, he had a constant smile and an eternally youthful bounce in his step.  That's how I will remember him.

Louie Anderson - Although Anderson can be hilarious at times, I didn't really connect with his reign as host.  I thought they began making too many changes to the show instead of just sticking with the tried and true things that worked.  Why mess with simple perfection?

Richard Karn - Best known for his role in Home Improvement, Karn helped return Family Feud to basics, and I think he was arguably the best host since Dawson.

John O'Hurley - Co-star on Seinfeld and finalist on Dancing with the Stars, O'Hurley was a fine host but not one of my favorites. 

Al Roker - He hosted the Celebrity Family Feud edition, which I really enjoyed and wish had continued longer than it did.

How long will Steve Harvey last as host?  Rumor has it that Dolly Parton was once considered a frontrunner to host the game show.  Who else will host the show in the future?

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I was always a fan of Richard Dawson. I stopped watching the show a long time ago, but I'll always remember it for his humor and his attempt to kiss every woman who ever showed up on the show.
Duane, I agree, Dawson is still the best.
I think Sarah Palin would make a great host for Family Feud. I am not joking.
Gee, I didn't know the show was still on. I haven't watched it since Dawson, who was great.
OESheepdog -- Actually, the Palin family might make good contestants on the show. :)
What a fun topic! I clicked on it right away. I think Dawson was the best - easy choice, I know.

But what I really liked was when he appeared in the movie Running Man (was it?) It was fun to see him act. He possessed some complexity which made him extra special. Is he still alive? I think so.

Just read about Ray Combs...what an awful, sad story. Very sad.

Funny Dawson clip. He was old school dashing. They don't make men like him anymore. He might have been a bit drunk at times.
This one is better:
From Running Man:
As one critic says of Dawson:

"But rarely has there been one as deliciously evil — as giddily contrary to the off-screen guy playing him — as Damon Killian. For the life of me, I can't figure out why Dawson wasn't flooded with offers after The Running Man came out."
Sorry, I'll stop after this, but this one is sweet: