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AUGUST 19, 2011 4:14PM

Update on the Upcoming New Hulk TV Show

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Back in October 2010, I reported on ABC and Disney/Marvel developing a new live-action Hulk television series.  The original TV show starring Bill Bixby and Lou Ferrigno was one of my favorites, but I've been disappointed with the recent movie versions, wondering if Hollywood could ever get it right.  The good news is that brilliant filmmaker Guillermo del Toro is producing the new show. Recent news has raised my hopes that the series will actually happen and that it has the potential to be great, no matter how lackluster the big screen versions might be.

At the Television Critics Association press tour, The Fire Wire blog wrote that ABC President Paul Lee confirmed that the new Hulk series was a key component in the network's future plans.  He said they were developing the series "aggressively" and were "extremely excited" in the project.  He also implied that it was virtually guaranteed that a pilot for the comicbook adaptation would be greenlit (no greenskinned pun intended) with the hope of having the show debut in Fall 2012.  Both ABC and Marvel Entertainment are owned by Disney.

Of course, we learned from the Wonder Woman fiasco that high hopes don't always equal positive results when David E. Kelly's adaptation of the Amazon superheroine ended up being a dud as NBC rejected the pilot and never turned it into a full series.

Yet, with Guillermo del Toro at the creative helm of the new Hulk TV show, alongside fellow producer David Eick, who gave us the critically acclaimed Battlestar Galactica reboot, my confidence is high, but so are my expectations.  

The greatest bit of news (as conveyed by MTV's Splash Page and other news sources) to give us hope that this project might do justice to the original source material is that the TV showrunners seem to have Marvel, ABC, and Disney's blessing to be imaginative and not be tied to the movies, especially the upcoming The Avengers, which will feature the Hulk (with actor Mark Ruffalo playing Dr. Banner) teaming up with Iron Man, Thor, Captain America, and other Marvel heroes.  The producers seem to have the freedom to do their own thing.

As other sites have mentioned, like Attack of the Blog, it is doubtful that the television series will stray too far into unfamiliar territory, but it should be a nice blend of what fans have come to love about the character and what new thrills del Toro and Eick can deliver. 

Let's hope they get the green giant right.

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It takes us awhile to get "new" TV shows here. Will you watch this series?? I remember my husband and boys loved the last with Lou Ferrigno, but it was so ....manly!
You have to be kidding me!
de Toro? Hulk back?
this is the best news in months, my friend.
i loved the bixby/ferrigno thing mostly for bixby,
who i identified with, but..
my problem is

i grew up in the 70's, "hulk will smash",
the humor,
the glorious art
crumbling ancient documents of my past
i shall never give up..

please make Hulk humanish...
he is the rage within, the Id, the ....if we can trust the
Hulk "message"...protector. Of? of banner.
banner gotta get moving .
he is brilliant.
Check out Hellboy, Blade 2, and especially Pan's Labyrinth. I think the Hulk is in good hands with Guillermo del Toro.
I know about they where making a New Hulk Tv Show all this time and Because I told that on my comments last year.
What I say on my Advice is that they need to have an actor that's not only he's able to acted but that looks just like the charcter, and they should first Cast Edward Norton as the front runner up and Second runner is Danile Radcliffe from Harry Potter Movie.
It bothers me when I hear the Hulk may be a mixture of puppetry and computer animation. Part of the reason the original series succeeded is due to big Lou Ferrigno decked out in green grease paint, though why the producers felt Ferrigno needed to wear a fright wig when his own hair resembled Bixby's so closely is beyond me!

I hope they go with the gamma bomb explosion origin, which was last seen in the 1982 cartoon. The gamma bomb origin from the comics with Banner caught in it's heart is infinitely more dramatic than Banner in a chair, and iconic!!

Exciting news and scary at the same time!