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NOVEMBER 6, 2011 10:15PM

Who Is the Fastest Superhero?

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The New York City Marathon took place on Sunday and my geek brain started thinking of that childhood question, "In a foot race between Superman and the Flash, who would win?"  I've been having such debates recently with my young nephews who are currently in a Marvel phase, so they would find a way to claim that Iron Man might find a way to beat any other superhero, but longtime comic book fans know that the fastest heroes of them all are definitely Superman and the Flash.

Yes, there are other super-fast characters in comicdom, but the iconic speedsters are absolutely the Flash and Superman.  There have been multiple stories in which they raced to see who is faster. chronicles them all. 

The answers of course has to be the Flash (take your pick which one, but I would choose the Silver Age version, Barry Allen).  Yes, classic Superman is fast enough to turn back time, but the rebooted version in DC's New 52 has been powered down so that vindicates the Flash as the fastest superhero even more.

Now that we've resolved that, I need to help my nephews answer the question of who the strongest superhero of all time is -- and the answer of course is the Hulk.  Carry on.

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Sorry Nick, but the Silver Surfer can beat the flash... :)
I think Sheriff Rick O'Shea Rabbit is the fastest.
I am holding a very nice comic book in my hand...encased in a plastic protector.

It is a DC comic....was published August of 1969...and retailed for 12 cents...

It is actually a Superman comic book, but on the cover is Superman and Flash racing, with the Batman, Robin, the Atom, and the Green Lantern cheering for Superman, and Hawkman, Wonder Woman, The Green Arrow, the Martian Manhunter, and Aquaman on Flash' side cheering!

"The Race Between SUPERMAN & FLASH!"

In the end, it was a TIE,...each breaking the finish line at the same exact instant!
All the betters were then unable to collect!
LOL !!!!

My sons bought this for me last year...remembering that I use to tell them this story when they were little kids!

What I like inside are the ads!

A 66 piecee Electric Slot Race Set....only $4.95!

A Haunted House Mystery Bank .... only $5.95!

Aurora Hobby Kits of the Lone Ranger...and "Tonto and Taka" $1.49 each!

How about turning to the middle to buy a 100 piece Magnets set? ALL BRAND NEW!!!
"You'll get 100 full 1/16" thick by 1/4" square rubber coated magnets for only 79 cents complete!!!
Amazingly Powerful! about 116 planes????
"Fight global air battles with planes of all nations" $1.25
Includes a FREE pilots training chart!

You could get Famous Name Prizes or Cash....from Olympic Greeting Cards if you join their sales club!!! Easy to join the sales club...just fill out the coupon and mail it in!!!

How bout a game called "Tank Trap?"
64 combat pieces; HUGE BATTLE FIELD,
You get a HQ Commander, A complete game, 6 EXPLODING tanks, 25 tank mines, 2 tank barriers, and simple directions!
Only $1.50 !
Who sold it?
"Helen of Toy" of Commack NY.
Yeah....Helen of Toy" LOL!!!!

You can also have a body like Ben Rebhukn; sell Boxed Cards for Wallace Brown, Inc.....or turn to the back of the comic book to see a kid holding a Mattel M-16 Marauder!!!!

"Braap Brraaaap Brap Brap"
"You can cut loose with a solid blast almost a minute long! Over 50 rounds? All with the loud, realistic sound of the actual M-16 rifle"
"So get on target. Get Mattel's new M-16 rifle. It's the greatest!"

What amazing ads!!!!

Hey...where's the freaking sea horses???
Nick, I thought that was Pietro Maximoff [QuickSilver]!
Yeah, it would be a tie!! :D

The next question, which super hero is the sexiest in their undies as a costume...of course, the answer is Robin!! :D
@Catherine - last I knew, Quicksilver was the slowest fastest man alive!
ChillerPop, Silver Surfer needs his board to be faster. In a foot race, I still bet on the Flash. :)
more important superhero questions revolve around sex - you know wonder woman could handle his load of "kryptonite", but who else? Could the Invisible Woman create a force field in her womb to catch that shit and expel it when the man of dead weight finally got off her?

but's the hulk. Anytime anyone is stronger in the moment, he gets more pissed, which makes him stronger. There is no limit to human anger and aggression, so he is infinitely strong (unfortunately). He is the only other character in the Marvel universe who has picked up Thor's hammer (tossing it at Thor after kicking his big, dumb, blonde ass). When you can overpower one of the more powerful gods in human history, I'd say that pretty much means you're strong.