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DECEMBER 18, 2011 5:22PM

Picking the Best of the Year

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You know 2011 is winding down when all the "best of the year" announcements start coming out.  Here's my reaction to some of them.

MTV selected Katy Perry as its first "Artist of the Year."  Some might have been rooting for others who made a big musical splash, like Adele, Bruno Mars, or even Adam Levine, but there's no denying Katy had an enormous 2011 with six top-five singles, on the verge of breaking Michael Jackson's record of most number one singles from an album.  My earlier post "defending" her from naysayers generated over 56,000 unique visitors to my blog, so she continues to generate enormous interest, both for her music and her personality.  Click here to see MTV's full list of best artists of the year.

Sports Illustrated had a tie for "Sportsperson of the Year" -- Mike Krzyzewski and Pat Summitt.  While their work as head coaches for, respectively, Duke University's Blue Devils and the Tennessee Lady Vols is commendable, this seems more like lifetime achievement honors than "best of the year in sports." How about NBA player Dirk Nowitzki of the champion Dallas Mavericks, or manager Tony LaRussa of the MLB World Series champs St. Louis Cardinals, or tennis player Novak Djokovic who won three majors, or even the NFL's boy wonder, Tim Tebow of the Denver Broncos, who keeps defying the odds? But I'm not a huge college basketball fan, so what do I know.

Barbara Walters' selection of "Most Fascinating Person of the Year" was Steve Jobs.  The Apple founder was an historic and iconic figure, so I can't dispute that choice.  Her full list of "most fascinating people" is as eclectic as always -- a wide range of people including Herman Cain, Simon Cowell, Derek Jeter, Amanda Knox, and Pippa Middleton.  Yet, she throws all credibility out the window by adding the Kardashians to her list -- they might be many things, but "fascinating" is a stretch.

The high profile of choice is Time Magazine's "Person of the Year" -- the editors claim that it's not technically a "best of" award (after all they named Hitler as Man of the Year in 1938), but rather an acknowledgement of the person(s) who had the most impact on news during the last twelve months.  This year's pick is "The Protester," a selection that covers the crowds who ushered the "Arab Spring," toppling various Middle Eastern dictatorships, and the young Occupy Wall Street movement here on our own shores.  While critics like Glenn Beck have denounced the choice, I think it is a fair and appropriate selection, because those uprisings have certainly had a major impact on the current events of 2011.

People Magazine named Bradley Cooper as the "Sexiest Man Alive."  I will conclude my essay by throwing my hat in the ring for consideration for next year's award.  Carry on!

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I am sure you will be a contender.
rated with love
Bradley doesn't have my vote!
I like your take on SI's sportsman of the year, especially the selection of Pat Summitt in a year when she did not make the Final Four.
Thank you all for reading.