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JANUARY 20, 2012 4:05PM

Defending Angry Birds

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You think the birds are angry?  Fans of the enormously popular mobile app videogame Angry Birds have been furiously protesting the negative reviews of their beloved pastime that guest blogger Robert posted on my online journal City of Kik. They disagreed with the low grade he gave in his reviews of iPad games and they were ready to riot when he threw gasoline in the fire with his follow-up essay stressing once again why he hated the game.  I had to see what all the fuss was about, so I downloaded it on my Android touchscreen smartphone.  Final verdict -- I love it! 

I can see why so many people adore this game. Contrary to Robert's critiques that it's boring and repetitive, I find each new level to be fun and imaginative. The graphics are excellent for a free game and the advertisements aren't that intrusive (unlike other freebies out there). There's a wide variety of different birds -- some have a turbo boost, others drop destructive eggs, still others split in three or explode upon impact.  The multiple levels have interesting layouts and themes: "Poached Eggs," "Mighty Hoax," "Danger Above," "The Big Setup," "Ham 'Em High," "Mine and Dine," and "Birdday Party."  There are a lot of hidden "Golden Eggs" throughout the game that unlock even more cool puzzles and levels.

Robert mocks the game's overall plot, but the storyline is intriguing -- a variety of multi-colored and multi-shaped birds seek revenge against some villainous green swine who stole their eggs. It's so popular that more spin-offs were released.  Angry Birds Seasons 2011 features "Moon Festival," "Summer Picnic," "Easter Eggs," "Go Green, Get Lucky," "Hogs and Kisses," "Season's Greedings," and "Trick or Treat."  Angry Birds Seasons 2012 includes "Wreck the Halls" and "Ham'o'ween."  For those of you who don't like destroying pigs, no matter how evil they may be, Angry Birds Rio has a different objective -- save stolen birds from their cages in South America. The levels include "Smugglers' Den," "Jungle Escape," "Beach Volley," "Carnival Upheaval," "Airfield Chase," and "Smugglers' Plane." And it's all free!

More is on the way.  Angry Birds Year of the Dragon is scheduled to be released soon.  In addition to all the merchandise already out there, the game's creators are also hoping to cash in with a possible TV show and movie.

The greatest critics of all, my wife and daughter, can't get enough of Angry Birds. I think they love it more than I do.  So Robert's anti-Angry-Birds-crusade will be a lonely one, since it seems that the majority of the population is on the Birds' side.  But wait, there's more -- rumor has it that they might be developing yet another game, this one from the point of view of those dastardly (and misunderstood?) pigs. Will that be what turns Robert's frown upside down?

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I'm not your typical "gamer", but even I find angry birds to be entertaining and addictive. Maybe Robert's just jealous he didn't think if it first?
Angry Birds is a small lesson in geometry (gotta figure out that arc) beneath a carefree and -- as everyone knows -- addictive game.
I was totally addicted to the point where I had to delete it, I loved it so much. Then I promptly drew a cartoon about my addiction: