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MARCH 27, 2012 11:21PM

What's the Frequency, Blog Readers?

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If R.E.M. had not immortalized it in a song in 1994, would anyone remember that bizarre incident in 1986 during which CBS anchor Dan Rather was jumped by an unknown assailant who asked the mysterious question, "What's the frequency, Kenneth?" Who's Kenneth, and what is the frequency? If some shady character assaulted me and asked me the same question, I would answer "Once a day, every day," because I associate frequency with the rate of blog posting.

How frequent a writer should update his or her online journal is a key decision to make. Some choose bi-weekly, others once a week, some multiple times a day, others post irregularly whenever the mood and inspiration strike them. Personally, I've opted for once a day, seven days a week. 

Writing a blog entry every day has its benefits. It keeps my blog showing up consistently highly-ranked in search engine results. It keeps readers coming back for more, knowing that new entries will be on view on a regular basis. The high and steady frequency also adds value to those who subscribe to my blog via Amazon to have it delivered automatically every day to their Kindle e-readers.

The challenge, of course, is coming up with daily content and making sure it lives up to expectations, both mine and that of my audience. Should I slow down the frequency? I'm my own editor, so writing less would force me to be more selective of the topics I write about and give me more time to proofread what I've written.

Posting every day, however, has made me much more comfortable with my writing and has given me the chance to express my point of view on a series of timely subjects. What do you think? I especially would love to hear what some of my fellow bloggers feel about the issue.

So, what's the frequency, readers and writers?

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Nick,sorry to be the first on commenting,as OS is my first blogging exρerience and I watch over you and others so as to learn.I had the same question in my mind on how frequently writing-ρosting must be,so as the reader has the time to read,comment and react...Thank you for such an interesting and useful for me issue..I am waiting to this will come.Best regards..and good morning.Here in Greece is eight o'clock in the morning..
Thank you again.
I am so harried for time...I wish I could post regularly but I have resigned myself to posting at minimum once a month
Once a week or so seems okay to me.
Depends on how the muse is treating me.
Once a week is a goal. Sometimes its more, sometimes less.
Hello Nick, just a few thoughts on what you mentioned which I hope are useful for you. I think frequency change can change the nature of your audience somewhat, and I also think there is value in daily habit as you mentioned.

Finally, it depends on your preference and satisfaction as writer, whether you prefer to have a daily grasp on what´s happenning, or you´re aiming at writing which can be of slightly further use for you and the reader, at the cost of additional thinking and/or research, the value-added of the blog, which is not necessarily related to popularity.

At once a day you´re hitting shorter and timely like a newspaper, but at once a week, you can hit a topic with more depth, more akin to a mini-newsweek or short Time article, which is I think what most people do here, albeit with a longer frequency than weekly in some cases. I´d like to read more on non-linear storytelling for instance or on the buy-out of Daily Variety to see what happens with the content and website.

Inspiration for topics comes in blocks I think, more than in regular streams of ideas, but your daily habit has picked up on a regular stream of content which is of interest daily, and I´m sure you´re learning as you write, i.e. becoming an expert in your particular area.

I think the actual difficulty of blogging is topic selection and finding the right editorial line for content more than the frequency of it, given the satisfaction / effort ratio put into each blog, although frequency is a part of that.

Two or three days, up to a week on some weeks, may give you a bit of slack on deciding what to write next without sacrificing audience or the momentum of inspiration and the value of practice which comes from daily writing. Somewhat of a long comment, I hope it´s of practical use. I´d like to know your final decision on this and the criteria you adopted, it´s certainly relevant.
I just started in January as a New Year's resolution....5 times a week was the promise I made to myself. So far, so good....not sure if it will last. . . . . . Not gonna lie, I'm a fluff writer. I write personal narratives and try to connect it to something a little bigger than myself. I don't dabble in politics/news mostly because I feel there are so many more informed than I who can offer thoughtful commentary. If I were to go the more political/news editorial route, I would have to substantially cut back on the frequency of my posting.
Once a week or less... give the piece some breathing room.
Thanks all for the solid feedback. I'm sticking with my daily habit for the time being but am definitely considering lessening the frequency. The benefits are obvious as some of you have stated, but I also worry about losing my momentum. I also like how some of my regular readers know that if they check my blog once a day they can expect to see new content -- and if they don't they should worry about me and check to see if I'm all right, haha.
As a writer, once a day seems like a good goal, and I have heard from friends that they like to check into a blog once a day and find something new, but as for OS, with the longer written pieces here I tend to only read a couple or a few a day, there just isn't enough free time to read multi-paragraph length pieces every day by the same person, I prefer to mix it up with who I'm reading that day, again, more time constraints.
I tend to stop reading altogether if they post here on OS every day, mostly because I feel too behind too quickly and I have other favorite posts I like, too many to read them all each time I'm here....
I write on OS around my other writing for work, so I strive for twice a month to write here...
I like it best when others post here once a week or so. Gives time for others to find the piece as well, gives 'breathing room,' as Rita says.
I don't think frequency is actually relevant. I think it depends on content. In your case, you are writing the equivalent of a regular column, usually dealing with the subject of entertainment. You have a lot to say and say it well, and as long as you have something interesting to say about your subject, say it. In my case, my blogs range greatly in subject matter and always depend on inspiration. Because of that, my frequency is irregular, though I've noticed I tend to write about 2 a month. First I'm inspired to share something, and then I write about it, including my photography. Even in the case of the reality shows, I didn't write about them each episode, but only when I was motivated to give my take on something. Like everything else at OS, I think it's an individual matter, and we seem to be a very interesting conglomeration of individualists.
There has been a lot of talk about blogging and frequency. I think it is up to the blogger and his or her objectives.

However, if you want to build an audience, I think it is important to reply or recognize comments your readers leave on your posts. I know it requires more work, but at least it makes the reader feel recognize. I have stopped commenting on some of my favorites because I notice they rarely reply to my comments. So I just read them and move on.
There has been a lot of talk about blogging and frequency. I think it is up to the blogger and his or her objectives.

However, if you want to build an audience, I think it is important to reply or recognize comments your readers leave on your posts. I know it requires more work, but at least it makes the reader feel recognize. I have stopped commenting on some of my favorites because I notice they rarely reply to my comments. So I just read them and move on.
Trudge, good point about engaging the reader. I think the community of readers and commentors is one of OS's best selling points.

And I still prefer high frequency -- when I go to a blog I love, I'm always disappointed if there isn't new content from the last time I visited. On my end, if I post too much, I just assume some of readers will skim and skip, only reading what grabs their attention. But the point many of you made is very valid -- we have to write the amount the feels right for us, not force to write more when we have nothing to say or silence ourselves because we might feel that we're writing too much. Quality vs. quantity, I suppose.