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NOVEMBER 11, 2012 10:30PM

Guest Post: If I Were GM of the Yankees

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My friend Robert shared an interesting post, speculating on what he would do if he were General Manager of my favorite team, the New York Yankees.  Here are his thoughts. 


by Robert the Mad Blogger

Hello all!

If I were the Yankees' GM, whom would I target for the 2013 season?

First, I would NOT go after Josh Hamilton. That is an accident waiting to happen. For once, I would like to see some other team overpay for overrated ballplayers. The Dodgers seem to fit that mold. Then again, the Dodgers have Don Mattingly as their manager, so you know they will never win anything. But, I digress.

[Nick's Note -- Oh, snap!  Did you just diss one of my favorite Yankees of all time?  :) ]

I like the Yankees' mindset of not overpaying for ballplayers. If they do nothing this off season, getting rid of Nick Swisher will be addition by subtraction.

Who are some other players I like as free agents?

Xavier Nady. A player who handled the New York spotlight quite well. I always liked him as a Met, and I can see him being a great pickup for the Yankees.

Jim Thome. A dangerous Home Run threat off of the bench.

A.J. Pierzynski. This is a perfect fit for the Yankees. You need a fireball, a leader, an emotional person to stir things up. Plus, the man knows how to win.


Bobby Abreu. Not sure how much he has in the tank, but the man can hit, and play a decent outfield. He can't be worse than Swisher. Did Swisher get a single hit in the postseason?

Rick Ankiel. Not sure what he is asking for, but this man can play.

Melky Cabrera. Just seeing if you are paying attention.

Johnny Damon. A nice return to New York, and you know he can handle the spotlight. He wants his 3,000 hits real bad. But, can he play?

Ichiro Suzuki. The Yankees should make him their number one priority. He is a great fit, and letting him go would be a huge mistake.

Hideki Matsui. You know it. Matsui and Suzuki.


R.A. Dickey. Aside from Ichiro, Dickey should be the Yankees' top priority.

[Nick's Note: The Mets would be stupid to let Dickey go. But then again...]

Hiroki Kuroda. A nice number-three pitcher, and a good fit for the Yankees.

Derek Lowe. This all depends on what he is asking for, and for how many years. A good middle relief pitcher, but I would not sign him to closer money.

Roy Oswalt. I think he can still play, but again, it all comes down to what he is asking for.

Carl Pavano. Again, seeing if you are paying attention.

Jake Peavy. Not sure if he can handle the New York spotlight, but this man can pitch. If the price is right, why not?

Francisco Rodriguez. Another former Met. Also is comfortable handling the setup role. With Mo, in case he gets injured, a viable closer.

[Nick's Note: Soriano proved himself in Mariano Rivera's absence, so they should sign him again.]

PLAYERS TO AVOID: Curtis Granderson (get rid of him now), Josh Hamilton (do not sign this whack job), Torii Hunter (overrated), Andruw Jones (buh-bye, see-YA), Bartolo Colon (just say no), Zack Greinke (you can't handle the truth), Carlos Zambrano (NO WAY!).


[Nick's Note: That would be a disaster for the Mets, but if the Yankees could get rid of A-Rod, I would love to see Wright fill the void.]

There you have it.  Agree with Robert's wacky opinions?  Have some wackier ideas of your own?  Let me know.

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Well, if they're trying to get older this is a good approach.
Peavy re-signed with the White Sox for two years. Your friend considers Abreu, Ankiel and Matsui viable options, yet wants to dump Granderson? Please have Robert sign up with my fantasy league.
1. Watched Abreu with Dodgers last year. He has nothing in the tank. Stick a fork in him.
2. Ankiel is a mediocre OF at best.
3. Damon and Matsui? He must be pulling our legs.
4. Avoid Hamilton at all costs. (Also Greineke, who will hate NY.)
5. Do whatever's necessary to keep Kuroda and Ichiro.
6. Soriano is a better closer than K-Rod.
7. As a Mets fan, there is no way Dickey will be a Yankee (Mets will listen to trade offers, but Yanks don't have young prospects or current MLB players who will fit in Mets budget). Wright in 2014 is possible if he doesn't sign extension this offseason.