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MARCH 29, 2012 2:43PM

Wall Street Journal Calls Fennel Pollen “Culinary Fairy Dust”

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All of us that are involved with Fennel Friday are doing a FENNEL HAPPY DANCE … make that a FENNEL POLLEN HAPPY DANCE!

The Wall Street Journal did a lovely article on Fennel Pollen and mentioned Pollen Ranch as one of three distributors for our delightful secret weapon and the inspiration for Fennel Friday!

We know how powerful Fennel Pollen can be – we even had a Fennel Pollen Palooza for a Fennel Friday!

So this is a BIG Hip Hip Hooray for Pollen Ranch who harvest our favorite Wild Fennel Pollen and then uses it to create fennel pollen blends that make us look like culinary rock stars.

And Hip Hip Hooray for the Wall Street Journal for a great article:

Long a part of the culinary tradition in Northern Italy, fennel pollen is capable of amping up flavor in an instant. After hitting the American market as a digestive aid, the green-gold powder worked its way into professional kitchens by the mid-1990s, and has gained a growing following. Its flavor combines the licorice zing of fresh fennel seed and anise with citrus and honey notes, but here’s where the real magic comes in: Fennel pollen acts not just as a flavoring agent but as a flavor booster, instantly beefing up a dish’s umami—that deep savoriness and intensity that chefs struggle mightily to develop.

Fresh pollen pops up in California farmers’ markets from March through May and Northeastern ones in summer; high-quality dried versions are sold year-round by retailers including Zingerman’s ( ), Kalustyan’s ( ) and Pollen Ranch ( ). We asked three chefs for easy ways to cook with the stuff.

Read the full article Fennel Pollen: Culinary Fairy Dust at WSJ

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