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JUNE 18, 2012 8:48AM

Are YOU an emotional genius?

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Emotional intelligence is an asset we have only just begun to study, and we’ve hardly recognized the benefits in the workplace, or the home, until recently – yet it’s an area that just might be your strong suit! Studies continuously prove that those who are most adept at consciously navigating their emotions are happier, more productive and even more relaxed about health, relationships and financial challenges.


(So perhaps matters of the heart and matters of the pocketbook do have something in common…??)

So what do you need to know?

For starters, it boils down to relatedness.  Since I view life through the lens of the Mystic, I organize ways of relating into seven general areas referred to as chakras.

Think of this as a frame of reference rather than a set of rules; a series of inquiries that will give you maximum insight and help keep unconscious emotional triggers at bay while you stay on top of your game.

Here goes a way to evaluate what’s going on with your emotions starting with where you plant your feet and moving up from foot to crown.

1 – First chakra. The seat of your power in taking a stand. What do you believe is causing the upsetting emotion you’re experiencing? Are you conscious of the motivators acting on you? Can you stretch into what really is yours that is perhaps not so “familial” and upgrade into a newer, healthier belief if needed?? Use the language “I choose” when you evaluate your situation.

2 – Second chakra. Belly up to the bar. How do you really want to relate to your situation? Finding a way to care effectively is the second step. Be pro-active and use language that represents caring and respect. Be wary of apathy and “whatevaaa…” At this level, “yes” means yes and “no” means no.

3 – Third chakra. Breathe and expand. Is your sense of self all caught up in the situation? You are not your circumstances. Stop hanging on and start letting go. The language is “I’m free to…”

4 – Fourth chakra. The heart of the matter. What have you put your faith in? Make sure your game is big enough to warrant your faith – bigger than a person, place or circumstance that can let you down. Faith is strongest when it is principle centered. Conquer fear by acknowledging “I have faith that…”

5 – Fifth chakra. Finding your voice. Engage your will and empower your own choices.  When you find places of anger it’s time to forgive yourself, then forgive others you’ve blamed for keeping you all tied up.  At this level we change what we can, wise up about what we can’t, and seek the wisdom to know the difference – something we have all heard before.  This is how you can use it, and why it’s important. The language is “I am reconciled…”

6 – Sixth chakra. You have more than two eyes. Take time for insight – literally.  What’s the big picture? What are you learning here? Look for places of pain and ask yourself what’s occurring through the eyes of insight.  Then listen up.  The language here is “I see…”

7 – Seventh chakra. Your crowning glory. Be most generous and create a daily routine of filling yourself with grace.  You can use prayer, gratitude or a loving kindness practice, deepen your spiritual connection to nature, or find your own heavenly choir – whatever your chosen practice is, just do it!  Grace abounds!  Take the time. Give yourself the gift.  Receive well.  The words to use are “I am…”

Let us know how it goes!

With love and blessings galore…

Gael Chiarella Alba loves sharing insight on how to be an emotional genius. She is a speaker and author of Fundamentals of Emotional Freedom and Meditations for Emotional Freedom available at The Yokibics Way.

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