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Kimberly Moore
Delray Beach, Florida, USA
September 27
Managing Director
Parasol Creations
Kimberly ~ Chief Umbrella Holder at ~ Director of Social Media & Digital Strategy at ~ Taste Tester at ~ THE Hungry Goddess Herself at The Hungry Goddess - blogger, writer, foodie.

JUNE 25, 2012 7:20PM

#SpicyChat Every Thursday 8pm est with @PrimlaniKitchen

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My absolute favorite part of hosting the #HGEATS Twitter Chat every week is meeting awesome foodies.

Rashmi Primlani from Primlani Kitchen is one of those awesome foodies and THE SPICY GODDESS (now so named ommmmmm).

Every Thursday at 8pm est join Primlani Kitchen on Twitter for #SpicyChat – the hottest foodie twitter chat going!

Meet foodies and bloggers and hang out with great people and Get SPICY – recipes abound!

See you there ….

See What is Happening for #SpicyChat by following @PrimlaniKitchen on twitter

Primlani Kitchen #SpicyChat Latest Editions

Primlani Kitchen on Facebook


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